How to Utilize Your Blog to Repair Your Damaged Online Reputation

Our online reputations are somewhat like biographies written about us online compiled in a list of links that tell your story.

The only challenge with this is that sometimes the story doesn’t read exactly the way we would have it read. Well, believe it or not, you do have the power to manage how your personal story is told online.

In this post, we’ll provide some unique tips on how to leverage your blog in order to repair your damaged online reputation.

Share Your Own Bio with Your Readers in a Post

Your readership loves what you write and follows you with fervor—but do they really know much about you?

Maybe it’s time to share that, both for the benefit of your blog and for the ability to create more content about you that will suppress negative links in search results.

Consider pulling together a fun and interesting autobiography about yourself (not too long, though!) that informs why you started your blog, and gets a little more personal with your readership.

Provide a new image of yourself and tag it, and make sure to properly tag the rest of the page with your name and a proper description about yourself.

Enlist Your Readers to Share Your Content

Calling all readers! Ask your readership to share your blog posts on StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Facebook.

Having positive links from these sites back to your blog will only strengthen your search engine optimization, and therefore your online reputation.

If your readers are true fans, they would love to help spread the good word about you.

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Explain Yourself

If you are worried about how your readers feel about you based on your online reputation (and especially if they are starting to address it in your blog), consider explaining yourself for real and nipping issues in the bud.

People very much appreciate honesty and someone who is forthcoming.

We are all human, and most people can forgive most things if you give them the chance.

Poke Fun at Yourself

If you are worried about how your readership feels about you and your online reputation, pick a couple of the most damaging search results about yourself (depending on the severity, of course) and have a poll on your blog to have them guess which one is not true.

Create as the third option in the poll something worse than the other two items, which will make the other two appear to pale in comparison (but make it realistic so that readers will still have a hard time guessing).

Poking a bit of fun at yourself is not a bad thing, and showing that there are worse examples of humanity out there could help to put things in perspective.

Many people appreciate a person who doesn’t take himself or herself too seriously.

Stay Positive and Keep Writing Great Content

You can’t get past this one. If your writing suffers because your reputation is, and you in turn are suffering, you will slowly start to lose your readership.

Your wonderful writing is the reason people started following you in the first place, so do not lose touch with that, no matter how bad it gets.

There are plenty of services available to help you with reputation protection and management. But having continuously fabulous content that people will continue to want to share with others is the single best way to use your blog to repair your online reputation.

Because every post read and shared is just evidence to search engines that your blog and the contents of it should remain a higher priority than those pesky negative reviews that exist online about you.

Banish those negative reviews past that first page of search engine results, and fewer people will ever even lay eyes on them.

In General

Your blog can be an extremely useful tool in helping to defend, dispel, or wholly suppress search engine rumors about you.

Don’t underestimate your readership and their appreciation for what it’s like to be imperfect and human—make sure to win back those who seem to judge you by being honest and forthright, and by winning them over with great content.

At the end of the day, your job is to do just that—provide great content.

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Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics from digital marketing strategies to reputation protection.


  1. I like this post too much, I really want to ask you how to write funny “about me” page. I assume that about page is the most important page of a blog. If it is really funny, I think people will love to visit my blog frequently

  2. Awesome article and really awesome tips given thanks for sharing keep it comin’ bro !

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  4. Hi Aley,
    Thanks for your sharing.It’s clear that there is no reason to panic when the online reputation is damaged. Because everything will not be finished. You have written a nice article how to repair with using blog.I agree with you,there is no other best way to represent yourself excepting blog. If the blog is attractive,informative & interesting that will helps a lot.

  5. Yes this is true but i think before that first of all you should try to make your identity in online marketing and then you will go ahead and introduce yourself in your post.

  6. Hello Cara Aley,
    thanks a lot to you for sharing this wonderful valuable article. This is really wonderful article to learn more about Blog.

  7. Once something ugly gets out there, online-reputation managers say it can be a long process to suppress it

    • This is true in some cases- it really depends on how well search engine optimized that ‘something ugly’ is. But it’s why I recommend building the SEO and content on your blog so that your blog is one of the first things those who search about you see in results, giving you the opportunity to refute anything negative, both literally and through the quality of your content. Building your social media profiles simultaneously will also help to suppress negative links past that first page of search results, which most people (90%, I believe) never click past.

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    • Too true, Anvi! Having a positive attitude can bring a much nicer tone to your blog and make it far more enticing for a reader (and can also make your work feel more enticing to YOU!) :)

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