6 Penguin Types Of Safe Links You Can Get

Following the Penguin Update, the SEO game has changed.

A lot of sites have been hit and so many people in the SEO game have started to think that they will not be able to rank their sites anymore. However, this is not the case.

Every Google change affects many sites, but also places others to the top positions. The people who understand how the algorithm works will still be able to get a ton of traffic from Google.

In practice the Penguin Update can help you if you know how to use it. Yes, you heard me right!

The Penguin Update can help you, because many of your competitors may be hit, which will make your SEO easier.

In this article we are going to discuss how to build your links after this Update.

What actually is the Penguin Update?


Every new update is created to find more quality sites. What Google want is to show only the best sites in their top positions. They want to show sites which contain quality information for the people.

So, the first task on this update has been to find better sites and hit more low quality sites.


There are a lot of people who have been using spammer tactics to rank their sites. Some of these sites may be good, other not.

That’s why they have started to hit sites that have been using all kind of spammer tactics.If you use any kind of spammer ways to rank high, you can be hit by Google, no matter if it is your site quality or not.

The good news (for Google) is that they have hit a lot of low quality sites, but unfortunately, they have also hit good quality sites.

As the Penguin has been so aggressive, they have created a form where people that have been hit can complain, IF they think they haven’t deserved that.

Here is a link to that form.

So what are the most important things you have to do if you want to rank high, not only after this update, but after all other updates?

The answer: create quality content and don’t use any spammer tactics.

Now let’s talk about the links you can get.

First of all, let me answer one question that almost everyone in the SEO have started to ask.

Can low quality links hurt your ranking? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The SEO game is not the same.

If you get poor links, you can be penalized. Several years ago, people built every kind of link to rank high, but these days are gone.

You have to be patient on what kind of links you get. Let’s discuss that in details.

Types of Penguin Safe Links

A penguin on the ice

1 . Guest Blogging

This is one of the most powerful ways to get back links to your site. All you have to do is to contact blog owners and offer them quality content. Just create one quality article and put a link back to your site in it.

Google love these types of links. Many SEO specialists think that it will be untypical for Google to start penalizing guest posts in the future.

Actually no one can tell you how Google will change after time, but my opinion is that Google won’t start penalizing guest posts. If you have a link from quality blogs, you will be OK.

How to find blogs that accept guest posts?

There are a lot of guest blog directories, where you will find many bloggers to accept your quality content. One of the largest is MyBlogGuest.com .

You also can search for “your niche keywords “+ Guest Post in Google.

Guest blogging has become so popular recently : it is likely you will find a lot of opportunities in almost every niche.

Tips on how to get accepted 

- High quality content.Write tips and if you can write guides, much better.

- Your article need to give value to the visitors.This is what bloggers want in order to accept you.

- Don’t write on any general topic.Write something specific in your niche. Show that you are an expert.

- Many bloggers have specific instructions on what they want. Follow them exactly.

Here you can find more tips on how to write a successful guest posts: Top Guest Post Writing Tips.

2 . Social Bookmarking Sites

I believe these kind of links will never be penalized, although they may look as spammer for Google. Anyone can go and get a lot of bookmarking links easily.

Some people say these sites are similar to blog directories. Actually that is not right.

At first sight, adding a blog to directories and bookmarking sites are similar, but they are actually different. The difference is, once your link is posted at any bookmarking site, people can vote for it.

Google will not only check your links, they will also check how many votes your links have. Google interpret these votes like “social signals”. More votes, means more people like your content, and so this is a “signal” to Google that your site is good.

It is not a secret, Google count how many times your site has been shared on Twitter, Google Plus and other similar sites, but they also count all votes that you receive from social bookmarking sites.No matter do follow or no follow, bookmarking links still work.

Don’t buy social votes.That won’t help you.Google have a specific algorithm to see if your votes are fake.If they see fake votes, they won’t count them.

