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  1. Hey, Erik! Zyma strikes again! This giveaway is awesome! Good luck to the participants. Unfortunately, a few months ago I renewed my hosting contract for some projects, so it’s no use to participate.

  2. Hi Erik, awesome contest by the way and I wanted to drop by and wish everyone the best of luck. I’ve not come across Zyma before, but will ave a snoop around their site and see what they have to offer, as they look pretty damn affordable.

  3. me me me!! have entered mwahaha!

  4. What’s great is that you shared your secret, that may have changed some lives. But you probably didn’t know that you would inspire a ton of others to share theirs, touching more from each of those! I shared my secret one week ago. Totally relieved, do I fret about it still,yes, but at least I feel free.

  5. Wow, Excellent giveaway! It sounds good that when the free year they are offering has ended, they will not force you to renew your hosting plan with Zyma. This is what I am always cautious about when it comes to these kinds of online services. There are many who automatically renew your account even if you do not want to anymore, and there are times when I want to cancel, they make it hard for me. I’ll not participate in this one because I really don’t need one right now, so gotta give it to those who really want and need it. Good luck to those who are participating!

  6. I need it, ill do entry every day!

  7. John Francel says:

    wow cool really need this thank you for sharing this :)

  8. Though I’ve seen A LOT OF ZYMA giveaways, I’m entering this one! Just want to check out how good Zyma is!

    PS – Check out my giveaway(s) as well Erik!

  9. Cool giveaway. I wish I could bring the prize :)

  10. I entered the contest :) Hope I win! Thanks for this opportunity.

  11. Siva Kumar says:

    Done all the Steps count me in….. Thanks for Wonderful Giveaway Erik Good Luck To every one … :)

  12. Aleka Stone says:

    Great read about FMMA Giveaway .The introduction grabbed my attention and held it until the end of the article.


  13. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Hi, Erik Emanuelli i am very happy to see this giveaway awesome, Zyma is a good hosting company, i am too much interested participate… Thanks for such nice giveaway

  14. Awesome contest Erik! Everyone could use some free hosting! Hope I win!

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