4 Blogging Mistakes That WILL Make You Fail Soon

Blogging is considered the most profitable way to make money from the Internet.

Many people, when they read this statement, start to research how to make a blog, and they think that they will make $1,000 this month, easy.

I would like you to read this post before you start your blogging career, to know the 4 blogging mistakes which will make you fail soon in the blogging career.

You Care Only About Fast Results

The advice I’ll keep on providing to bloggers who want to develop an effective blog that makes them money, is to quit considering themselves as independent content authors, but as businesspeople.

Blogging is, without question, one of the best ways to earn cash on the Internet, but that does not mean you should hurry into it without having a strategy.

Your concentration as an independent author must be focused on creating an audience – which is exactly why I say: create for visitors and cash.

The purpose you need is to perfect the art of creating an audience, because you can never make money without loyal readers.

By creating the right audience, all it requires to make money is a statement. But, as we all know, creating an audience is the challenging aspect.

Writing isn’t Your Thing

The most crucial aspect that will help you determine if you will never be effective as a pro blogger is if writing is not your thing.

By “writing isn’t your thing,” I’m not trying to say that you are terrible at English, or that you don’t know how to create a phrase.

Actually, that is the least of the problems to worry about. If you truly can be effective as an independent author, anything can be discovered.

Another aspect is that you don’t need to have a certain level in English before you can be successful as a blogger.

What I know is that the entire English vocabulary can never be discovered, so there should not be any real issue for you, if you have the interest and wish to keep on enhancing as far as the vocabulary is concerned.

"Blog mistakes" words in uppercase with a mouse in front of them

The issue I’m discussing, however, is if you discover that writing is incredibly tedious whenever you pick up a pen. Maybe you ought to perform another activity instead?

There’s no need to think too much about this, and you should have been able to find out for yourself by now. If you are one of those individuals who rests a few moments after getting a pen, then you probably would fall short as a blogger.

You’re actually not reprehended, if you are in this classification, and you can begin actions to increase your discipline.

From now on, try to develop an interest for writing, and use every chance you get to create on a topic absolutely new to you.

I know that it will take some time, but you will soon begin to discover writing is absolutely simple and exciting.

You Don’t Try to Improve Your Knowledge

One aspect about bloggers is that they always have to generate, and what they have to generate can sometimes be unforeseen.

If you want to be an effective blogger, then you need to understand that you have to regularly follow sites that are similar to your blog niche. You must concentrate on this, so that you could generate more and more posts and your blog will be fresh.

How many times a day do you invest in reading? What do you study during that period? Is it just a publication restricted to your area, or any other topic(s)?

You need to begin investing more time examining anything you can get your hands on. It can be anything, from that publication suggested to you by a colleague, to the newest information content.

Every individual content you study adds up, and will end up being an excellent source of creativity in the future.

You’re Not Good at Managing Yourself

The lifestyle of a blogger comes with many difficulties.

We all want to look at that recently launched film with our close relatives, and we also want to perform that excellent activity, but it is the work of a blogger to be able to manage yourself to get the preferred outcomes.

Failing to do so will result in struggling in your earnings.

Last Words

Now you know 4 blogging mistakes which may lead to failure as a blogger.

The only thing you have to do now is to take action.

Nothing will happen if you read the article and you did not take any action, so take action now and your earnings will start to increase by time.

Let me know which mistakes or obstacles you do have, so that I can write another post to solve this problem.

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  1. Great Points Ahmed . . . Yeah i have seen some guys specially newbies who want to enter into blogging arena and quit their blog after 2 or 3 months reason is they want quick money and frankly blogging is not a 1 day job. . . . It needs dedication, hard work and time. . ..
    BTW Nice points and visited your service page……
    Happy new year :)

  2. Great post! Not a newbie blogger, every blogger should avoid the above specified mistakes to do well in blogging. As Amit said, hard work n dedication along with patience is essential to succeed in blogging. Thanks for sharing the nice information, keep sharing.

  3. @Ahmed: Some really good points here. I specially like the part about fast results. Blogging is NOT a quick buck scheme and shouldn’t be considered so.

    I would like to add that bloggers ‘have to’ keep themselves motivated (by keeping smaller and achievable goals or by keeping the big goal in mind). A LOT of new bloggers give-up half way because they feel like they aren’t getting enough returns for the work they are putting in.

  4. Hey Ahmed,

    I agree with this post. Many newbie bloggers want quick results. They want make more than 1000$ in very first month. But it is very hard work( May be impossible).

  5. Hello Ahmed !

    I really love your post! Blogging is definitely not easy and one should TAKE ACTION if he or she wants to succeed in this venture and earn .

    thanks for sharing this article, a MUST-read for blogging newbies. :)

  6. Hi Ahmed,

    I agree with you completely. Patience is needed during every step in blogging and also in life. Due to lack of knowledge and eagerness to get quick result could give negative results.

  7. Rohan Advani says:

    Great and awesome points have been mentioned Ahmed. Am sure newbies and pro bloggers would all gain enough info which you have shared in order not to trip in blogging. Gud luck with tostartblogging :)

  8. I used some google images when I first started blogging because I didn’t know any better. But of course I know now. I always use “my” images when writing a post. It’s more real that way! A nice informative post my brother!

  9. I can manage most of the things above pretty well but when writing I feel exhausted after one article and it seems difficult to start another on the same day. What do you suggest should I do to increase my productivity.

  10. I really love your post! Blogging is definitely not easy and one should TAKE ACTION if he or she wants to succeed in this venture and earn

  11. These are some of the most common mistakes but important to be taken care of. Improve the profits from your blogs by preventing the obstacles and you are on your way to improved online earnings. Have a good luck.

  12. The use of headings and subheadings helps readers understand at a glance exactly how the post is organized and structured. Failure to do so often prevents readers from being able to determine what the key messages are at a mere glance.

  13. Yes, you are right. I am planning to write an ebook about writing. I am sure you are going to love it. It will emphasize this also.

  14. Hi Ahmed,
    The podt was great and straight to the point. The problem with most newbie bloggers is that they want fast results as you stated because they are enticed with the way well established bloggers are making money forgetting that Rome was not built in a day.

  15. I am loosing my blogging websites. I post fresh content on the all websites but don’t know what happened to them

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