What “Survivor” Can Teach You about Surviving the Blogging Real World

A successful blog is not a set in stone. It takes continual work to keep it alive, and if I want to be a blog world survivor, I have to do just that.

Many successful blogs go belly up each year, lost in the sea of SEO, competition from new and fresher blogs, and neglect. I contend however, that everything needed to survive the blogging world can be learned from Survivor.

Keep Your Enemies Close

While they are not enemies per se, other bloggers in the same niche are certainly competition. I don’t want to get voted out by the net surfing public, so I have to know what their other options are.

I visit other blogs in the niche frequently, befriend other bloggers in the niche, and leave useful comments on their post.

The bloggy love option or something similar is a must so that there is a link back to my last post. I must be careful that I do NOT become a pirate.

Directly copying someone else blog post or even just the general idea is not cool. Instead, I try to find common niche bloggers that are willing to team up with me.

We pledge to never copy idea and even promote each other’s posts. I consider it a sort of friendly “bloggers’ alliance.”

I Have to Be a Team Player

Survivors may be alone in the end, but they start out as team players. No one is the last man standing without help from someone or helping someone along the way.

I join Facebook groups that would be interested in my blog, +1 related articles and blog posts, and Tweet and retweet as much as humanly possible.

Joining in and participate in related forums helps as well. I share my own posts and links, but I also share others that would be useful to my readers.

Asking legitimate questions and leaving useful, informative posts and comments is a great way to get involved and get other interested. This helps in more ways than one.

Readers come to rely on me as a source of information and those who reap the benefits of my sharing and Tweeting will likely return the favor.

I just have to make certain to share useable information and not shamelessly promote my own stuff too much.

Hands with likes

I Must Stay Informed

Contestants that lose track of what the others on the island is up to are doomed.

To avoid that in the blogging world, I keep track of what is going on with the search engines and SEO, pay attention to what is happening on other blogs, keep tabs on what is working and what is not, and strive to be flexible enough to make changes when necessary.

I make it a point to read up on new Google updates, look for fresh articles on SEO, and take note when a fellow blogger in the same niche gets a sudden influx of followers.

I May Have to Sacrifice

The contestants on the show have to make sacrifices, and so do bloggers. If times are hard, I may have to sacrifice more time, and may even have to literally fast due to lack of money for food.

However, I will not give up. No survivor ever made it to the end by giving up. Giving up sends smoke signals to the hungry search engine wolves that it is time to swallow my blog up.

If traffic or income slows, I will not stop.

I have to keep writing, look for new and fresh content, and work harder at marketing. I have to comment more, share more, Tweet more, add more pictures, and get fresher.

While Survivor and other reality television shows are much further from the real world than their producers would like us to believe, it is still true that when it comes to blogging, Survivor can tell us all we need to know to about blogging survival.

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Prime Aque is a Blogger, SEO enthusiasts and Self-taught Web-designer. He blogs about making money online ideas at CashOutDecently.com; he also builds professional Genesis Child themes to take Wordpress blogs to the next level. Recently, he got PageRank 3 in his 3-month old blog as a result of white hat SEO practice.


  1. Hi Prime Aque ,
    Blogging is really tough job to be done .if your a new blogger then u need to work more to get fame in blogging :) Thanks for sharing bro :)

    • Yes. You are right bro. New bloggers should work harder, I keep on learning new techniques every day. And I recently found out that stumble upon is a great resource to get closer to my ‘enemies’ in the blogging world. My blog is 3 months old now and I am working harder for it. See you.

  2. Hi prime Aque,

    Great Post!

    you are Absolutely Right Keep Your Enemies Close. Thanks For Sharing your Ideas :)


  3. Really enjoyed this. Especially the paragraph: “However, I will not give up. No survivor ever made it to the end by giving up. Giving up sends smoke signals to the hungry search engine wolves that it is time to swallow my blog up. If traffic or income slows, I will not stop.” Perfect summation of the way we must think if we are to be the last man (blogger) standing. Thanks again for a great post.

    • Oh you are always welcome. Sometimes we don’t realize how close we are to the finishing line when we decided to stop. One good thing that I practice now is to enjoy my task everyday. I put value to every single matter that I do for building my blog and I just enjoy the day… that keeps the ball rollin’ :)

  4. Hi Prime, I like your analogy. I’m a big fan of Survivor and blogging. I’ve often thought that Triberr tribes were a bit like Survivor tribes. The big difference, of course, is that we can help people without worrying about getting voted off the island. Our tribemates can support us, driving traffic back and forth between blogs. That’s why backlinks are so great, they help both the sender and the receiver.

    Our joint enemy is trolls, spammers and hackers who will try to prey on us. By banding together we can unite against their evil ways!

    • Wow! You made me smile today Carolyn… I am happy reading this comment. I love the idea of banding together for the purpose of helping each other to survive. Yes, we can. We can promote each other, we can share our PR juice to build powerful backlinks.

      Thank you for reminding me about Triberr – I have created an account there couple of months ago. I just did not realize the essence of being there before, but now I will be back for sure… thanks.

      Spammers are everywhere and trying to prey on our hard work but we can unite together – to kick them off the blogosphere.

      See you Carolyn and have great day! :)

  5. Wow! I came across this post and must say this is just fantastic!

    This post really just comes to life for me, and really motivated me to be on the top when it’s all said and done. Just breaking things down in simple terms and points like you have and pulling it all together with a Survivor theme brilliant!

    This thought right here: “Contestants that lose track of what the others on the island is up to are doomed.”

    That’s something that I can and apply right away with my blog!