Will it be natural to receive 1000 votes in one day and zero in the next month? Of course not.

In this case Google will understand that your votes are fake.

Tips to generate more votes naturally

- Of course the quality of your content is one of the most important thing. If your content is interesting and informative, you will get more votes.

- There is also one little trick you can use to get more votes – your title. Many people make one big mistake – they put their anchor text as a title. Everyone knows that the anchor text is an important factor in the algorithm, but in this way people will not click your link and won’t vote, even if your content is interesting. Give them interesting titles, they will click and vote.

Here you can read an example.

Let’s say you try to rank for “make money online”. Which will be your title?

- “Make money online” is poor : not many people will click that.There is so much information on that topic.Nothing interesting here and it looks like scam.

- “How to make money online” is better, but still not good. People will click it more than the first one, but it is not specific.

- “How to make money without investment” is much better. They key here is “without investment”. You know very well, there are a lot of paid systems for making money online, but if you teach people how to make money for free, this will work much better : you will get more clicks.

- “How to start making money from Twitter today for free” is good too. First you tell people they can start making money today, second you tell them how (via Twitter) and third you tell them it will be for free.

Try different titles at different social bookmarking sites and test them.

Share-Blue Button on Keyboard

3 . Social Signals

Google count how many times your site has been shared to social sites like Twitter, Google Plus and other. In order to have more votes, you have to write quality content.In this way you will see better results. Of course you also need to add sharing buttons on your site.

Tip n.1 : upload a lot of great pictures to all of your pages. In this way people may start sharing your site to Pinterest : the fastest growing social site at the moment.

Tip n.2 : never buy fake votes. You risk your site being penalized.

4 . Document Sharing Sites

Submitting your eBook to a lot of document sharing sites has become a great way to get quality links from high PR easily and it seems to be Penguin safe.

Just create a little eBook with a link to your site in it and upload it to as many document sharing sites as possible.Search engines can read links in PDF files.

Many people report better results in their ranking after uploading only one eBook. Just search for “list of document sharing sites” at Google and you will find a lot of them.

5 . Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has been one of the best ways to get a lot of good links fast and easy. Now it seems Google have started to devaluate blog comments. Actually it still works, but not the way it worked.

So what works?

- Get blog comments only from relevant blog posts (no matter if Nofollow or Dofollow).

- Get blog comments from quality blogs. First of all check the PR of the blog domain, and second check the PR of the post, where you plan to comment.

What does not work?

- Avoid commenting irrelevant blogs.For example, if you have a site about “make money online“, don’t comment on game blogs.

- Avoid getting links from blogs that have more than 1,000 unrelated comments.There are a lot of blogs that don’t moderate their comments.That looks like an easy way for people to get links, but unfortunately Google may penalize you for that.

6 . Article Directories

There is a rumour that Google may penalize you for adding your link to article directories. Actually if you don’t overdo it, you are still OK.

There are a lot of sites on Google that have a lot of links from article directories. I wouldn’t suggest you to use articles as your main strategy, but you can do it.


- Avoid adding one duplicate article to a lot of directories.You need one original article per one directory.

- Avoid spun articles.Google have advanced algorithm to check for spun content.

- Avoid writing low quality articles.If your article is good enough, it will be commented on many times and it will be shared multiple times at different social sites, and Google will see this as a good thing. You will receive more power to your link.

- Write articles no less than 400-600 words. If you can include more words is better. The best numbers are between 700-1000 words. One quality 700-words article is much better then 3 low quality article with 300 words.


Now you know some of the most important things that Google have changed.

I would suggest that you refer back to this article again. If you use all of my tips, your SEO game will become easier because you will know what Google want from you and also because most of your competitors, who do not use Penguin safe tactics will be hit soon. Believe me!

About Mae Moreno

Hello, I'm Mae.I've been optimizing a lot of sites for me and for my clients.I use only white hat tactics.That's why my sites have almost never been hit by any update.Here is my last project - a blog about surveys for money.It has been optimized only with 100% white hat and Penguin safe tactics.


