Press Release Writing and Distribution Tips to Boost Website Traffic

If you are in search of new ways to generate extra hits and traffic to your website, online press release distribution is a good alternative to build a few extra natural links and give an instant boost of new visitors.

You may have already written articles and blog posts in an attempt to build a firm internet marketing campaign. Learning to write effective press releases will further strengthen your efforts.

There are many tips and tricks that can be implemented whilst writing and distributing news via the web.

I have been using these methods for many years now and have picked up various ways to use a combination of writing and distribution to give a flood of extra hits, resulting in potential clients.

If you are interested in starting to write news to distribute on the internet, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that press releases and news is written in a different format to articles and blogs.

Many people try to send articles to news distribution sites, the article maybe of good quality but it won’t go very far on a news site.

Also the news should be clear, concise and straight to the point. One of the best ways to learn this is to read a newspaper.

Watch how the journalists miss out words that are not needed and concentrate on the main facts of the story. When you write a press release it should be written to catch the attention of journalists.

Even though you are distributing your news online, it could end up being featured in a news paper if seen by the right people.

Press Release Writing Tips

Here are a few very simple press release writing tips:

- Title should announce news clear in a news worthy fashion

- Intro paragraph should describe who, what, when, where and why

- Body of story should then back the intro with relevant facts and information

- You should have about and contact details

- Do not write it as an advert or article

The subject and content of the news story will reflect on the results.

There are a few extra tips for online news writing, keep a few keywords in your title and first paragraph (but don’t over do it).

Try to make the story appeal to other website owners and bloggers. Also, a picture is advised too.

"News" written on a computer screen

How to Create News Articles

So you might be wondering what news do you have…

Well most articles can be turned into a news piece if done correctly, think about your latest products, changes or what your business/website is doing.

There is normally always something new to talk about.

Once you have written a press release you then need to distribute it. Choose a press release distribution website carefully. There a quite a few out there. One of the most important things is to choose one which submits to Google News. If you follow the tips above your content should be ready for Google News to list.

As you can imagine, getting your news listed in Google News can be a big deal.

Thousands of other news websites use their results and news is instantly out there. Your new would also be seen by anyone with Google Alerts set up. News normally displays in their feed for about 30 days.

Quite a few companies use press release distribution as part of their marketing platform, although you cannot write advertisements and sales pitches is still a great way to strengthen your website and build new channels of traffic.

If you need extra help learning how to write press releases there are many helpful resources on websites, just run a simple search.

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  1. Hi Andrew
    I keep thinking one day I’ll get into this for extra bits of traffic. Sure, this is going to be one source of traffic for me this year.

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  2. hello Andrew,
    i’m quite new to the term press release.
    Anyways your article had given me an overall idea about what it is all about.
    Will do more research and hope I can also do a Press Release.

    • Thanks Akhil. Once you master the basics your fine. The good thing too is that press releases don’;t have to bee too long in length

  3. Press release always a great news distribution platform where directly you can offer your services and reach easily to your audience.

    Well thanks for remembering again :)

  4. Well, to be honest, I have never been in this business before…But after reading the last part where you told how to create articles is really pushing me from inside to get started…Thanks for sharing….

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Your tips are all so useful. This will surely help me get more traffic because that is badly what I need.

  6. I loved your idea for using Yahoo Answers to drive traffic to your site! One thing you could also do that would help down the road is take those questions you answer, and turn them into content for your blog or your email newsletter. This kind of one-on-one dialogue REALLY focuses you on talking to one person which is how all writing in my opinion, should sound. Everyone reading your content online is doing so alone. They don’t want to be talked at. When your writing takes on the tone of responding to friend in email, you’re on the right track. Thank You So Much for all this awesome content here! I owe Glen over at viperchill dot com a big thanks for turning me onto this site!

  7. Hi Andrew .
    Illuminating tips. I am new to the blog world hence such tips are a blessing for me . I m sure these tips will help me entice readers and will attract traffic for me . Thanks .

  8. That’s a rather limited understanding of press releases. As a public relations director, I wouldn’t advise my clients to approach it so lightly. In fact, while there are plenty of benefits SEO wise, you’re missing the overall point. Public relations is a conversation with your stakeholders. It is how you get the news out and build a buzz that organically attracts traffic. If you’re not using public relations for a business, you’re missing out on major opportunities that outbound marketing won’t provide.

  9. Hi, I have seen a lot of information before about saying to do a press release. But the trouble is, I would not know how to make my content newsworthy.

  10. Thanks for the mini guide on press release writing. It is indeed helpful for new and existing writers.

  11. I couldn’t have agreed more with this post! Keep in mind that PR has to be written in 3 person. Also you can outsource this…

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