How To Attract Readers Attention

For any writer, journalist, or blogger, the main goal is to find readers. But sometimes even very interesting and useful articles remain unpopular and unread.

Therefore, it is important to be able to attract, from the very first lines, your reader’s attention and make them read all the way until the end.

These are some tips on how to make your text appealing to readers.

1. Make the Reader a Part of Your History

Refer directly to the reader. Start your story with the words “Imagine that” or “Could you ever think.”

In practice, it is proven that such a beginning of an article or story compels the reader to continue reading. He/she feels affinity with the author.

2 . Do Not Use Advertising Phrases

Do not use trite titles, stamps, and entrenched advertising phrases. Try to be original, use wordplay and puns.

To avoid repeating headers that already exist, search on Google as to how many articles this title is already used on the Internet.

For an interesting title you can use a quote of a famous person or some intriguing phrase, for example the “Golden Fish Soup Recipe.”

3. Research Well

Spend a couple hours on the Internet searching for similar scenes in other regions and at other times – the reader is always interested in parallels and original information.

If you know more than one language – look at material in other languages for your topic.

It is in this way that you can give your readers an interesting and original story.

4. Ask Questions to the Readers

Use the questions at the beginning or end of the article/story.

A question at the beginning encourages the reader to find the answer in the text. So you have to give an answer to your question, otherwise the reader will be unsatisfied.

If the question is placed at the end of the text – it can be rhetorical and call for independent thought.

A child reader

5. Use simple and accessible examples

Material with examples is much easier to read and assimilate.

The reader can create a visual image to connect his imagination.

Dry and complex text difficult to read and the reader will not finish it until the end.

6 . Use Emotions

Use emotion in your text, operate with them. Try to bring about different feelings and emotions in your readers.

Emotionally rich text enters the heart of the reader.

There are several simple ways to attract the attention of readers: breaking news, journalistic investigation, playing on emotions or adding fuel to the fire.

SEO specialists often recommend writing articles that are stuffed of factual information or built on emotion. And it really works well.

7 . Be Provocative

Do not be afraid to be provocative if it is appropriate. Use catchy phrases at the beginning or in the title of the text.

For example, the title “You think that you’re weak?” refers to a sense of pride and self-esteem.

Play on the feelings of people, but not too much.

8. Always tell the truth

The reader always subconsciously feels false and becomes unfriendly and suspicious. Do not give your readers a reason to not trust you.

If the intriguing title hides an advertising article about the treatment of cellulite – the reader not only will not read it, but will also leave your site altogether.


And do not forget – everything you write, you write it for your readers. So, first of all, you should think about them and how to make your content interesting and useful to your readers.

These skills are useful not only for professional writers or bloggers. This knowledge will be useful to all those who in one way or another contact with customers / readers / customers through letters.

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  1. Andre Joe says:

    Use a provocative title is very effective in attract visitors to read the article. Most of them surely will leave a reply. I love to read articles from others blog to research and find out how they presented their ideas into great articles.
    Anyway, thank you for your tips.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Having a catchy title will attract visitors, but pay attention to present quality content in your article or your visitors will never visit you again! ;-)

  2. Hi Joe Craven Thamks once again. I often find the whole material of the articles jumbled into a kind of unreadable mass. It just points to the half-hearted attempt on the part of article writers in writing their articles.

  3. One thing I think keeps readers attention as well is to be personal and let yourself really shine through your writing. Why do people zone out when reading textbooks but can read and are engaged with other pieces of writing so easily? Because textbooks are purposely written with no personality and some other pieces of writing are.


  4. Yes, totally agree!
    The main thing is to be honest.

  5. If you give people free information it comes back to 10 fold.

  6. Hi,
    This is really helpful & valuable article to know how to attract the reader’s attention. I appreciate all these points but don’t you understand that Blog relationship is also important to attract readers attention.

  7. Indeed.

    You’re right about a lot of things in this article, but I would like to congratulate you on the first idea!

    I enjoy those expressions in the beginning of the article.

  8. It’s not that there is very much new to say, but you say it from a place of conviction that makes it far more powerful. For that alone, I’m glad I took the time to read your blog. Thank you.

  9. Terry Butcher says:

    You might want to make sure you don’t include typos in your headlines too. For example “readers’ attention” and not “reader’s attention”.

  10. David Anderson Wealth says:

    This good advice here from Joe, so many just concentrate on the story they have to tell and forget about interacting with their audience. It’s worth remembering the AIDA principle can be used in a blog post, its the original 101 for writing sales copy and still fly’s today. AIDA can be successfully used as the basis for many blog posts. AIDA stands for, Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
    Attention can be anything to grab your readers attention, a relevant picture, a good headline or even a suitable illustration.
    Interest, this is the bit where you get to tell your story and engage audience, so you want to make it interesting and personalize it whenever you can.
    Desire, is an opportunity to explain the benefits of your post is offering. For instance if you’re trying to explain the importance of a headline in your blog, you will want explain what benefits are good headline will produce for them.
    Finally incorporate an Action, this could be something as easy as “please leave a comment below” Hope this helps!

  11. Hi to all!
    Thank you for all your advices and remarks.
    It’s great that this post raises questions and additions.

  12. Clarkmartin says:

    Hello Jeo
    Awesome Post. Very importn tiops in your Article. So many people dont realise the importance of paragraphing and spacing you’re so right, it’s very important
    Thanks for share this post.

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