The Secret of Blogging: Make Writing Quality Contents Your First Priority

What is blogging? What people are looking for when they come to your blog? What are you looking for when you are reading other people’s blog? What is the main thing you are looking for on a blog? So, what would be your answers for all the questions?

Well, what I can say is that we are not looking for videos and we are not looking for pictures but we are all looking for information; information that is going to solve our problems.

That is why we use Google to find for answers to solve our problems. Right? When we are visiting a blog, our mind is already automatically set to look for great information and it is set to reading mode without we knowing it.

In the world of blogging, our main concern to get visitors to our blog is not about leaving comments on other blogs (although this works to get some visitors), not to aim for getting a lot of backlinks to our blog (although this works for long term visitors), not about getting our blog listed in online directories (Not sure can get visitors or not) but we should put our main focus and concentrate our efforts on blogging and writing high quality contents for our readers.

Believe it or not, visitors and backlinks will come to your blog automatically if and only if your blog is having valuable information and high quality contents that is hardly found elsewhere (This is quite true and it works).

If you are blogging but most of your time spent is not on writing contents, then you are on the wrong track. I am not saying that having clean designs, SEO and networking are not important; they are important but the main aim about blogging is the contents itself.

A lot of people come to a blog because of the contents it offers. Producing superb contents for your blog should be the first priority and after you have great contents on your blog then you can use your extra time to do SEO and networking.

Over the years of blogging, I found a lot of great blogs with designs that are so simple and so unattractive but it is getting so many visitors and it is ranked so high in search engines.

I keep on thinking and thinking but I can’t seem to find an answer for it only when I started reading the blog and I finally understand.

A Blog Is Not A Place For You to Show Off Your Blog Design


A Place For You to Display Your Great Contents

I have read a lot of blogs, probably hundreds or thousands of blogs and I did some comparisons among top blogs and lower ranking blog.

I found that top blogs of the world have a magic ingredient in their blog and the magic ingredient is the ability to write blog posts that are so good and so engaging.

Content is King

Today, no matter what niche you are in, you are going to face tough competition. There are millions of websites or blogs writing in the same niche as you are.

It is quite impossible to find a niche that has no competitors. I tried to look for one niche that have low or not competitors on GoogleAdWords and with the help of TrafficTravis but it is of no use. Since the Internet is already so crowded and competitive then in order to be successful in a niche, we have to do things differently.

How to make your site or blog appealing and stand out from the crowd?

What most of us will think of is concentrate on SEO, get more backlinks or any other methods that can bring in some visitors. For me, I think that focusing my energy on writing high quality and engaging articles is the way that can set my blog apart from competition. This is the only way to gain reputation and gain long term readers for my blog.

What is the aim of Writing Great Contents to Our Blog?

Writing great contents can capture more people to read your blog and get them to come back for more. That is one of the aims.

The real thing about great contents is that you can create a very enjoyable reading experience for your blog readers and finally, the aim is to hope that your readers can help you to pass your articles to their friends and bring in more new visitors. And, that is the power of high quality articles.

That Aims of Great Articles

  • Drive more traffic from search engines using keyword optimized articles
  • Gain more constant readers by offering free newsletter subscribe
  • Gain more visitors through word of mouth of visitors
  • Get visitors to automatically share my articles to drive more new visitors

Some of the articles on my blog are getting backlinks, comments and getting tweets by my blog readers. I believe that it does not happen by luck but it is due to the information I give to my blog readers that encourage them to do so because they feel happy they found my blog and read my articles.

The Experience on StumbleUpon

I am sure you have the experience using StumbleUpon. In StumbleUpon, we know that when we hit the “Stumble” button, a website with relevant information will appear on your screen. Then, we can start reading the website and give it a rating “Thumb up” if it is good.

Sometimes, I wonder why I MUST click the “Thumb Up” button? It would be better off that I leave it and don’t give it a rating to reduce competition for my blog. But I did it automatically which I have very less control over my action. Why? It is because the articles are so well written that I generously give the article a “Thumb Up”.

Note: StumbleUpon works great for high quality articles and it works well to drive visitors to your site. StumbleUpon rate a site and make it appears more often if the blog or site gets a lot of “Thumb Up”s.

The conclusion is when you are blogging; try to focus more on writing high quality articles and use your extra time to do other things such as SEO.


There are still a lot to say about blogging and quality articles. I am still in the learning stage to write good articles. I hope this article will be a good article for your reading. So far, this is the longest article I ever written.

If you like my article, you can always visit my blog for more information.

Have fun blogging and have a great day!


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  1. It is great to read a blog like yours. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right things to popularize my blog. Am I spending enough time on social media? Am I wasting my social media time and neglecting areas that could be more profitable?

    It is important to have original material, and if at all possible original content. Great content can always be improved. What will make it more readable and more to the point? I am working on adding more stories and humor to my blog.

    Content is, and ought to be the king. When all is said and done; bloggers simply share ideas.

  2. Hi William, great article. But I couldn’t agree with one thing – you wrote: “visitors and backlinks will come to your blog automatically if and only if your blog is having valuable information and high quality contents”.
    In my opinion it’s not true.
    Of course great content is very important, but without online marketing, social media or SEO, it will be only read by you (even your friends will not visit your site).
    And I agree with you, that content is a King (but linking is a Queen :) )
    BTW -Erik, you changed your logo and templete – am I right?
    BR, Chris

    • Personally, I am using StumbleUpon, Digg and some other social bookmarking sites to share my articles. Normally, I will share my articles to these social bookmarking sites after I published my articles. I found that if I produce good articles, a lot of people will help to share the articles and those articles get a lot of backlinks. :) That is why I mentioned in this article that we need to write high quality articles.

      You are right as well “SEO is Queen”. We need to do something to get our articles noticed by people or else backlinks will not come automatically.

      • William Lee,
        thanks for the great content!
        I think that Digg is not a great source of traffic, as it was long ago when it was the first social network sharing.
        Now there is Stumbleupon, which is great and many other useful resources.
        Did you gave a look at Triberr? ;-)

    • You noticed that I changed theme, Chris? :-)
      It is Generate Child Theme from Genesis.
      I liked it because of the clean and simple layout and code.
      I hope I will benefits in terms of SEO also.

  3. Blogging is writing your opinions on certain topics. I guess people want to read good, quality information and blogger’s opinion on certain things, at least that’s what I’m looking for. So probably the main thing that I’m looking for is personal ideas.

  4. I perfectly agree with your point of view. There are many people (especially newbies) that consider SEO as the most important aspect when owning a blog. From my own experience, I think that posting high quality content should generate impressive results, as others will link the articles in a natural way. Sharing the posts on the social networks is also useful, especially if we have many connections.

  5. I guess day by day Google is becoming into the Link Republic instead of the Kingdom of Content.

    Good post, Erik, especially what you said about Stumble Upon.

  6. Blogging definitely has to revolve around your content and not rely on the site design. That doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore your website’s overall design, because that’s still a factor that affects the bounce rate. You would want to reduce that. One of the main purposes of blogging is to build a reputation as an expert in your respective niche. If you’re showing your presence online in such a way that you’re sharing really good information about your industry, the chances that you’ll be considered as an authority would be a lot higher.

    • Website designs should not be ignored but try to make it tidy and simple. I have written some articles about this issue on my blog, feel free to check them out. Thanks. :)

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