10 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business

With the internet era and the advent of social media, entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the potential of using online marketing channels, gaining visibility, networking and creating quality leads.

The traditional techniques of outbound marketing (eg, direct mailing or printed advertising) are becoming less effective, and companies are transforming their marketing efforts to focus more on programs that allow customers to find them.

Therefore, the ability to use social media effectively is becoming a fundamental part of any business strategy.

Below you may read how you can use social media in order to improve your online presence, connect with your audience and increase your business.

1 . Social Media presence

You have to find the social media networks that best meet your needs and invest your time to create pages and profiles for your business.

Use sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn to build communication with your potential readers, visitors or customers.

2 . Update Your Profiles

You need to explain to the people what you or your business is doing.

Announcing the updates and the release of new services or products. The constant creation of interesting content will be a demand for the products before they are released and still allow your users to return to your profiles in order to find new and interesting content.

So be sure to constantly update your social media profiles and protect yourself with information assurance training.

3 . Use Social Media to receive Feedback

Talk with your audience. Create a two-way line of communication with your users and listen to what they have to say about you, your products or services.

Show your audience that you appreciate the feedback and invest your time to answer to any questions in order to build trust.

4 . Build Credibility

If you give useful information to your social media audience, not only on products but also about your niche, you will build credibility for your brand.

Spread your knowledge and expertise on content sharing sites, will help you build reputation about you and your activity.

This also contribute to the creation of useful links with other people in your niche.

Social Media Business

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5 . Special Offers 

You may want to offer discounts and special offers via your social media profiles.

If you achieve to create a happy customer via Twitter or Facebook, you will receive social signals and recommendations from your users to other potential customers, with consequential creation of sales opportunities.

6 . Build Brand Loyalty

If you provide your social media audience with regular information, you will receive credibility to your brand.

If you invest your time to answer to individual questions, comments or concerns on a public page or forum, you will receive trust to your name.

7 . Answer to Questions

There are many sites where people go to ask questions that are niche-specific.

You should visit these sites and provide answers to questions that have to do with your niche : this will help building your reputation.

8 . Participate in the Community

You need to search for a social media network or group where there are people with the same interests in your niche and participate to these communities.

You will find in these groups, more audience that is already interested in your services and products.

Take advantage of this networking, with promotional opportunities.

9 . Create Relationships

All the people want to receive a personal touch.

Be sure to create stronger relationships with your social media audience through personalized answers and information sharing.

10 . Monitor Your Social Media Influence

There are a lot of tools to use in order to track your social media influence online : Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Youtube Insight, Topsy, Tweetstats, Twitter Counter, Bit.ly or Goo.gl, Klout, Social Mention. Hootsuite.

Do not even think about use all these tools together. Just try them and see which ones work best for you. You can stick with 2 or 3 of them.

It is important to check them regularly, in order to collect useful information, that you can use to improve your social media performance. Be Social !


Are you investing a lot in your Social Media Marketing or do you focus on strategies?

Can you add something?

I would love to receive your feedback in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. This really is a very helpful article to gain more readers Erik. Good job!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Balaji,
      glad you liked the article!

    • Excellent tips Erik.Any information will spread vary fast in social media and this is a best place for promote your business.Create relationships
      with others that will helps to you more and more.Thanks for your advice’s.

  2. Using social media as part of your strategy for your business is beneficial. Create relationships. That’s where the magic begins. For me, all your marketing efforts will go to waste if you were not able to build a special bond with your viewers/readers. If you are able to establish that, then introducing your product and nailing it on your sales won’t be that hard.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      That’s right, April! Correct! :-)

      All the things you said are truth, especially building trust among your audience. An authority site will be sure and safe for your purchase!

  3. Hello Erik,

    This post is very genuine and helpful. Thanks a lot for this invaluable information with us


  4. Thanks for sharing this idea Erik, this is very much useful, especially right now that I’m currently working my way to social media and optimizing them to attract more audience and bring traffic to my site.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Giselle,
      I am glad you found some useful information in this article.
      Building a profitable social media marketing campaign is important for any business!
      Engagement with your audience is the key.

  5. I think all of these things come down to one thing – forming relationships. It’s that simple – when you form a relationship with someone and not treat them as another “stat”, you are pretty much guaranteeing yourself their business in the future.