  1. Very cool content :) I love that
    I think I have to change the way to get backlink from social bookmarking site :). Normally, I use SocialMonkee to get them. Is this wrong?

    Could you give me some good social bookmarking site?
    Thank you so much :)

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I use to bookmark my articles with SocialMonkee, Nos, until few months ago.
      Then I stopped when I have read in “Google Webmaster Forums” that this method may hurt your site rankings.
      But at the end, who knows?
      Only Big G knows exactly how the rankings work.
      Up to you the decision.

      Regarding a list of social bookmarking sites, see this article below I wrote some time ago, I think you will find it useful!
      100 Sites where You Can Share Your Content for Free

    • Mae Moreno says:

      Hi, I don’t think it is wrong,

      Check your e-mail.You can find there one email from Erik, with a list of 100 + social bookmarking sites.I received it several days ago.

  2. What percentage breakdowns do you shoot for with regards to % of links pointing to the index page vs pointing to any 1 internal page?

    • Mae Moreno says:

      Different …

      If you optimize your internal pages for more long tails, then get more links to internet pages.I keep about 50% to my main page.

  3. Always nice to get reminded about high quality backlinks. Ebook tip really blew my mind. Reminded me what I need to do.

  4. I had no idea about document sharing sites. Thanks for that mentioning it here. Blog commenting and guest posting are maybe the only two thinks that can never lose its importance. Hope I am true!

    Nice post Erik :)

    • Mae Moreno says:

      Hello Mahaveer,

      I’m happy, you’ve learnt something new from me.

      Document sharing sites are something new, and that is why people still don’t know about them.

      • Document sharing sites are good, but I don’t think you should upload the same content to loads of different sites.

        That wouldn’t be much different from submitting the same article to 1000′s of article directories.

  5. Hi Mae, great tips to follow. What do you think about website directories?

    • Mae Moreno says:

      Hello, and thanks for you comment.

      You should concentrate to get links from quality directories, like Dmoz, Yahoo directories and so on.If you only spam a lot of directories, you risk to be penalized.

  6. Solid advice, all of them. Social shares, in particular, is a great indicator that content is actually being read and that the content is good enough to compel individuals to let others know about it.

  7. Hi Mae,
    I generally rely on commenting and also social media sites to get backlinks. It has worked well for me so far. I have done some guest posting as well which works good for getting keywords in my links.

  8. Hi Mae! Thanks for sharing those tips! I can relate to blog commenting and social signals. I’m not pretty sure though about article directories. I’ve heard from someone that it’s not a good way to go. But maybe with your tips, it might work. I’ll try that. Hoping for positive results. :)

    • Mae Moreno says:

      Well …

      You will hear a lot of positive and a lot of negative things about almost any kind of links.Internet is a free place, where people are free to share what they want.You should not spam directories.Just keep your links natural and everything will be fine (I hope).

      Actually no once can tells you exactly what to do and what not.We don’t know how Google works.

      Free directories works for me.I write only quality articles they help my sites and blogs to rank higher.

  9. Excellent posting is one of the best ways for getting links and increase your site rank. It shows that you are not a spammer and try to provide some useful content to your users.

  10. It is definitely hard finding guest post opportunities but I find once you do one you will often make contacts and people who like your work will contact you for more.

    • Mae Moreno says:

      Sean, guest blogging is a good strategy, but it is not easy.First you need high quality site or blog, and then you need to write high quality content for bloggers.Only that way you will be accepted.

  11. Its such as you read my thoughts! You appear to grasp so much approximately this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I believe that you could do with some p.c. to pressure the message house a bit, however other than that, this is great blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  12. I would be very careful with article directories, since most of them got hit with those updates. Guest posting and commenting is a safe way to gain traffic and links, make sure you are sharing something new to the topic / niche. Thanks for the other tips!

