How to Increase Followers on Twitter – Tips and Results of a Research

How to increase your Twitter followers? Who would not want a profile with tens of thousands of followers? Or even more than 100,000!?

These below are the results of a scientific investigation, made by Pointer. The survey covered more than five hundred Twitter profiles, which were followed and analyzed for fifteen months.

The first point that strikes to the eye is that making assessments and negative emotions in your tweets does not help you to increase the number of followers.

This could be due to the fact that Twitter is a social media where, generally, the relationship between user and followers are weak. This means that people tend to avoid following the accounts of users who complain or express negative opinions.

In contrast, research has shown that the tweets with good news and information have the ability to attract followers extent thirty times greater than personal and self-referential content.

Here is a chart of how certain factors or actions can increase followers on Twitter or hinder the increase.

How to Increase Twitter Followers graphics

Factors that Increase Twitter Followers

Let’s summarize the factors that facilitate the grow of the number of Twitter followers:

- the number of connections in common with potential new followers;

-  a high frequency of retweets by other users;

- a high frequency of tweets with information and content;

- a detailed description of the Twitter profile;

- a Twitter profile that contains a URL;

- a massive and rapid spread of the tweet. The higher the peak of the shares, the more the profile is attractive to potential new followers;

- a high ratio between the number of followers and number of following;

- many tweets with a positive sentiment;

- the use of sought long words;

- the tendency to becoming followers of those who, in turn, begins to follow;

- the indication of its location in the Twitter profile.

Factors that Decrease Twitter Followers

On the contrary, these are the factors that reduce the grow of followers on a twitter profile :

- too many “broadcast” tweets, that is not addressed to anyone in particular;

- too much negative sentiment in your tweet;

- including too many unnecessary hashtag in your tweets.

As mentioned, the results of this survey do not show big news on how to increase the number of followers on Twitter.

Let’s say that the value of this research is just to provide a confirmation on what Big Twitter profiles already know on how to get more followers.

Get More Twitter Followers Increasing Chart

Other Suggestions on How to Increase Twitter Followers

In addition to the suggestions of the research above, there are many other things to do that may increase the number of followers on your Twitter profile.

Here are some.

1 . Create Quality Tweet.

On Twitter is the same tip for a website or a blog : the winning formula is to create quality content! Therefore, the most effective way to increase the followers on this social media is to tweet interesting information. Whether you share your own ideas or other people’s content, you should try to tweet something that has real value, a great benefit for your audience.

2 . Write with Personal Style.

One of the first rules of marketing is to differentiate from the competition. On Twitter, a good way to stand out from other profiles in your niche is to write with a personal tone and style. In short, be yourself and add value to your words!

3 . Do Not Overdo the Number of Tweets.

Potential new followers are not looking for someone to invade their monitors!

4 . Show Passion for What You Write.

You need to show passion for your topics within your niche. This can make appear authoritative a Twitter user and, consequently, increase the followers of his account.

5 . Follow Popular Users in Your Niche.

Your followers on Twitter also depends on who you follow. You need to understand who are the most important users, the most influential, the most respected of your niche and follow them. And you should hope they reciprocate the follow!

6 . Generally Follow People Who Have Similar Interests.

This is truth not only for your market guru, but also for people with few followers. You should create an audience with same or similar interests.

7 . Keep an Eye on Trends and, if it is Not Too Forced, Try to Participate with One or More Tweets.

8 . Tweet especially During Peak Hours of the Day when Your Niche is Connected to Twitter.

This requires a thorough knowledge of your niche and of users who use this social media. In case of doubt, just consider that people generally are more favorable to tweet in the morning and in the early afternoon.

9 . You Must be Polite and Kind to Everyone - Even Strangers.

Unlike Facebook, inside Twitter everybody sees what you do, and they can judge you.

10 . Advertise Anywhere Online Your Twitter Account.

Do you have a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, a website or a blog? Well, you can add there your Twitter account. In two words: Be Everywhere! In fact, a good way to increase your followers is first to share online the fact that you are on Twitter!

11 . Add a Picture in Your Profile.

This may seem obvious, but you need to put an adequate photo in your Twitter profile, that should be able to attract the attention of users within your niche.

12 . Insert a Suitable Background in Your Twitter profile.

