5 SEO Mishaps That Are Killing Your Rankings and How To Solve Them

The world we know called SEO is still considered to be the most powerful form of targeted traffic out there.

We all understand there are steps that need to be taken if we want to achieve the goal of getting on the front page of the search engines.

But there are rules to the game and if we decide not to follow those rules and perform the correct SEO strategies then this can lead to devastation and lost of rankings.

SEO Mishap 1 : Using Very Little Strategies

We all understand that SEO can contain web 2.0 sites, link exchanges, guest posting and keyword research..and yes these are just the tip of the ice burg, but there are many more out there that you can implement into your SEO marketing.

It’s not smart to think if we can just use link exchanges and web 2.0 sites then we can sit back and relax, because this will not get us to the promise land, when other seo campaign out there are using all the above and more.

So if you’re not ready to tackle all aspect of SEO then don’t waste your time.

How To Solve It – One of the things I do is that I make sure I use my time wisely by doing link building and SEO in way that I’m able to touch all parts. It’s wise to spend equal amounts of time on each form of marketing. So if you spend one hour doing link exchanges then do the same length of time for web 2.0 sites and guest posting. Doing this allows you to spread the wealth and have a better chance of dominating your keyword.

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SEO Mishap 2: Lack of Continuing Keyword Research

If you ask any SEO person or company out there they will tell you that it’s a must to do keyword research and do it often.

Going after those keywords people will more than likely type into the search that’s related to your website theme then you hold a better chance of getting targeted traffic.

So if you decide to do keyword research today and never think about doing it again, then your efforts will dry up fast and all your hard work will be for nothing.

How To Solve It – One of the ways to stay ahead of the curve is to do keyword research every three months or so. The reason is that different niches have their ups and downs months here and there so the keywords you’re doing today may not be as effective tomorrow but will be when they come back around. So doing research like this helps you stay up on current events and able to find new keywords that are rising up the ladder.

SEO Mishap 3: Can’t Trust Everybody

Linking to sites that are not like yours when it comes a niche and related type content is not good in the eyes of SEO.

You don’t want to link to poor authority websites that hold no weight in the search engines. I like to tell my readers to link to sites that have a home page PR of 2 or more which is better over time.

Stay away from porn sites and hate sites, they will most likely drive your company name down and its rankings.

How To Solve It – It’s really simple in the game of SEO to have quality links over low quantity links, because the good links will stick forever. You must choose sites based on PR, Alexa Ranking and the over all authority of the site. Most importantly it’s a must to have great content for the reason when someone does enter your blog then they will stay around and share your content..which equals more traffic.

SEO Mishap 4: Not on The Same Page

Nothing is worse when a website owner doesn’t let the SEO person or company know exactly what they want when it comes to building their brand online.

The break down of communication can be a bad thing and what’s worse it can mean the difference of getting traffic to not seeing one visitor.

If the person doing the SEO work is not getting the right understanding from the clients then nothing will get accomplished.

How To Solve It – Both parties involved must be tune into the same form of thinking. There is no way to get things done when both parties are looking for different results. I say sit down with the other party and lay out a plan of an attack. By doing this you a sure yourself to be productive and having a successful SEO marketing campaign.

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SEO Mishap 5: Doing SEO on a Low Quality Website

They say looks are everything but in the world of online marketing that is not true at all.

People say to never judge a book by its cover but the truth is that we do all the time by reading books with the fancier cover first.

So if you have a website that is of low quality and doesn’t appeal to the readers even when they find you through targeted keywords then you’re in trouble my friend.

So if that site can’t convert into subscribers, shares and repeated direct traffic then you’re in for a bigger surprise.

How To Solve It – One of the things you can do is to have a big subscribe button on your page this will at least get people to subscribe. Next it’s wise to get rid of all the ads you have at the top of your content because people get really turned off by that.

It’s important to have everything organized on your site, so it’s easy to find.

Finally just make sure your using a unique theme because you don’t want to be using one of those free one, as it makes you look like an amateur even if you are not.

Do this and you will see better result through your SEO marketing campaigns and higher rankings will follow.


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  1. Hi! Great article! I just wanted to say you’re right, which of course you already knew that, but I’m telling to those didn’t figure it out yet. A friend of mine has a project that is some sort of link directory (we all know Google doesn’t like this kind of website), but thanks to direct traffic and the promotion I make, it has a pretty good page rank

  2. Cristian I will say link directories are not that bad if they are moderated. Meaning all links are manually approved versus the auto link directories. So i say keep up the hard fight online because this war of link building will continue.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Indeed a very interesting article, Antonio.
      SEO game is always evolving and staying up to date with search engines changes is the key.
      Thanks for sharing your knowledge! :-)

  3. Hi Black SEO Guy,

    I think, You’ve mentioned some really valid points. Especially the one I like most is continuous work on keyword research. Users preference and their style of searching may change anytime so it’s important to keep updated your keywords accordingly.

