Case Study : How My Alexa Rank Went from 100K to 29K in 2 Months

Alexa Rank is loved and hated by every blogger. But nobody knows how it really works and on which factors is really based. I mean exactly!

Around April 2012 my blog went down 100k Alexa rank and I was quite satisfied with it.

Of course, above all for advertising reasons, I wanted to improve the rank.

So I did a test with my blog.

After suggestion of Yeremi of Probloggertips, I decided to write this article to show you my experience. Check out below what happened.

How to Really Increase Your Alexa Rank, Fast !

At beginning of May 2012, I started to receive many offers of guest posts, both directly via mail and via MyBlogGuest, a great platform created by Ann Smarty that let you connect with writers and other bloggers, which offer many articles about different topics.

Of course I had requests of guest posts also before that date, but since May I used to receive 4-5 requests daily.

So I decided to make a test : update my blog daily. I mean every day of the week, except Sunday.

See below a part of the guest posts published during May 2012 (click to enlarge the picture) :

Free MAKE MONEY Advice screenshot of WordPress dashboard

At that time I had not organized yet the registration to my site via WordPress, in order to manage almost automatically the writing and publication of guest posts and the creation of new users (if you want to guest post for Free MAKE MONEY Advice check out this page.)

The biggest problem I faced at that time was the greatest difficulty to stimulate the guest bloggers who published articles on my site to respond to the comments of their contents.

For some I managed to get them to come on site and reply to comments, while for others I had to replace them with my own responses to the commentators.

I do not dispute about the quality of the content submitted by guest writers (which was quite good most of the times), but the lack of engagement with the Free MAKE MONEY Advice audience.

This is why I decided to change drastically the guidelines to guest post for my blog.

Returning to the case study…

So publishing almost daily (let’s say 6 days a week), I saw my Alexa rank improving fast, until I noticed the 1 month rank arrive to 29k at the end of June 2012.

See the image below (you can click on it to check my Alexa Rank)  :

Alexa Rank chart of of September 2012

Case Study : How My Alexa Rank Went from 100K to 29K in 2 Months – Click to Tweet

Now you can not see exactly the evidence of the 1 month rank at 29k, but I ensure you that I saw it for several days.

So I continued to publish 6 days a week posts during 2 months (May and June) and they was enough to spike the rank until 29k.

Consider that only at April 2012 I got my Alexa rank below 100k, this was a pretty fast increase, don’t you think?

With beginning of July 2012, I returned to my 3 posts weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and I left home for more than one month, for a travel in U.S.

I rarely checked the blog and of course I did not have the Alexa toolbar installed in the pc I had the possibility to use over there, which I used to control my site from time to time. I also used my iPhone, but I do not think this counted a lot for the Alexa rank (I have also purchased my new iPad in U.S. :-) I have found a very good price).

So the 1 month Alexa rank dropped almost until 100k when I came back home around middle of August 2012.

Of course I had everything scheduled, with 3 posts a week. The only thing I was not there to promote the posts, or check the blog from my pc with toolbar installed.

Then I came back  home and I returned to my activities.


After more or less one month, my Alexa rank is now again around 50k, sometimes improving a bit.

And consider that the difference of traffic between when I published posts daily and right now is not so huge to explain this big change of Alexa rankings.

Alexa Rank, SEO and graphics

Conclusion : What I have learned about Alexa Rank

From the experience I shared with you with this article, I know now that in order to improve your Alexa Rank FAST, you just need to update your blog daily.

I mean, you need to publish one post daily, at least.

The Alexa bot will visit you often and will see that you update your site daily, giving you a great rank.

This being equal conditions and factors (Alexa toolbar installed, visiting your own blog, and all the other tricks).


What do you think? How is your experience with the Alexa Rank?

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. Hi Erik,
    thanks for sharing your experience with us. I don’t believe Alexa rank at this moment – I see a lot ways to “cheat” this tool. And IMHO it depends more on users (blogers) engagement than on traffic ;)
    When people comment on your blog, they are more involved in it…

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      That’s right, Chris.
      It’s not a great way to measure traffic. Or the popularity of your blog.

