10 Free Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Influence

While social media are becoming an ever more decisive in terms of search engine positioning, branding, traffic and conversions, in the other hand, they need to be monitored in order to check your social media influence.

First of all it is difficult to measure from a quantitative point of view, the level of interaction and conversation that occurs in real time.

The benefits arising from the active use of social media occur mostly in qualitative terms ( for example, a social media campaign can help grow the brand loyalty to a particular brand) and involve a different number of factors.

Separating these factors in measurable segments, which we can understand, monitor and translate into concrete action, becomes essential to improve the strategic impact of social media on our overall ROI.

The list you find below will help you to constructively monitor the performance of social media for your business.

They are all free tools and extremely simple to use.

1 . Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools, as it is the only one who can help you monitor the contribution that individual social media platforms brings, with relation to overall traffic to your website.

2 . Facebook Insights

Facebook has provided a fairly comprehensive overview of all its pages, so you can understand the level and quality of interaction of your page and fans.

Facebook Insights is divided into 2 main parts: Users and Interaction.

The Users section gives you all the basic information about your fans : including active users, number of new like of your page and demographic data about your fans.

The Interaction section provides a more in-depth analysis of your page and how people have interacted with it. This is an invaluable data, in order to help you understand what kind of information works more and attract more attention. In fact, in this way you can give your fans exactly what they are looking for.

3. Youtube Insight

You can access to YouTube Analytics from your Youtube channel by clicking on ‘Account’ and under ‘Insight’ which is at the top right of the page. Youtube has made a lot of changes recently and increased the number and value of shared information.

In addition to providing data on the views and demographics of your visitors, you can check to which geographic region your videos are most successful, which ones are more popular and how long people stayed to watch them.

If the video marketing is at the top of your activity and online business, it is important that you look at these data periodically in order to improve the performance of your strategy.

4. Topsy

The Twitter search tool allows you to search just filtering by location or the keywords you want to include. But a search engine even more powerful in this sense is Topsy.

Some of the information that this tool provides you are the number of retweets, preview of links in tweets, and filtering by hour, day, week, or month.

Topsy is undoubtedly a super valuable tool that you need to check.

5. Tweetstats

Tweetstats is a free tool for measuring your Twitter profile. All you have to do is enter your Twitter username to access to a chart on the number of tweets you send every day, the number of responses you receive and the moments of the day, which tend to focus your tweets.

Now, it may not seem too interesting, but think of how it can be useful in order to look at your competitors (see when they tweet, how often and how you relate to them).

At the same time you can see how the level of interaction with your followers grows over time.

Also in this case, you may want to separate the search by months, so you can make the inquiry even more precise.

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10 Free Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Influence – Click to Tweet

6. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a useful service to measure some parameters of Twitter, like the followers growth rate, the average number of tweets per day, and more.

It also allows you to compare different accounts, which means you can get an instant overview of your relationship with your competition and your overall progress.

Twitter Counter has also a widget that you can put on the sidebar of your site and facilitates users to follow you, as well as highlighting the current number of your followers.

7. Bit.ly or Goo.gl

Simple, but invaluable tools for anyone running a social media account are Bit.ly or Goo.gl.

Not only they allow you to shorten your links, but they will also reveal how many people click on your link.

Great if you do not use the features of Google Analytics to measure traffic coming to your website from social media.

8. Klout

Klout is the center of a debate, as an instrument to measure your level of online influence ( do not take these numbers as really the truth).

It is easy to use : sign in with one of your social media account (Twitter or Facebook) and you will receive an immediate score on your grade of influence.

The rating takes into account parameters such as the number of followers, number of interactions with your content, and the level of influence of your network.

9. Social Mention

A kind of Google Alert, but for social media : Social Mention alerts you whenever a specific keyword is mentioned on a platform of social media.

Great to get a comprehensive overview of your social media presence, identify areas of discussion in which you are active or you are mentioned.

10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets you manage multiple social media accounts at the same time in a quickly and effectively way : Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Mixi, MySpace, Ping.fm, Twitter and WordPress.

Users can update one or more profiles simultaneously, measure the CTR, pre-plan updates, delegate messages and check answers.

HootSuite is available with 2 versions, one free and the other is a paid version that includes a free 30-day course and offer more features and benefits.


A suggestion : do not even remotely think to use all these tools together, otherwise you may become crazy.

Take account that some features tend to repeat between a tool and the other.

Select the few ones that you think are right for you and make sure you use them regularly to collect data and information, that you can use to improve your social performance.

Do you have other tools that you use to monitor your social media influence?