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    • You are welcome Eric… and thank you for reading my post in spite of your busy schedule… Well, I learned these things by getting around and listening to people with brilliant minds like you. When you started snitch I have been there stalking and reading your contents… and I learned these things… I learned to interact and interact more to stay connected with other bloggers – it’s a great way to come up with new topics and to keep my content fresh… I want to be one of the survivor until the very end :)

  6. Like you mentioned, it is important to be a team player, especially when you start out…We get that much needed push when we are working in alliance…It’s a great strategy for mutual promotion.

    • Thank you for finding my post helpful. If you read Carolyn’s comment above, I agree that Triberr is another place to meet people who are interested of what you do and write or share, have you checked it too? See you.

      • I’ve heard about..But haven’t checked it out…Will surely check it out.I’ve tried to maintain working relationships with fellow bloggers through mails and comments till now..Hope Tribber will help me take it to the next level.

        • You are doing great Joe Hart. You know I started commenting other blogs before but I stopped. I realized it is really important to have a good relationship with other bloggers especially in your niche… it can give you a lot of benefits like referral traffics, backlinks, and more… alliance, yes. Anyway check out triberr I will be back there soon so I can invite you.

  7. This is great to be reminded of. I think when you start out in blogging, it is easy to think you have to ‘beat’ the competition and you generally tend to steer clear of promoting others sites etc. But in actual fact, it is the communication and interaction that helps everyone succeed. Nicely put here :-)

    • I agree with you that communication and interaction are keys to make us succeed in the blogging world… today I am trying to be practical – I am practicing all the possible ways to survive in the blogosphere and I find having connection with other bloggers is a great help for me. Thank you and see you.

  8. They say bloggers is a big community and there is no room for loners. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to be interactive with other bloggers and benefit from being their friend by learning idea from them.

    • Yeah you are right there – are you playing with other bloggers at bloggers.com? I have an account there but I have time constraint these days… but as soon as my schedule is back to normal again I can participate at bloggers once more – it’s a great community of bloggers. Thank you.

  9. very nice post thanks for sharing !

  10. Great post. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Hi, thanks for this as it has renewed my motivation to push forward with making good links with other blogs similar to my own.

    How many different blogs would you recommend commenting on and how often?

    • Hi Gemma,

      That is a very good question. I guess it depends on our available time. I am trying my best to manage all my tasks here and I include reading and commenting.

      I collect a handful blogs for the time being to read and comment.

      Are you a guest blogger too?


  12. I guest post on a facebook page but not done a guest post as of yet. It is definitely something I will keep on my radar though :-)

    • Wow, guest posting on facebook page? That’s new to me. I know anyone can post on facebook fan pages but guest posting there sounds new and fresh! Are you following some huge fan pages of your favorite sites or stuff?

      Keep on your radar Ma’am… :)

      Thanks Gemma.

  13. I am not following any big fan pages etc so I am just going to do that now. Thanks for the tip :-)

    • Wow that’s great Gemma. Anyway can share some of your link building practices? It would be nice to share it here so we can compare each other:) I can also share with you my quarter SEO practice as preparation for the best PR update :)

  14. Fantastic informations thanks for sharing i Luv your site !

  15. Hi Prime Aque,
    Inspiring post . Surviving in the blogging world is a challenge in itself . Link building practices play a crucial role to in gaining visibility and building a loyal audience over a period of time.

  16. Hi Purnima – you are right there. Link building plays an essential rule to make money blogging in the long term. This is not done just to impress the search engines but to gain targeted traffics as well especially if bloggers are submitting guest post to related blogs/niche. The lasting asset bloggers can have is loyal readership from readers.

    Thank you and see you :)

  17. This is a great post!!! Blogging is indeed not a child’s play, it requires an adequate level of patience and efforts, apart from original content. It is indeed important for a blogger to keep a tab on the path taken by the contemporaries and making sure one post genuine and relevant posts. Thanks for the share.

    • Thank you Aayna! Yeah you are right there. I know for sure most of bloggers nowadays aim to make a living from their blogs. However they should take it seriously. By getting to our “enemies” more closer, we will learn new things – and we can imitate some of their important techniques. For me imitation is not bad at all – it’s just using their proven techniques to push our creative stuff on top!!!

  18. Hey Prime! this blog posts reminds everyone that you don’t make a quick buck over night! Professional blogging takes heart, time and commitment! Thank you for reminding us :)

  19. You are right there and thank you for finding great sense with my article! I thought before that blogging is easy as 1 2 3 – putting ad banners and making money overnight on my blog, however I realized that it’s not the real game – the real game is blogging by heart. Posting only relevant and useful information for the readers!

    Best regards,
    Prime Aque

  20. Great Post!you are Absolutely Right Keep Your Enemies Close. Thanks For Sharing your Ideas to us,,Thanks a lot,,,

  21. Yes, that’s right. In high competitions of online business we must be able to survive by more creative, innovative and do not give up easily.
    Patience and self confidence are needed in every situation if we want to survive in the hard competition. Thank you for sharing this good article.

  22. And I may add – instead of struggling to rank for keywords like “make money online” we should focus on long tail keywords to survive in the sphere and in order to that we should explore more – read more – find new bloggers and befriend them :) and use some free tools to make our work easier and faster … thanks for the comment :)

  23. That reminds me of networking and how important it is than anything else. Just about that day, when I was updating my details on Linkedin, I came across the profile a schoolmate and guess what? He’s also in the same niche as mine. Instead of treating him like a rival just like during our early schooldays, we decided to hook up and help each other in a new venture. We both brought along our very own group of people, one from his and another group of mine and guess what? We have expanded the network twice the size.

    • Thanks for sharing that – that is collaboration, I’ve stumble upon on Ms. Ileane’s speak podcast on basicblogtips and she taught me of the 3Cs of successful blogging: Connection, Collaboration and Confidence!

      Right now am doing exactly the same with some of my awesome blogger friends. Keep the ball rolling bro!


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