      But you must admit that Alexa Rank is a metrics used both for advertisers and bloggers to judge at first sight your site.
      Don’t you agree, Chris?

  2. You are totally right – unfortunately Alexa stil rulez ;)

  3. Hmm, interesting read, Erik, as your experiment proves yet again that frequent publishing helps a blog gather steam and ranking along the way. But still, it begs the question: who cares for Alex Ranking?

    If you have advertisers on your site, I can understand that it’s a neutral metric that gives a certain measure of traffic. But nevertheless, if one operates in a given niche, quality often trumps quantity, and advertisers often prefer click-through rates to simply volume and eyeballs count.

    Nevertheless, your point is well made: with frequent postings, comments and social media sharing, a blog can truly take flight. And that’s probably the most important lesson here.


    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Thanks a lot for the comment, Frederic!

      As you stated, Alexa Rank depends a lot from the niche of your blog,
      and from your audience.
      A site with high traffic about travel may have a bad Alexa ranking, while another technology blog with lower traffic, may have a great Alexa rank.
      This is due to a lot of metrics, but above all because each audience will have or not the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers.

      Have a great day ahead, Frederic!

  4. Nizam Khan says:

    Interesting and useful post! Well yes, in order to improve your Alexa rank fast one needs to update the blog regularly atleast one post daily and installing Alexa toolbar also helps. Thanks Erik for sharing your Alexa ranking experience :)

  5. I hear ya! Every time I want to lower my Alexa rank, I start posting every day. It’s crazy but in the long run, don’t you think the BEST blogs post new and fresh info every day?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Yes, Martha.
      I have heard it quite few more times, that Best Blogs post everyday=more traffic, better rankings, more visits.
      The hard part is find the time to write quality content everyday.
      Yes, guest posts help a lot, but still you need to work hard on your blog, to get it updated daily.

  6. Great post, I love it when bloggers offer advice that is based on real experiments. From what I read here (post and comments) it seems like the Alexa rank is like the Klout score for social media influence. Correct?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Sherry,
      Alexa rank is a tool used for judging “approximately” the traffic of a site.
      And I underline “approximately”, because Alexa rank has some flaws, for istance:
      -it ranks 30 million sites worldwide, while there are many more all around the web;
      -it is heavily influenced by users with Alexa Toolbar installed.
      In fact, there are some tricks used to improve this ranking.

      Alexa rank is so popular because it is used by many advertisers to judge the “value” of a website.
      That’s why many bloggers want to see their Alexa rank improve.

  7. Daily updates means content created five times (or in your case, six times) as frequently as weekly. Assuming each post is promoted (Twitter, RSS, etc.) as much daily as weekly, that means you have multiplied your traffic by six. That ought to get Alexa’s attention.

  8. Great post Erik. Some great tips in there that I can use. I’ve just recently decided to publish a blog post each day and have joined MyBlogGuest. I really want more traffic to my website which is the reason I’m going to blog daily. Great tip about sharing to StumbleUpon and Reddit too.
    Thanks Erik.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      If you are going to publish daily, Philipa, your blog traffic will increase a lot. And so your stats, together with Alexa rankings.
      StumbleUpon is a great source of traffic, you should use it.

      I see you already a Triberr user, but you are not an active member.
      I have just invited you to my “Power Sharers” tribe.
      I STRONGLY recommend you to join this tribe, and start sharing the posts you find more interesting in your stream.
      You just need 5 minutes daily to manage your Triberr activity.
      My tribe has already 3 million reach, this means your post has the potential to be shared to 3 million users, by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

      At the moment,
      I have 25 tribes, 1696 tribemates and 31,357,101 reach.
      Pretty amazing numbers, aren’t they?
      And my traffic from Triberr and Social Networks is huge.

      If you need more information, let me know.

      Enjoy Triberr and your traffic growing fast! :-)

  9. Wow…looks like I may have to consider some guest posts!! haha! But yeah..agreeing with Chris above. I have seen alexa ranking MANY times that really didn’t represent the actual traffic very well…so obviously some people knew how to game that system to increase their rank.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      It is just a matter of money, webmasters want higher Alexa rankings in order to monetize better their sites.
      Alexa rank has always been at the center of debate: who likes it and who does not. :-)

  10. Very interesting study, Erik. I’m thinking your traffic also increased because of the number of articles. Having so many guest posts, were you happy with the quality of the articles or did you feel that quality suffered for quantity?