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  1. Hi Erik,

    thanks for sharing these cool tools. I even didn’t hear about some of them. So I think I must try them. Which one do you recommend for Twitter?

    BR, Chris

    • Hi Chris,
      I am glad you liked the article.

      For Twitter my favorite ones are :
      - Twitter Counter : you sign up, you leave an e-mail and every week you get noticed about the increase of your followers. It is nice to monitor this data;
      - Goo.gl. is nice because you can see how many times people click on your links. You can check this data also regarding to your Triberr account;
      - Klout is funny. I use it just for fun. You can check your “Social Media score” and how much you are theoretically influential between your followers.

      Which ones are you going to try?

      • Hey Erik,

        Literally, today I started a Youtube channel.

        Completely overlooked that Insight feature, just turned it on and had a look around. Nice share, this is going to be really handy once traffic starts building to videos. Do you know when this was introduced?

        • It seems March 28th in 2008.
          I am glad you liked the tools suggested in the article.
          Good luck starting your new YouTube channel.
          Share the link! :-)

  2. Hi Erik,
    Thanks for taken your time to share this monitoring tools to us :) I would like to recommend some to you which you would try and see how it works.
    1. Brandify.com
    2. Kred.com
    3. TweetReach.com


    • Hi Valentine,
      great to see you!

      I am checking each of the tools you suggested, thanks for mentioning.

      BTW, I am recommending JustRetweet everytime I have the opportunity. ;-)

  3. Twitter counter – I’m in ;) thanks for recommendation.

    BTW, Erik, I have one question, concerning your guest post about WP MashSocial Wigdet. I’m trying to customize it, but I don’t know, what am I doing wrong…
    I want to remove “We’re on” and “subscribe” sections, but i can’t (it should stay only T, G+ and FB areas, just like on your blog :) ) I’m using version 1.6…
    BR, Chris

    • I am glad you liked Twitter Counter suggestion! ;-)

      About WP MashSocial Widget :
      if you do not want some of the settings, just leave them blank and they won’t appear.

      This is how I set up the widget. I confirm Version 1.6.0.
      I have included :
      - Enter your twitter ID: @Your ID;
      - Enter your Facebook URL: Your Facebook page;
      - Layout Style: Small;
      - Color Scheme: Light;
      - Widget width(px): 260;
      - Facebook width(px): 230;
      - Facebook height(px): 30;
      - Google recommend text: Recommend on Google.

      That’s it. :-)
      Let me know, Chris, how it goes. Tell me if you need more help,
      I can send you a screenshot.

  4. Hi Erik,
    leaving some ares blank help :)
    Thanks for your support!
    BTW – hopefully tomorrow Italy and Poland will win!
    Have a nice weekend, Chris

  5. Thank you for sharing these tools. It really is important that you keep tabs on your social media influence especially today when Google is using it as a basis to ranking websites on their SERPs. It will be great to know what other are saying about you, your site, or your blog too.

    • You can use Social Mention for that. Insert the keyword (like your name or your site) and the research will tell you when and where those keywords are mentioned.
      I am glad you liked the article, John!

  6. What a great list Erik!

    I don’t use all of these tools but a few. Google Analytics is definitely a must for any site in order to see where your traffic is coming from and which areas may need improving. That I definitely agree.

    The insights tools on Facebook and YouTube do the same thing and it’s important.

    Thanks for sharing this list with us, good info here.

    Enjoy your day and have a good weekend.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      thanks for stopping by!

      I am glad you liked the article.
      I do enjoy Facebook Insights, it is fun to see how the fan page goes.

      Have a good evening and a great weekend! :-)

  7. Hi Erik,
    These are really the right tools to use. I just stumbled on one I find quite interesting too: twentyfeet.com
    It gives you weekly statistics like number of new followers, mentions, retweets, etc on Twitter. It’s worth checking out

  8. Erik,

    Tyanks for the list.

    Social mention has been really weak in the last 30 days or so.

    Something is all wonky over there.

    The Franchise King®

  9. Steve Gen says:

    Hi Erik,
    thanks for these awesome tools!(especially facebook insight) I will be using these alot to moniter my facebook page and will know if I need to start working on getting traffic :P

  10. I mostly use Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Youtube Insight and Hootsuite. I had not hear of Topsy before, will check it out.

    If we just have a glance and say, “oh no” and move on, then there is no value having setup such monitoring. What’s important is what we actually do with the stats.

    • Hi Shamelle,
      I agree that monitoring the social media presence trough those tools is indeed important.
      You can see which content goes viral and popular and which not.

  11. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    What’s your view about SocialBro??