This action should be capable of arousing positive emotions in the users within your niche.

13 . Use the Most Important Niche Hashtag in Your Tweets.

Do you have anything to add?

Let me know leaving a comment below! Thanks!

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  1. How many tweets per day should a blogger share? It would be great if you could give us similar tips for Youtube channels too – how to increase subscribers. I guess these tips (regarding Twitter) can be used on Facebook too, right?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, Laura, it really depends on you and your niche.
      I Tweet normally every 3 hours, I do not want to overload the stream of my Followers.
      These tips are referred to Twitter, actually I think for Facebook something may change. Just think for example that what you say in Twitter (your Tweets) may be seen by everyone, what you say in Facebook may be seen just from your friends or fans (in the fan page).

  2. I’m glad you left out ‘buying’ followers.
    There seems to be a growing demand these days for people wanting to buy a bunch of followers. I’ve seen so many ads for ‘buy 10,000 Twitter followers’ I’m not quite sure how they work exactly, maybe they’re incentivised somehow. Surely its best to build up a list of followers because they are actually interested in your tweets and not because they’ve been forced into it. I guess these services are for the same crowd who buy thousands of non targeted website hits.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Definetely I think buying Followers, Likes, or any other social “fake” appreciation is not worth it. Even if very cheap.
      First of all you may risk to get banned, and then you have 0 interaction and engagement with this people.
      Thanks for your comment, Greg! :-)

  3. Hello Erik,
    I use some free tools to increase twitter followers. I just follow them & they also follow me but I check it after some time but my twitter followers decrease by it self Erik, I don’t understand why this happen.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I think up and down in a Twitter Followers account is normal, unless you are a very popular person.
      You can use, for instance, for unfollow people you already followed and did not followed you back.
      Consider that many Twitter accounts use automatic software, this is one of the reason you see sometimes your followers decrease…
      Thanks for your comment, Disha. :-)

  4. Hi Erik..I manage several twitter accounts for my clients and i’ve always found it difficult to increase the number of genuine and interested followers..These advices are really great and have enlightened me about various aspects of twitter which i had not previously noticed.Will put these tips to use and see how it fares.Thanks.

  5. Great tips! I honestly think that the tips are very helpful. Surely its best to build up a list of followers because they are actually interested in your tweets and not because they have been forced into it. I’m confident that these tips will definitely help me become successful. Thank you for this awesome tips. And I’m looking forward for more interesting posts from you.

  6. Twitter is a surefire way to get quality backlinks thanks for sharing these tips that would certainly increase the followers of your twitter

  7. Eric, I must say that it seems that you have done a lot of research before producing this article. The tips are worth reading and will definitely help the people who wants more followers. And yes, you didn’t pick a point of the twitter bots, that’s good.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, choosing to use bots with Twitter may lead you to a suspension or even permanent ban. I guess everyone who use them is well aware of that.
      Thanks for your comment, Jeet.

  8. Asif Khan says:

    You have mentioned some really useful tips, Eric. The most important factor, I think, is interacting with your followers on Twitters.

    Having people with similar interests as you also helps in building relationships.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I think interaction and engagement is the key to be active and popular within social media.
      Thanks for your feedback, Asif.

  9. Hi Erik,

    All valid points – although very general I feel. Yes, they will increase your following but then so will doing nothing to a certain degree. I struggle to understand just how you can tweet at peak hours of your niche? I prefer to tweet several times if I have to. I would imagine most people reading your blog will be looking to make money online, well the online world runs 24/7 in ALL time zones so this cannot be achieved. However, I agree with the rest of the list – nice job.


    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi John!
      Great to have you here! :-)

      You’re right, if your audience is worldwide, then it is quite difficult to reach during Twitter “peak hours” all your Followers.
      I guess that we can refer to U.S. audience, for instance.

      I am so glad you liked the article.
      Thanks for your comment, John! :-)

  10. Thanks Erik, for telling a secrete why people unfollow to some people, I was also on this same situation but now I got my answer for why this happen & I am satisfied with your answer Erik.

  11. Really Nice Article Keep it Up dude Its Really Helpfull For Me.

  12. Variety is the spice of life!

    I guess using a combination of all the tips you have mentioned above is the best strategy, rather than just concentrating on one type of tweet. People like following people that have character. If you only tweet the same type of tweet over and over (for example self-promotional), then people won’t be that interested.