    Finding quality guest posts can be a challenge!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, Carolyn,
      I think the quality of guest posts will increase with the quality of a blog.
      Sometimes at beginning, when your blog is not popular, neither with good traffic, you could accept guest posts with not so high and perfect quality.
      When you reach enough “status”, you can start to reject some guest posts.
      Or even if you receive many guest posts requests, you can choose from them.

      I agree with you, Carolyn, finding high quality guest bloggers is not easy.
      Are you accepting guest posts in your site?
      What is your experience with it?

  11. Thanks for sharing your experiences, really interesting. The one question mark I have is whether the ranking improvement is a result of you increasing your blog frequency… or of you being active on the site yourself with your alexa toolbar enabled!

    Ranking systems like Alexa and Hitwise reflect the activities of only a small minority of internet users whose data is captured by those services. It would be interesting to know if you deactivated your Alexa toolbar for a couple of weeks, what impact that has on your ranking – so that you can say with more certainty that it’s due to the increase in blogging frequency…

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      The ranking improvement is a result of an increased publication frequency, with other conditions remaining equal.

      Publishing daily for 2 months, from 100k I arrived to 29k(1 month rank), then I went for travel one month, and actually I did not had my pc with me, so no toolbar installed (I have scheduled the automatic publication of articles).
      During my travel, I went back to 3 posts weekly and my one month rank arrived to 100k.
      Then more or less one month later again I came back home,
      with Alexa toolbar installed in my pc and probably a little increase of traffic (and some other things), I got my Alexa rank back to 50k.
      Now 1 month rank is heading around to 39k.

      What do you think, Tony?

  12. I’m always impressed when my alexa ranking goes down because some of those who my niche seem to care about alexa ranking like you Erik :).

    And I used to think it’s a matter of metrics too. A site with lots of visitors using the alexa toolbar will get lower ranks than a site with most visitors who don’t have the tool installed. That was how I used to understand it.

    But with the ranks I see on some sites with very good traffic I have now concluded that alexa means nothing.

    For the make money online niche it may influence advertisers because they are familiar with alexa ranking but what’s the point of having lower alexa without good traffic? Even though you succeed to get advertisers with it they will not renew their subscriptions if they don’t get clicks.

    So I don’t think it’s even a topic that should be written on anymore. It’s a very poor way of judging the traffic for a site and really has no value anymore.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      As I stated, Karo, Alexa rank is loved or hated by bloggers.
      People who care about it and others who do not care at all.

      Indeed a high traffic and a great community of fans and readers around your site, is much better than a good Alexa rank. ;-)

  13. great article. I’m posting daily at the moment, I have the odd bad day when I am away and simply can’t get to wi fi. Do you think scheduled posts are the way to go then?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Fiona.
      I have posts scheduled until November 21th! :-D
      So yes,
      I think that scheduling your articles is the way to focus on other works or artivities.
      You should try it!

      • I’m a little of topic but, I just can’t get over the fact you’re scheduled till Nov 21st! That’s one huge feat…quite inspirational actually :)

        • Erik Emanuelli says:

          Why can’t you get over the fact I have scheduled posts until end of November?
          You can concentrate yourself in many other activities, then! :-)
          Don’t you think so, Theressa?

          • Great post ! I think its also a key to success to post a article daily .With this we will get more traffic and other hand our alexa will starts improving.

            Thanks again man ! Well written with screen shots .

  14. Aww, and here I was thinking I was special because my Alexa ranking has been plummeting of late! Very interesting case study, this – now to start putting posts up every day… haha

  15. Alexa denotes towards traffic about sites so care about it because it makes a good impression on visitors.My website has approx 158,056 and I see it is going down and is good also.
    I am working and results are going according to my target.

  16. Hi Erik,

    Very interesting case study about Alexa!