    • Aasma I’m a big believer in keyword research until the end of time no matter what type of traffic you’re already accumulating. Keep doing it because the more visibility in the search engines means more traffic..just that simple.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  4. Hi,

    I can see my own mistakes in your post, I’m fairly new to blogging and so far building backlinks is the first task on my daily schedule, but I wanted to ask you, how much time till the results are noticeable?

    Thanks for posting this, have a great day.


    • Yo Philip

      Well when it comes to bulding links there are so many steps and hurdles to over take that its crazy. But to see signs of links working can depend on those links authority. Meaning are these links from high flying websites or just links from forums or web 2.0 sites. This can vary Phillip from link to link. But SEO and link building goes a lot deeper then that so I will say keep educating yourself.

      I think to help you understand links better is to get my free SEO Recipes eBook from my blog. This will at least give you a better understanding of links and more.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  5. Great article! I just wanted to say you’re right, which of course you already knew that, but I’m telling to those didn’t figure it out yet. You’ve mentioned some really valid points. Especially the one I like most is continuous work on keyword research.

  6. I love these points here especially what you discussed about low quality websites, one other thing that I feel like would resolve this issue to have high quality beneficial content on your site, if others don’t find the information on your website helpful to them then chances are they won’t opt in to much.

  7. Toshiba its a must to have great engaging content that ask your readers to do something. People want great content but at times need instructions to click here or subscriber there. This is what makes a website successful in the long run.

    Finally I will like to say just be yourself and the rest will be history.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  8. Hi Coleman, Great article. I am good about not linking to bad sites, but really bad about doing keyword research. One of the reasons I don’t do keyword research is because I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Is it better to go for keywords that are rarely used so you stand out or with keywords that are used frequently but you might get lost of page 10 of search results. I would love your thoughts on this.

    • Carolyn great question..
      This may can be answered in more in-dept with a blog post so I might just do that this week or next week. But to give you a short answer I will say its best to target 3 or more keywords or phrases put together.

      This allow for more targeted traffic and easier rankings which to be honest I’m doing a “Live Case Study” as of now from the link below. I’m showing my readers how easy it is to rank for a long tail keyword phrase. But I will say tune to my blog to see that blog post.

  9. The key is to mix it up so much that it looks natural. By going through your comp on seomoz you can build anchors just as they do from like sites. Then simply, out do them. Also, it makes sure to have your onpage SEO as good as possible. Look at everything they are doing and do it better. If you ever need keyword analysis let me know and I can run an onpage check on SEOmoz and run various reports :)


    • Garen that was a nice explanation my friend…great advice of those who need help figuring this thing out call keyword research..thanks bro

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  10. Robert James says:

    Thanks for the post.I think the most important thing is ‘content’ and of course the points you’ve mentioned.You’ve mentioned one more great point ‘keyword research’ and I must say it is the single most important entity in your blogging career.

    Keep Writing.

    • Doing the correct keyword research for 1,000 posts to your blog can average you anywhere from 500 to 10,000 visitors a day if you stay consistent…so its worth it Robert.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  11. Hi Black SEO Guy, Thanks for writing a great post about SEO mistakes and solutions of it. Your points are most common with mine, as I’ve done these mistakes before was hoping for Google will show me some results. But now I know how to survive in search results.

    • Dev this SEO game can be very complicated but only trial and error s what separate the good marketers from the rest. So I say keep learning and the sky is the limit to greater search results.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  12. Hi Guys
    well, I’d say that “Use the Right Keywords” and “Know Exactly What Words People Use to Search” are the part and parcel of the same thing, yes? Nice summary of the different SEO strategies.

  13. In the past, submitting articles to article directories, creating link farms and link wheels was enough to make rank and become competitive. However, Google has caught on with such loopholes and SEO is never as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, these days we have social media. If you have a good network or following, you can still monetize from your website without relying too much from search engines. Nevertheless, gaining traffic from search engines is still the best and social media is just an alternative in keeping revenues coming.

    • Felicia those are my main thought about seo and social media. Use seo as your traffic funnel and bring in even more with social media..got to find a balance in both.

      “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  14. Dominating keywords mean dominating search engine.

  15. Hi Black Seo Guy! Thank you for the great post! This article serves as a reminder to us. These are common mistakes that we all do in SEO but most of the time, these are forgotten leading to poor rankings.

  16. No doubt of your great tips. I think many of us don’t follow this rules. but off course we have to follow these tips to get better result. Thanks for sharing with us.

  17. Great article, I don’t think I was doing the research often enough. This has inspired me to do it more often. One question on Alexa, how do retail sites get a low Alexa ranking? It seems much easier with blog type sites than a retail website. Thanks!

  18. I like it. Sometimes people get lost in the whole thing and these tips can help them to overcome their seo efforts.

  19. Well i was not concentrating on this part and this post was an eye opener and sure will like to give importance to keywords!

  20. link directories are not that bad if they are moderated. Meaning all links are manually approved versus the auto link directories.

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