  13. I have used article marketing in the past and I would steer clear of it. I would recommend using the others listed above as article marketing. Anyway, guest posting on a popular blog is a great way to get backlinks plus an audience to your site too!

  14. Hi Mae,
    Thanks for all of the info! I have been having a bit of trouble since all of the Google changes, but your article has shown me what to do to correct that. I have good quality sites but obviously there is something Google doesn’t like. Isn’t it just like Google, you finally start ranking good and they change things! Thanks again for all the great tips and info.

  15. Thanks for a really good article Mae, there are a lot of commonsense observations made.
    We have found Article Directories are becoming more discerning now, which isn’t a bad thing, as some submissions were never fit for publishing anyway.
    As you say good honest content is king, so most of us should stick to our own niches and write with authority on subjects we have well researched and have a genuine contribution to make.

  16. Hi Mae
    All you have to do is not get the paid links, bulk links, links from low quality back links, untrustworthy websites and more. Also don’t focus on quantity, just focus on quality.

  17. Seeing this makes me angry the snake oil Seo’s out there are making it harder for good seo’s to gain trust from clients, default setting to some is your all bs merchants. Cant blame the clients because they have often lost a considerable amount of money on these type of companies.

  18. Guest posting is one of the best ways for getting links and increase your site rank. It shows that you are not a spammer and try to provide some useful content to your users.

  19. Thank you so much providing information about penguin safe links. What about the links from we directories. are they completely unsafe? If I do it on good directories which have PR 4 or more. Still they are unsafe?

  20. Natural links have always been the best. Link spam has been around the net since “FFA” [free for all] directories were thought to be useful and everyone wanted their site to be linked to anything.

  21. Penguin says that you cannot do more than 1000 directory submissions
    a day…It will lead to Over SEO and hence Spam!!!

  22. Hi Erik, a good read here cheers.

    I think the thing to highlight is that potentially any of the link building methods that you’ve listed above can actually hurt you.

    Only if you’re careless with anchor text.

    Providing you vary anchor text and use some branded and naked URL’s there shouldn’t be any problem.

    Personally I’ve moved away from article directories and social bookmarking. Not moving away from the likes of Digg/Reddit/Facebook/Twitter etc .. but moving away from those rubbish social bookmarking sites that are just setup to blast links at peoples sites.

    Have a great weekend,


  23. The real quality link can be getting by Guest Blogging which values most but takes lot of time and affords. Thanks for great article.

  24. Great read! I love document sharing sites, their not only great for backlinking, but they can send a good amount of traffic too. Most of doc sharing sites have pretty low alexa rankings.

    • I agree, with you.

      Once I uploaded my first ebook, I saw a good amount of traffic, without any special effort to write good content (shame on me).I got about 100 clicks in less than a week from one ebook.

  25. Kevin Ocasio says:

    Great tips… I think it’s important, whether you’re trying to rank in Google or not, to diversify your links. This post provides a few good ways to get started in doing so. Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Since Google is the only ones who really knows how Google works, and the rest of us peons can only guess at how to best optimize our sites to their likings, is it really pertinent for us to kill ourselves trying? Perhaps its better to get as many quality links as we can, keep up with our keywords, advertise wherever we can and let Google do what Google does.

  27. Link Building is getting harder day by day. Thanks for sharing these evergreen strategies. These techniques will work every time and will have long lasting effect

  28. Individually I’ve relocated clear of article submission sites as well as social bookmark creating. Certainly not quitting famous brands Digg/Reddit/Facebook/Twitter and so forth.. nevertheless quitting those garbage social bookmark creating websites that are simply create to crank inbound links with parents websites.

  29. Having a diverse link portfolio is very important and I always try to build links from different sources but there is nothing that quite beats natural link building.

    Guest blog posting was good but i feel this is now being used and abused… Although I have done a couple of guest blog posts myself :-)


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