    The discussion, if the site owner should bother about Alexa ranking is really subjective. One may or may not and both have the reasons. It doesn’t matter to my site if it has a good or bad ranking as I am not looking for any advertisers at the moment. But, having a good ranking is not a bad idea right? ;)

    This year June, I claimed my site through Alexa in the first place. Before that it was somewhere in 400k I think. If you care about Alexa ranking, claim your site.

    I started the frequency of my blog post and started sharing the site in social networking sites. I have enabled alexa toolbar on my browser. One major reason I think I have a decent ranking now because, one of my capture page of the site is shared in a traffic exchange site.

    Most of the visitors in that site are internet marketers and probably 70% of them may have the toolbar.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Annetta,
      glad you liked the article! :-)

      As you stated, you may care or not about Alexa rank,
      but may be in future you will need some advertisers.
      Anyway, it’s always good to show good rankings.

      At first, Alexa rank will improve fast,
      but below 100k will move slower, even more below 50K.

      But still there are some tricks to manage your progression.

  17. That’s a pretty impressive leap. Other than for notoriety and as an indicator of your own statistics and a little traffic from Alexa… what benefits are there to having a high Alexa ranking?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Nothing else, it’s a rank like PageRank of Google.
      The right data you need to consider about your site is your traffic, your audience, your readers.
      That’s the things you need to care of.

  18. Hi Erik,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences on how you improved your alexa ranking in just a few months – even when you left for abroad. What you post suggests is that improving your alexa ranking is not really that difficult provided you have daily quality posts.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      That’s right, Felicia.
      It is known that there are some good tricks you can use to improve your Alexa rankings fast. ;-)
      Thanks for your comment!

  19. Hi Erik,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
    Fact is, many advertisers will still always consider Alexa as evidence of popularity. That’s why low figures is still very important for us bloggers. If you get this to below 20k, you will always be approached for product reviews and ads (This is all things being equal)

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I wasn’t aware that below 20K is the limit, which from you may start to make nice money. Actually it’s not easy to go under 20K of Alexa rank.
      Thanks for your visit and comment, Enstine! :-)

  20. If you getting good number of page views then you will surely get good alexa rank. Installing alexa widget on the site helps a lot.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, it’s a little more complicated than that, Atish.
      But yes, having high number of pageviews per visit and low bounce rate, with good traffic level, will give you probably a good Alexa rank.

  21. Thanks for sharing this test with us Erik and I know that if you post daily it will really help your blog with the search engines. Frankly, I don’t know how some people can keep that up and I don’t want to be like other blogs where all they have are guest bloggers. Those numbers aren’t that important to me but then again, we all aren’t here for the same reasons right!

    Your test proves what a lot of people have always wondered and I appreciate that you shared your results with us. Thank you so much.


    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I really love your blog, Adrienne, because you are the only author.
      But you do agree that it’s a matter of dedication :
      most of the bloggers have a 9/5 job and can write just in spare time.
      I honestly would like to have a blog where I am the only author.

      I know that some guest bloggers contact me just hauting a backlink,
      but I have found some very good content that went viral over blogosphere, among my guest bloggers.

      Well, yes, many webmasters post daily just to have high rankings, but sometimes quality is not so high.

      Thanks for your comment, Adrienne.
      I love when you visit here. :-D

  22. Good case study here. Of course, Alexa is about traffic so when the traffic increase, your Alexa ranking will definitely decrease. But I must say beyond that Alexa is easy to fake bacause with the tool installed your traffic can be manipulated.

    Btw. I think that subtitle should be, “How to Really ‘DECREASE’ Your Alexa Rank, Fast ! and not INCREASE!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      That’s right, we want Alexa rank decrease not increase…
      or better said improve!
      It’s all a matter of point of views, for anything in life! ;-)

  23. Hi Erik

    My blog is all about Affiliate Marketing. So for me, showing an interest in my Alexa rank is a must. Especially since it has be going up and down like a fiddlers elbow.

