12 Simple Advices for Successful Beginning Blogger

Nowadays the Internet is like one big garbage dump where all users try to find something they really need and every blog is a part of it.

Some things are useful and good but there is a lot of trash there. And how to manage all this staff and make your own blog qualitative, interesting and popular for other readers?

The simplest ways to make your own blog popular and interesting

1 . Write unique content. Your information should be really good and new. Don’t copy the articles from other web-sites. It can ruin your prestige and nobody will read your blog next time. Bad reputation is the death of your blog-life. Write it more diligently than you talk on Facebook.

2 . Choose those topics that are of current interest for many people. Make a short, simple research what people are looking for in the Internet every day. We can help you: it can be entertainment, news, information, education, social networks and so on. If you have something to add, welcome! Mostly, people like to read and speak about things they are interested in, that are on top of their daily routine.

3 . Try to write about everything that can be actual today and not only for you. It can make you a successful blogger.

4 . Before posting the next article or comment just think, ask yourself, ‘Is my blog useful?‘ Because so much low-quality information fall thick and fast every day on our weak minds that it becomes more and more difficult to ‘filter’ it. It’s easier to delete then to read and think over useless content.

5 . Check all comments to your posts because it’s important for your readers to feel response and attention from the author. The more comments you have the more popular in the global network you are. Sometimes just one post can become the reason for people to communicate, to discuss and sometimes to find right way to solve a problem.

What Should Know Each Beginner about Making a Blog?

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6 . Do not repeat that you were talking about earlier. Repetition is a sign that you do not know what to say, to write about further. It’s a straight way to your death as a blogger. Think about it and create only new content.

7 . Do not forget to add different pictures, photos and postcards. Make your blog colorful and nice visually. Poor background is not good, it’s boring. Nobody likes boring things. But do not overdo with it. You should know when to stop.

8 . Contact with your readers and congratulate them with every good day. Try to make their mood better and they will be grateful and challenged to go to your blog every single day. You can add different music, sounds or just funny staff if it’s suitable and correct. And it’s good for you.

9 . Refresh your blog regularly, do not stay at one stair if you know you can do more and better. Your readers should be interested in coming on your blog and finding something new and hot information, thoughts, comment every time.

Think about People Who Read Your Blog

10 . Make different inquiries and tests. Readers like when something depends on their opinions.

11 . Be careful with spam, delete and ban all spam-messages because it influences on your prestige in the Internet.

12 . Cooperate with other bloggers and be the active user as well. You should know what other people are interested in and what they do. You are not the center of the blogging-world, you are just a part of it. Try to get a respect by respecting other people. By the way, very often it’s a good way to find out something new, to improve your own skills and knowledge and to use it in your Internet-activity.

So if you decide to create your own blog, think over everything that you should do and how to do it better. It’s not so easy as you can think firstly.

Good luck in this hard business : writing your own blog!

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  1. To expand a little bit on number 6 – I think it’s ok to COVER the same topic that you did before – you should do it in a different WAY though. For example – you could write a post “How to Get Your Guest Posts Accepted 99% of the Time” and another one called “10 Ways to Get Your Guest Posts Rejected”. Both posts cover the same topic (submitting guest posts) but approach that topic from different angles. Great tips though altogether!


  2. Check all comments to your posts I agree with this, comments are very important to become popular, through comment you can communicate to the others. thanks for this informative post.

  3. These are some of the really helpful tips for a beginner to get success in blogging. Really liked the 6th point that says do not repeat that you were talking about earlier. It is very much true that it will create a great hindrance to the success of a blogger as repeated contents are neither read or liked by any one. There should be variation of topics as repeated topics can be boring at times.

  4. Really helpful post for beginners. I will suggest you to add “Social Media” in your tips.

  5. I love tip #8 Sonia, taking that extra step and saying something like, “Thanks for the great comment” can really go a long way. I used to send Tweets to those that left an awesome comment and then I started featuring them on Pinterest. I need to get back into that because it really shows you care and leaves a nice impression with your readers. Nice post :)

  6. Thanks for the wounderful post,its really helpful for the beginners ,but i think that blogging commenting is one the best way to beginners to quality backlinks

  7. Blogs are created to communicate with other people on interesting topics for all of you.

  8. Definitely it will be a useful post for beginners..
    Refresh your blog regularly so that readers will be more interested to check your updates..

  9. Also, consistency is really important. John Chow, who makes a living from blogging always talks about how consistency is the most important element of growing your readership.

  10. Hi Sonia,
    There are certainly a lot to consider when you are new to blogging and more things to consider if you want to be successful at it. I believe with your post, you have hit most of the crucial things that can help newbie bloggers to become more successful in their blogging career.

  11. Hey Sonia
    These are simple yet so effective tips that every blogger, new or established, should keep in mind. Thanks for this informative share.

  12. Rightly said- the power of unique, relevant and engaging content must always be recognized. This is very critical in the process of generating traffic. Thanks a lot for the insightful share!

  13. Hi Sonia! I’ve been blogging for quite some time now but I still find it beneficial to back to the basics once in awhile to make sure that I’m well-calibrated with the best practices of successful bloggers like you :) Thanks for the informative read!

  14. Thank you for commenting and support. It’s very important for me

  15. Hi Sonia,
    It’s said that becoming a blogger is a lucid task, but becoming a good blogger is one of the daunting task which can be faced by any person. These handful of advices provided in this post is very straight forward and easy to implement. Every blogger should remember that content is and will always remain the king!! A blogger can never make his mark without the appropriate knowledge about how to portray his words. Thanks for providing these great tips.

  16. If you want to be a good blogger you’d think over before can you do it or not and choose that topic you are interested in and good in.

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