SEO Practices that Help You Improve Your Blog and Make Money Online

There are a variety of ways to make money online : from eCommerce websites selling products or services, to affiliate advertising, the possibilities are great.

As long as you can grab the attention of potential visitors, there is a chance to make money. And that’s the idea behind SEO practices.

Search engine optimization is the practice of getting that attention and increasing your website’s traffic. How does this help?

1. Keyword Placement

Whether you are selling an item or writing a blog about a specific idea, having the right keyword is where SEO starts.

Brand and product names, model numbers, and product types are great keywords for eCommerce sites.

Blogs can happen more natural for keywords, but it wouldn’t hurt to mention what you are writing about a few times throughout the post.

2. ROI

The return on investment is your income minus your expenses. If something has a high ROI, it means you’ll make greater money for what you put into it.

If you spend money on a SEO service of some kind, try to find out if the service provided has a good ROI.

This might take some research in search engines to find someone who has used the service.

3. Properly Crawled

By having a sitemap, search engines can crawl all of the content of your website. This helps potential visitors find your content if they search for it.

You don’t want pages hiding in your website without some kind of link to them.

Use “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin to easily create a sitemap for your site.

4. Content to Please

If you are hoping for 1,000 visits per day with having only 4 pages worth of content on your site, you better be giving away expensive toys.

Your visits per day can be directly proportionate to the amount of content you have on your site.

For instance, some sites can average 20 visits per day while having 120 blog posts. As this is an average, it can surely fluctuate.

These website owners have seen a correlation between additional content matching with additional traffic per article.

5. Popularity Contest

Links to your website, regardless of where they come from, are counted as a kind of vote in many search engines. The more of these links you have, the higher the search engine may rank your page.

A higher rank means a greater chance of exposure to those who search for your relevant content.

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6. Affiliates to Match

It is always best to have affiliate banners and links that are relevant to the content of your website.

By standing by your specific niche with content and affiliate banners, visitors already interested in the content of your website have a greater possibility to click on the banner to make a sale.

7. Socially Acceptable

What practice would be complete without including the free profiles of Facebook and YouTube?

By creating greater interest in your website through the use of social media, you can expand on the possibilities of income while giving search engines something to link to your site.

8. Keep it Clean

A problem that many websites have is bad coding, which leads to search engine crawl errors and lost income.

Regularly check your coding, whether it is manual or web-based automation, to ensure your website is optimized for search engines to crawl it.

For every minute the code is bad, you are possibly losing money.

9. Vocabulary

The content of your website cannot be stressed enough for SEO practices. A well written blog, article site, or eCommerce power-house can make all the difference for generating revenue.

Proper grammar and spelling will give visitors a sense that you know what you’re talking about, even if you don’t.


Optimizing your website for search engines is a must for any website owner. You can’t expect people to visit your site if they don’t know it even exists.

With SEO practices, you can make sure that they know your site is there and increase your chances of income.

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  1. Especially agree with 4. Content to please
    There have been studies (ie Hubspot) to show that websites that blog or add news once a day get 5 X more traffic than those that blog once a week. Get writing, and if you don’t have time hire someone or a firm that can!

  2. I agree with you.
    In my blog, I use WordPress SEO by Yoast. It helps my blog to improve on-page SEO and give me the XML sitemap.
    I think the most important thing in SEO is create high quality content, so keep writing :)
    Love to learn more from you :)

  3. Excellent posting is one of the best ways for getting links and increase your site rank. It shows that you are not a spammer and try to provide some useful content to your users.

  4. Hi Ken,

    Interesting post with some good points. Any SEO is better than no SEO, but I thought that Google now opts for quality over quantity? You mention in step 5 that any link is a thumbs up. I thought that with the recent updates this theory is no longer as good as it once was? Its like saying I could have a 1000 links on blogs or sites that no-one visits or one link on the CNN website – i am pretty sure the one link would be more beneficial to me.

    Just my two cents, nice post.

  5. Good SEO tips. There has been so many changes in the way search engines work that it has been difficult to know what SEO pratices are the best. Thanks for these tips.

  6. Search engine optimization is the practice of getting that attention and increasing your website’s traffic. How does this help?

  7. Apart from all SEO practices, Try to write a content that attracts lots of other blogger or normal readers to share it. Suppose if you wrote a killer post then you might get featured in other blogger’s posts which can improve your site’s SEO for sure.

  8. Excellent resourceful article

    Its always nice to get our knowledge refreshed.. and you did a wonderful job with covering SEO basics in this article.

  9. Finally, an article I’ve been waiting for! Thanks for the amazing tips, they are great. I sell products online, but I’m having trouble with gaining more visitors to my site. I hope these quality tips will help me get a clear and focsed mind on what I should do. Thanks again.

  10. Some of the tips can actually be done personally by anyone. Writing quality content that’s not too short, yet straight-to-the-point – anyone is able to do it. I honestly don’t think people have to spend tons of money to hire an SEO company. Those tips are pretty straight-forward. Thanks for the article.

  11. Thanks for this guide on seo it would help me a lot on my elevator control system web project. this kind of input help reader to drive its creativity to a new level

  12. These are some very basic tips for building blogs and earning money too. Keeping the content simple yet of good quality always pays off. Thanks for sharing.

  13. thank u for the post!!!but using the keywords many times will make it a spam,right???

  14. Interesting post with some good points. Any SEO is better than no SEO, but I thought that Google now opts for quality over quantity? You mention in step 5 that any link is a thumbs up.

  15. Another helpful post, thanks for sharing. As I said before I like how your posts are short and to the point, and do not waste time on uneccessary blubber.

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