    Nice post Erik!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Matt,
      thank you so much for your visit here! :-)

      You’re right,
      originality is the key to be recognized and remembered in the crowd.
      If you do something different, you can expect to receive compliments or negative opinions, but at least you’re not like everyone else!

      I really appreciated your feedback, Matt.
      Thanks for your comment! :-)

  13. These suggestions are very practical and easy yet the most effective. Twitter is a very good tool for marketing and will be most effective when used correctly.

  14. Twitter is definitely a good way to get traffic and leads to your sales funnel if used properly. I make money by messing around on facebook, youtube and twitter. The simple things that everybody can do from liking a page, retweet somebodies tweet or just follow someones page.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, you can make some money with social media only.
      Better if together with a website, blog or online business.
      Thanks for your feedback. :-)

  15. Thanks for the tips erik …gathering twitter followers in a real way is really a tough task i assume but after reading your write ups i will definitely give it a try

  16. The hardest thing for me is nobody retweets

  17. Hi Erik, another new things learned from your site. I agree with the all of your thoughts when you want to increase your followers. I wonder why there are several people need to buy followers from fiverr when you could possibly have it a no cost. They don’t think they cannot have real traffic on their site when they bought fake followers. I guess they just have to read this post to know the significance of gaining real followers rather than having a fake one and they just have to spend a little time following some of your tips.

    Anyway thanks for the share mate. Worth reading!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Yes, Rusty.
      And if you purchase Followers, then those will be useless for your marketing strategy.
      It’s better less, but engaged, then many followers, without any communication.

  18. The post shares a great set of tips for aggrandizing the followers on Twitters. Quality tweets is what anybody would like to follow, as no one is interested in reading tweets which makes no sense. Everyone says that there should be an optimal number of tweets to get a fair number of followers, but what amazes me is what actually is this optimal number… can you throw some light on it? Thanks for sharing the valuable tips.

  19. Thanks for the tips erik …gathering twitter followers in a real way is really a tough task i assume but after reading your write ups i will definitely give it a try.

  20. Hi Erik,

    This is a good post – a lot of the points are fairly general – but overall each of them are VERY valid if people know how to apply them.

    The only real way to organically grow a following is to be a good member of the community, help out, and do it without the obvious need for gain – as soon as people but into you being a person who isn’t there to spam or hard sell – each of your points raised slot into place!

    Great post! Enjoyed it!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Clair,
      happy to see you here! :-)

      You’re right, you need to be real and communicate with your audience like if you were talking to a friend in front of you.
      Trying just to sell all the time does not work.

      I am glad you liked the post, thanks for your comment Clair! :-D

  21. I am not a frequent user of Twitter owing to the fact that I didn’t know about ways to increase fans and viewership. Thanks for sharing the detailed information on obtaining the same.

  22. I would like to know what is the peak time to tweet, It depends on your followers active time or based on some other time?..

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      It depends on your country and your audience, Josh.
      Generally peak time is morning or early afternoon, your time.

  23. Yes , I really agree with this post. I am always trying to increase my Twitter followers . But i failed in this task. But due to your suggestion i am able to increase my followers easily. Your knowledge about this is really awesome. I really feel pleasure to read this.
    Thank you so much for this effective tips.

  24. I am not really good with Twitter since I’ve joined just recently. This surely helps a lot.

  25. I’m so going to try these out. How cool it is to have followers who wish to know what’s going on with your life? So useful post! :)

  26. I will surely absolutely try these tips! I want many twitter followers so I can share them my thoughts. :) Thanks for sharing! :)

  27. These tips are applicable and I love to try them out. We all have you to thank. No wonder you, yourself have tons of followers. :)

  28. Wow, I could really use all these tips! Who wouldn’t adore tons of followers, right? Thanks for sharing!

  29. I faced a problem last time that twitter suspended my account because of those retweets and mentions to people there. :/ Any one faced the same ? I appealed them and got my account back but what to do to avoid all this?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I got my Twitter account suspended too, Wamiq. It was time ago.
      I think it was because I was sending out too many Tweets, sharing too many links.
      Twitter does not like spamming.
      I guess you need to be more human, in order to avoid any future suspension in Twitter.

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