    • Hi Malhar,
      I never used it.
      There are so many tools to manage Twitter, sometimes with similar functions, that you can just choose the ones you like more and stick with them.

  12. Marnie Boyd says:

    It’s my first time to hear and know about Topsy. Thanks for including it here. I’ll check how valuable it is.

  13. Awesome article Erik! I really like that you mentioned that it’s almost impossible to quantitatively evaluate social media influence. It’s a point that many people forget.

    As an old school IMer, this problem is nothing new. Back in the day, people used to brag about the size of their list. But most seasoned marketers knew that it wasn’t the size of the list that mattered, but how they responded.

    It’s the same with social media: you may have more FB likes than me but if my FB page drives for traffic and sales, I have the upper hand.

  14. Charles Daniels says:

    I use most of these and find them to be extremely valuable in keeping a finger on my social media pulse. It’s so important to know how well you’re performing. Like they say: If you can measure it, you can manage it.

  15. I have used few of these tools Erik, but few of them I have never really head before. I think Topsy Y insigths are few of them, I am a regular user of Klout & Hottsuite, I think these two tools are revolutionary!

    With Klout I can check the score fo my campaigns and reputations, Hoot-suite makes the complete process so easy!

    • Hi Lynn,
      Klout is nice, but in my opinion you should not rely just on it.
      It’s hard to objectively measure the social media.
      It ‘s very subjective.
      Thanks for the comment.

  16. Hello Erik,
    I found that the link to “TweetStats” isn’t working. Maybe the site the down or something. Another Tool worth mentioning is http://www.peerindex.com/ its similar to Klout but gives a better insight :)

    • Hi Swayam,
      thanks to let me now about the link : I think TweetStats is just down, at the moment.
      I have Broken Link Checker Plugin, and it does not still show it as broken link.
      I have checked PeerIndex, nice tool! Thanks! :-)

  17. Some wonderful tools are given here and I didnt know about some of them. Topsy and hootsuite are looking good.

  18. Those are great list of tools, very useful and helpful in monitoring our social media influence. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Did know about most of them but i think ill try google analytics. Thnx Erik.

  20. All tools are awesome, Do you know any desktop application to monitor twitter account?

  21. I’ve been using Youtube insight, but it seems not correct.I don;t know why is that, but is shows me searches from a keywords that I’ve never rank for … Any ideas why is that?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Honestly I do not have much experience with YouTube.
      I know I have to start video marketing, a powerful way to communicate.

  22. Good post Erik :) I just recently started using Hootsuite and I love that I can manage my social profiles centrally. Excellent tool!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hootsuite is great to manage multiple social media accounts.
      But there are a lot of other useful tools…
      Thanks for the appreciation and comment, Kevin! ;-)

  23. Great social media tools you’ve listed, but I personally think HootSuite should be at the top. It’s by far the most valuable tool I use when marketing websites and products. For about $5/month, you can schedule out posts and updates for all of your social media accounts. Just set it and forget it!

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Yes, Jennifer, Hootsuite is just great.
      Even the free version is very useful in order to manage multiple social media accounts.

  24. Helpful as always, Erik!

    I do 99% of my social media stuff on Twitter so I’ll be taking a close look at Tweetstats for sure. I always appreciate when someone is willing to take the time to put together a list of resources like this; it makes us ‘newbies’ lives a whole bunch easier.

    Thanks so much!

  25. I’ve used a few o these tools but I think that Tweetstats one is something to try out! I’m planning on using more of twitter for marketing and that tool may just come handy. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Hi Erik,
    Social media monitoring is almost as important or more so than pushing your message out. Thanks for the post and for sharing it with the BizSugar community. Very cool list of tools that anyone trying to take the pulse should consider.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Heather,
      thank you so much for your feedback!
      I really appreciate it. :-)

      That’s right,
      monitoring your social media influence is really important as much as your social media campaign and efforts.

  27. Hi Erik

    It’s important today for businesses and big brands to track and monitor there marketing tactics to measure there success, respond to their customers and to help overcome any negative feedback in timely manner. However it’s also important for bloggers to know exactly which social media are bringing the most traffic and what type of articles can go viral. Thanks for providing this list of monitoring tools, I usually use Google Analytic tools and Facebook insight.

  28. Hi Eric,

    I just had to comment on this once I saw this “do not even remotely think to use all these tools together…”.

    When I first started monitoring my stuff, I did that. Boy did it drive me nuts. The worst part was that I was wasting so much time logging to all these accounts and checking numbers. But I learned my lesson now, lol. Thanks.

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