    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Yes, Thomas,
      your audience is Real People!
      So your readers, visitors, customers… it could be nice if more than clients they could also be friends! :-D

  6. Great Post Erik,
    Best part of social media is it doesn’t affected by any updates like in search engines.. Social media always increase business if you use it in efficiently and smartly…

  7. Thanks for the wonderful article…..social media has now become another part of business operations.

  8. Great article! Indeed, social media is the best way to improve your business and to win business partners these days. The improvement in technology has sprung a new system in the marketing industry and social media is what’s hottest right now. Thanks for sharing this one. :)

  9. Hi Erik,
    10 of the most valuable tips when it comes to social media and using it for your business marketing and exposure in various channels and various Search Engines. Especially the last point on being able to monitor your strategy and efforts effectively and being able to respond and manage the different channels and mediums.

  10. Hi Erik,

    If you don’t mind let me add one point while using social media for business. The business owner should always be aware that social media is just a platform to build the brand awareness, traffic and to interact with the customers only. Social media is just a means to achieve a goal and not to heavily depend all your business on it.

    The owners should be able to realize that it is just a platform and it is owned by someone else. Some people come to a conclusion that I can do everything using Facebook and what if Facebook decideds to block you business from it?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Good point of view, Annetta.
      Thanks for sharing!

      It’s the same principle because you build a self-hosted site, avoiding the blogspot or wordpress.org.
      Or why you do not trust all your traffic from Google and then you do not put all your eggs in one basket.

      Diversification reduces the risk of business!

  11. Gotta agree with Annetta’s comment, as it’s important for businesses to understand social media is not an owned media, but a shared (or earned) media on a platform we do not control. Having said that, as you laid out in this post, social media can be useful for a wide variety of purposes and holds great potential for individuals and companies alike. The trick is not to get overwhelmed and to stick to your business strategies.

    Cheers from Quebec City,

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      That’s right, Frederic!

      Answering to Annetta, I was writing about the importance of do not put all your eggs in one basket.

      Diversification reduces the risk of business!

      Thanks for your comment, Frederic!

  12. The Social Passport Suite is helping businesses, maybe just in the NY area, accomplish many of these goals. However, they put it on the customers to act as guerrilla marketers for them in exchange for deals, contests, and loyalty programs. With their “Get your own app” option the small businesses get to really build their brand and brand loyalty.

  13. Well, Like the tips that you are giving about social networking. Perhaps a further emphasis can be placed on having quality content that can generate longer lasting user value than just blasting tweets.

  14. Hi…
    Social Media is not only important part but also its effective or valuable part for Business! I am agree with all the valuable point of this Discussion! Good Relationships always help in Business keep focus to build well relation with visitors ! Thanks for nice direction !

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Disha,
      every business, online or offline, should use Social Media to market their products or services or brands.
      Thanks for your comment!

  15. Really helpful and informative article. Thank you Erik

  16. Hi Erik,
    These are certainly excellent points on how to effectively use social media to build your network, and thus potentially increase your business. Social media has become such a great tool for business today that with it, you no longer have to solely rely on search engines to gain traffic towards your site.

  17. Brilliant tips Erik! Found them very useful and looking forward to putting them within my social media strategy for the company I work with :) Keep them coming!

  18. Jose Jackson says:

    Social Media is a Creative way of building Online business. Because you can avail double benefits , Live Audience and Meaningful Communication. I believe that It is better to go for Social network development first, and than after other online business strategies, Thanks Eric for Nice tips.

  19. With an effective social media presence, your company will be seen as a resource, attracting relevant prospects and generating the opportunity to convert them to leads and customers.

  20. Awesome tips Erik!Social media is a best place to promote your business.
    These points are helps me to build my network effectively.Thanks a lot for share this post

  21. Great posting. We must be able to make use of the social media available to improve our business. I like reding it. I think this article is very useful for me. There are some awesome points I can get from this posting. Thank you very much for sharing this.

  22. Thank for sharing! this is great guest post. Absolutely agree. The social media the way to grow the business fastest. If we done the right social media nothing cannot go on.

  23. community,forums and lot of exchanging view via blogs,likes,views are really useful for increasing online presence

  24. I have seen some businesses that use t as their customer service platform. They deal with issues people have there which gives people the impression that they care. Hehehe, working strategy.

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