    Having people guest post on your blog is the key thing that I have learned after reading your case study. Which is something that I have yet to do on mine.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, then you need to show a good Alexa number, Paul,
      together with other good rankings.
      You should start allowing guest post,
      and make an automatic registration to your site.
      It’s easy with WordPress! :-)

  24. I have been updating my blog almost everyday. since last one year but i don’t get much comments and also my alexa rank never really wen t below 78k fo 3 months.

    What should I do? Any good suggestions.

  25. Mohammed Abdullah Khan says:

    But what I heard about Alexa rank is:

    It basically depends on the traffic and the comments we make on other blogs. I never heard about publishing articles daily. But I agree that we must update our blog atleast thrice or twice in a week.

    Thanks for the tip.

    #Sharing is Caring :)

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, I guess that if you comment on other blogs, the owner will at least check the site linking to your name (and the webmasters normally have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers) : this is why indirectly commenting to other blogs will increase your Alexa rank.
      Thanks for the comment, Mohammed.

      • Abdullah Khan says:

        Yeah I guess you are right.

        Many people(especially bloggers) use Alexa toolbar to check the sitelinks and ranking.

  26. Updating your blog daily it’s a sure way to increase traffic, but what if you don’t have time? Trying to update you blog at 3 days still is good, but certainly not so efficient. Congrats anyway!

  27. Jim Zboran says:

    Thanks for sharing your results in this case study, Erik. I started putting some of the ideas you discussed, as well as a couple from others commenting, between reading your article and writing this comment.

    Another possible Alexa rank-improving benefit of guest commenting is the inbound links it provides. After claiming a couple of my sites I looked at inbound links reported by Alexa… they include some of the guest comments I’ve made.

    Thanks again, Erik :)

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      This indirectly increase your Alexa Rankings, Jim.
      Thanks for sharing that.

      I am glad you liked the article! :-)

  28. Great idea Erik. Thanks for showing us your useful information. This will surely helps a lot.

  29. Wohoo i read your Article and It’s really Awesome.. i have also started Publishing An Article Daily. And Am Seriously Seeing My Alexa Rank Dcreasing… So Thanks To Share.

  30. First of all , i most thank for all this advises you give us :) realy thank you

    Secondly , i didn’t think Alexa Rank could Affect the Positioning of my site in google search or all of what happened to you (which amazing) .

    Now i will try to increase the quality of my content and publish every week one Article at least ,also inivte some bloggers guests :) as you said .

    again thanks you
    if you need any help or promoting logo or banner 2D or 3D let me know .

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Youssef,
      try to focus at first in publishing quality content for your readers.
      Then you can start thinking about rankings, guest posting, advertising, etc.

  31. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing the idea this might help others also.

  32. Hi, I have also been having a good experience with my alexa rank. It has been moving down about 4-10k every week for the past 3 or 4 weeks.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Andrew,
      it really depends from the numbers.
      Going from 1million fast to 500k,
      is different than improving from 100k to 50k. ;-)

  33. Hi Eric. Thank you for your explanation about the way how to increase alexa rank for our blogs. I think it is very reasonable and aplicable. I agree that we must update our blog daily and this will affect positively to our blogs’ rank in alexa. Very good posting.

  34. Thanks God my alexa ranking is increasing now. I like it very much eventhough my blog rank in google has not appeared yet. Thank you for sharing.

  35. Thanks for sharing this article very nice and useful tips given i’ve added your blog to my list of the best blogs that accept guest post offers i hope you will share it thanks !

  36. Talking about googe, alexa and how to increase rank in both are always interesting topic to discuss. Therefore we always try to optimize blogs and try to do the suitable steps to increase rank. Guest posting is very good way to attract readers and visitors to a blog. So we need to know which blogs accept guest posting.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Try to find quality and authoritative blogs related to your niche, Heru.
      This will help you increase your rankings, but also your connection within blogosphere.

      • Thank you Eric. That’s right that connection within blogsphere also has a role in increasing ranking of a blog. We can not ignore it. So we must keep a good relationship with other bloggers in the same niche.

  37. Congratulations on the solid Alexa ranking, Erik.

    I (as well as everyone else reading, I assume) am really thankful that you took the time to put all of this forward in a ‘case study’ type format.

