What’s the Future of SEO?

Google it’s by far the most used search engine, which attracts millions of visits daily. If you own a business or a website it is highly important to be listed inside.

However just by being there it doesn’t mean you will many potential clients. For that you need to rank in the first pages for your main keywords.

To achieve these high rankings, you will need to do proper SEO, and stay in touch with the recent updates Google is doing.

SEO has been around since Google and Yahoo were created, and it will live, as long as there will be search engines.

Between 1997 and 2002, Google was only using the on – page factors for rankings. Basically sites that contained a specific keyword the most, were ranking on top. Because many have abused of this algorithm, Google has decided to introduce more ranking factors.

In 2002, they started to rank sites based on the number of links they had, and their anchor texts.

Since then, Google has only improved this algorithm, and tried to defend the results from spammers. Sites were given different values, based on the number of links they had, and this is how they were ranking.

With the updates Google has done in the last two years, they have managed to change the SEO game completely.

Most important Google Updates timeline

28 September 2012

Matt Cutts tweeted about another Google update that will affect 0.6% of the queries. The change aimed to decrease the value of EMD’s (exact match domains). Therefore, now all the domains have the exact same value.

24 April 2012

Google Penguin update, which affected more than 3.1% of the English queries. The update meant to decrease the value of sites that are over optimized (on page and off page). Those that were struggling to hard to rank high have been penalized and thrown away from top results. Google claims that this change was successful and increased the user quality experience, also kept spammers away from top rankings. It is still known as one of the biggest updates Google has done, among with Panda.

24 February 2011

Google Panda, affected 11.8% English queries. Since 2011, there have been other 20 updates related to Panda. This change was so massive, it was even broadcasted on TV. Panda was meant to decrease the value of websites that have thin and low quality content for sites like: ezine.com, articlebase.com and other similar sites called “link farms”.


Where is SEO Heading?

Now that social networks have became so popular, it is very likely that Google will soon rank sites based on this factors also.

Matt Cutts, the chief of SEO spam at Google, has even replied to a question regarding this:

Q: “ Are social signs important in Google rankings right now?”

Matt Cutts answer:

A: “Right now there’s not really a direct effect where if you have a lot of +1’s you will rank higher, but there are things like authorship that can improve the CTR”

Considering his answer, it is obviously that soon Google will rank sites based on backlinks and also social signs.

What does this mean? It means you will need to create quality sites that people are willing to share on social networks, or their personal blogs and websites.

Short summary of current signals you should consider if you want to rank high:

  • Get only quality backlinks from real websites.
  • Don’t over optimize your website with your main keywords. Try to make it look natural and built for users, not robots.
  • When building links, don’t build backlinks with over optimized anchor texts.
  • Be present on social networks, all of them: Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.
  • Keep conversations with your visitors and help them find what they are looking for. If they will be pleased, you might achieve links or positive reviews.
  • Write only quality content, and remember that QUALITY it’s better than QUANTITY.
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  1. It’s more important than ever to really focus on building a quality, authoritative site that will naturally do well in the search engines. With new things like authorship and social signs being factors, branding is also important as well.

  2. Great post i think that the world evolve like the VHS to CD to DVD to Blue Ray Disc we just have to learn the trends and focus on innovation rather than focusing on what we have already acquired, SEO death can be true for those who had stop learning and developing their personal skills i think the Web 2.0 is the first step that will bring a new Era to the digital world .

  3. Hi Felician,

    Well in my opinion I think we need to focus more of our efforts on social media and social networks. These are always great sources for traffic to our blogs. I recently had an increase in traffic from my Youtube videos which have been very effective so far.

    It’s frustrating to waste so much time on learning SEO only to find out Google changed their alghoritms over night.

    Thanks for posting this, great read.


  4. Hey Tarcomnicu,
    It’s really a matter of who can adjust. Don’t get stuck on one strategy. I stay current and learn from my mistakes. If your axed for now don’t worry you can always recover with some hard work. People will years of SEO know the tricks to stay away from. Slow, steady, natural and you will be fine.

    • Felix Tarcomnicu says:

      I see your point Garen… I think it depends a lot on the niche of your site. Youtube can’t work for all sites, and neither can social networks….although, sometimes social networks are the best choice.

      Google has dome some strange updated recently and to be honest, i don’t think the currents results are better than before. I only noticed about.com is ranking for most of the keywords, even if their pages are not helpful all the time

  5. You have done a good job! Social signals that include SM sharing, engagement and the formation of the brand are now becoming very important. But do not forget about the good old link from the trust domain ;) The future of SEO exists but only for those who are up to date!

  6. I’m sure many factors will continue to play their part in search ranking, including these two. The main thing to focus on is offering good content on your site.

  7. Hi
    Thanks for an Great post.

    Excellent Summary with easy explanation All point of this article are valuable & useful. SEO is going through an interesting period of development and this post is a timely one!

    We’ve also written a blog post recently on SEO in 2011 and interviewing some SEO experts if your readers would also like to check it out, it would make a good follow-on read from this post! Rand Fishkin and Ross Hudgens have given us their thoughts for our first post,.

  8. Thanks for this write up. The truth is I working more on SEO’s these days and less on real work for site. Not sure which way SEO is going. Will surly keep a watch on your blog to know latest updates about SEM

  9. Great post. As an every SEO I am worried about future of SEO but after reading your post I feel some relaxation. As far as Panda is concerned Google will come up with new algorithm update (rumors) may be in December 2012 or Feb 2013 that hit many of old fashion link building techniques. After this algorithm change Web optimization converts into Social optimization.

  10. I come to know the importance of seo of google authorship from your article Is there any related article saying more clear about google authorship to be used in step by step. Please refer the same.

  11. Hi, let me to ask u something sir.. I want to ask a good seo ideal score and whether the existing measurement tools seo average results actually represent it?

  12. Yes thank you now I won’t get annoyed scrolling a list in the play store and do it all over again

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