How to Turn a Casual Visitor Into a Devoted Reader

Sometimes we focus just on gaining new readers, and we do not think about the relationships that we can build.

So you have your blog, and you are sure that, once discovered, is able to charm a reader as it was magic. Too bad, it does not.

In order to get back a casual visitor of your site, there are some interesting tricks.

And if you want to transform your casual reader into a fan who follows you 356 days a year you have to work hard.

See some ideas that can help you.

Care Comments

I think this is a basic rule : answer to your commenters is really important. If you have troubles in receving comments in your blog, there are some tips that you should follow, in order to increase comments and get more traffic.

I always try to engage conversation within the comments below my post. Add in something interesting, like useful information or resources that will help your readers. You can also make questions, as you may learn a lot from your commenters.

In this way,  you can increase your audience, and your regulars visitors will exchange opinions.

Use Social Media

Even more now with Google, which is considering social signals as ranking factors, the social media are indeed necessary for those who run an online business or a blog, just for passion.

Social Media is a great way to build relationships, having the possibility to know people of your niche, exchanging opinions and learning from each other.

When you publish a post, share it with your social media accounts. But do not limit yourself to that : you should also try to involve people in a discussion, asking for advice, requesting comments, suggesting topics.

Football Fans

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Fulfill a Need

You must not become a slave to all the requests of your visitors, but you should listen to your readers questions. And whenever is possible, write content to satisfy some individual needs.

If these topics are related to the ones of your site, there is nothing wrong. I assure you that the reader can give due weight to these attentions.

If your blog has a huge audience, you can not please everyone, of course. You can try making a good selection, maybe opening a section in your blog devoted to questions.

Be consistent

Do not post once a week, then 5 times in a day, then nothing again within 3 weeks. This is the best way to lose all your readers.

Think about how much time you can dedicate to your blog, and decide the consistency of your posts. Then stick with it.

Be Nice

In order to manage your blog, you should write well and handle with people.

You are a public figure, a point reached by all people with an internet connection. And many of these people seek from you the solution to their problems, perhaps they will find in what you wrote, but they could also send an email to ask you for an opinion or advice.

You should then answer and give your help, obviously within the limits of your skills and resources.


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What do you think? Do you have any other tip?

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  1. Totally agree with your tips here – really it all comes down to just giving a crap about your readers. Give them great content, do favors for them, and just be nice to them!


  2. Erik, Thanks for the tips. They are basic, but how often do professional athletes practice the basics? ….all the time!!!

    We need to be constantly aware that our readers are reading, not simply because we are so brilliant (I wish that were true.), but because they want to know what a friend is sharing.

    Social media, consistency, and consideration for your friend (your reader) will go a long way in creating the relationships that will keep your readers returning.

  3. It’s the main art of a writer to turn casual visitor into devoted reader . I think every reader wants some care so give positive response means a lot for readers.. All points are very true!

  4. I’ve always taken care of my commentators. Infact most of my returning readers are fellow bloggers who know the value of comments. Been running a tech blog, I know how some people are unable to follow even the simplest of instructions or how-to’s. You have to patiently guide them throught the process through follow-up comments. Trust me, it will greatly boost your impression as an expert in the subject!!

    • You are right, Jyothis!
      But do not forget that you can also learn from your commentators and readers…
      It’s great how you can build relationships trough comments…
      Thanks for the visit, Jyothis!

  5. I think visiting the commenter’s blog is also a nice way to turn him into a devoted reader, especially if you leave a useful comment. Because it shows that you noticed him in the first place and that you cared enough to applaud his efforts.

    • Leaving useful and nice comments not also is a way to thank the author, but also a need if you want them to get approved and not finish in SPAM folders… ;-)
      Thanks for your comment, Leo.

  6. Hi Erik, great points!

    I agree with almost all of them ;)
    Consistency, beeing social, answering comments – that are very important parts of blogging.

    But IMHO sometimes we shouldn’t be nice – we should be helpful. And sometimes it’s not possible to be helpful and nice at the same time (maybe it’s only my problem :( …).

    Thanks for sharing

    • Well, Chris, we should be nice when possible.
      As in real world, also online there are people not so “nice”.
      So I think we care about who deserve to be cared.

      Being interactive with readers can also be a source of inspiration…
      Thanks for your comment, Chris. ;-)

  7. I just saw this headline on twitter and the brought me to this blog post. Nice..
    What’s important is that we try to be as helpful as possible.
    Good tips overall, not many bloggers deliver on the headline!

    • Hi Shamelle,
      I am glad to see you here!
      Writing a catchy headline is definetely important…
      With experience you can improve your skills!
      Thanks for the visit.

  8. You have discussed excellent factors with great information. Yes, being consistent and dedicated is really important. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  9. I think this is an article that every blogger should read. Moreover, he should put your advice into practice. Without devoted readers, a blogger has a tough fight ahead of him.

  10. nice points. understanding and full filling your visitors need can make you some loyal visiters. which are helpful for any site

  11. These are all great tips, its one of the burden for every website administrator to make sure that visitors can be converted into a prospective client. Thank you for sharing all of these views, I will definitely utilize them for my benefit. Thanks!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Glad you liked the tips, Monica.
      It’s important to engage with visitors in order to make them become regular readers! ;-)

  12. consistency is really a big part of the game…If you work and publish with regularity then results can be surely impressive…And make anyone your fan…

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