    Countless ‘professional’ bloggers are more than happy to brag online about their rankings/traffic but very few are actually helpful in terms of shedding light on how they achieved such successes. You sharing your approach will give a lot of us amatuer bloggers something to strive towards now so again, thank you!


  38. Hello Erik,

    Does Alexa ranking really matter and dont you think that its just manipulating…only you will know the real value and traffic of your blog based on google analytics or some similar tool that you use..

  39. hi there erik.. in my case its different.. continuous update indeed helps improve Alexa Rank, but its ranks will improve further if the blogger is also using blogengage, blokube, bizsugar and justretweet to inform the readers about their posts.. they at least helped me reached Alexa Rank of 279K from 6 million.. that is considering that i am not that active in blogengage and bizsugar due to busy schedule as a freelance writer

  40. Hello Erik,
    Nice post about increasing your alexa rank, however there are some bots for increasing your alexa but i think there is no point increasing alexa if you are not receiving any traffic, I have just started my blog and going to add new content daily as you have said in your post hopefully i will get a alexa rank as you have one day..
    thanks rahul

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, Rahul, as I stated in the article, you should care about Alexa ranking only if you are looking for advertisers, as they evaluate your blog “also” considerating Alexa rank.

  41. That is really great and amazing performance. I hope, I could do similar like what you did. I alexa rank drop from 1500k to around 400k for month and half. I drop down faster as your own

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Initially, since claimed, the Alexa score of your blog will improve fast, then it will take some time.
      Be patient and keep adding good content, and good rankings will come.
      Thanks for your comment, Kimsea.

  42. Hi Erik,
    thanks for sharing your experience with us. I don’t believe Alexa rank at this moment – I see a lot ways to “cheat” this tool. And IMHO it depends more on users (blogers) engagement than on traffic .

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Govand,
      I am glad you enjoyed the article.
      As I stated, it depends on you care or not about Alexa ranking.
      Thanks for your comment! :-)

  43. i was searching for the answer of this question from last 2 week that why my Alexa rank become low so fast and got the point where i was failed.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      You found it! :-)

      • Article is gonna superb. It’s easy to get a Alexa rank quickly but it’s more difficult to manage or maintain your ranking in Alexa. Most of time we get a Good ranking but it decreasing very fastly.
        Daily updating blogs having Good Alexa ranking. :)

  44. Paras Kala says:

    Alexa perform a very crucial role for making our blog is one type of chart which gives us very important informations.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      It depends if you care or not about advertising.
      But yes, normally bloggers use to check Alexa rank when visiting a site.
      Thanks for your comment, Paras Kala.

  45. Same thing happened with me…My alexa ranking is increases very fast right now it is 129,480… last two months I used myblogguest for article and other sources….But myblogguest helped me alot to get all ranking on SERPs…

    One of the problem with myblogguest is that they use SEO companies link in author bio.. which can be dangerous because Google might think that I am selling backlinks to seo companies..

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      You must pay attention to which website you link to, it must be related to the topic of your content.
      Thanks for your feedback, Vishal! :-)

  46. Thanks sharing! it is great case study…! Alexa ranking is easy to get it… I plan increase Alexa next month Brother..! now focus on quality work

  47. asim nawaz says:

    100 % right Erik !
    I was updating my blog daily in the last month and this unintensionally booted my alexa rank. To check that it was really the daily updates that made my alexa boost, I stopped updating and now not only only my alexa stopped but also after some time it started to go back to worse rankings.
    Thanks for the case study

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I am happy you agree with my statement.
      This means it is a real case study, which is applicable to the mayority of blogs.
      Thanks for your feedback, Asim! :-)

  48. Updating a blog frequently is a good idea to improve alexa rank. Even though alexa ranking are not accurate it is loved by many bloggers.

  49. It’s A Nice one But now your Alexa is Increasing and what’s The reason behind it?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      actually my Alexa rank is going down,
      as I am publishing posts here on FMMA just once a week.

  50. Great dear..I got also great increment in my alexa rank due to regular posting otherwise It was stopped.. So It’s 100% true in blogging world, If you work regularly, then you will get satisfaction otherwise nothing.. Thanks for sharing such an inspiration post.

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