Some On Page SEO Tips People Keep Forgetting

Many SEO experts advise against focusing only on backlinks when it comes to manipulating your website’s search engine ranking.

The same experts will then go on to do exactly what they suggest you avoid — focus only on backlinks. In fact, getting quality links back to your website is a worthy endeavor, but it is also one that is more difficult than on-page SEO.

With so many steps you can take to incorporate SEO into your website directly from your own pages, it’s shocking just how many of these tips people forget on a regular basis.

Don’t be one of them!

Deep Linking

Deep linking helps search engines fine all the posts and pages on your site, even if they’re not on the front page and haven’t been there for years.

It also helps visitors find content that is relevant to the page they’re currently on, encouraging them to spend more time on your website.

Link to existing content as you create new pages to save yourself effort. You might also consider a related posts plug-in.

Social Bookmarking

Make it easy for users to add your content to social bookmarks with plug-ins or widgets. Remember to check that these widgets are working on a periodic basis.

This is also a great time to add widgets to new websites. Is your website without a Google+ link? You’re missing out on traffic and SEO!

SEO-Friendly URLs

Luckily, blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress already use search engine-friendly URLs for posts, pages and even categories, that is, if you use pretty permalinks and not numbered pages.

If you use a keyword in your title, it will appear in your URL, too. Divide words with hyphens and keep your URLS short.

We recommend three to six words total, with no more than five keywords as search engines aren’t loving keyword-stuffing these days.

People hunting SEO

Emphasis Content and Keywords with Bolding

It might seem a little old-school, but using bold text when you want to make a point is beneficial both to your visitors and to search engine robots that are crawling your website.

The robots know to place more significance on the bold keywords, and this helps to show which keywords are most important to your website.

If you haven’t been emphasizing text before, it’s a great time to start. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard because you want to make sure these it’s still friendly to human eyes, too.

SEO Tools from Google

Google offers a few different tools for webmasters like yourself, who want to rank highly in the SERPs. You can sign up for both Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for free, claim your site with code Google provides, and you’re already on your way to improving SEO.

Analytics will show you traffic stats about your sites and allow you to set goals, while Webmaster tools tells you all about how people are finding your website and which keywords and content are benefiting you the most.

Content Will Always Be King

With a recent announcement from Google’s head of spam , it became apparent that the search engine was returning to its roots.

Keywords-stuffed and overly optimized pages were no longer going to rank highly, if websites with quality content existed.

You shouldn’t worry as long as your website provides useful content. If people want to see your website, search engines want to rank it where they can find it! When you forget this, your website will ultimately suffer.


SEO is a competitive market, but don’t forget the on-page habits that will help with how your pages appear in the search engines!


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Ben Sawyer  often writes about SEO tips , sharing his experiences on the Internet. Beside that, he is an  Internet marketing consultant and content writer for Divorce Lawyers Long Island law firm from New York.

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  1. Great post Ben,
    I especially agree, that deep linking (with various anchors) is very valuable.
    Besides, links to your site should be from different sources (blogs, articles, forums, social sites, article directories, etc.)

    • I agree with Chris,
      this is high quality content!
      On page optimization, plus natural links are a must to survive to Google Animals Updates.

  2. Yasemin says:

    Nice tips! Just a question: how is the Google Penguin update going to affect how we practice SEO?

    • If you want your site will survive to Penguin (and the future Google updates), in my opinion you must be sure to write quality content, avoid link scheme or farming, and focus on give to your readers a good reason to not leave your site.
      Give also importance to your social media presence.

      What do you think Yasemin?

  3. Excellent post, Ben, you’ve highlighted some fundamental things we should all be thinking about as a matter of course. Still, they’re things that many “professionals” SEO overlook.

    As a copy man myself, I especially appreciate your last point! In my opinion Penguin is a move in the right direction, though it does mean SEO pros need to think more carefully about generating genuinely worthwhile content.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Great article Chris. Content quality is King.

  5. Hey, Erik! By ‘experts’ I’m sure you mean Google staff too. :) I read Matt Cutts’ blog and other Google blogs – I think I can say that not all their “to do”/”don’t do” lists are true, but since experts have to make a living, how else can they influence people to accept their services?

  6. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  7. Hi Ben and Erik, I have a question, Almost 15 days is over, i launched a website and i did everything from GWT, GA, Sitemap, Robot.txt etc. And my Domain is Indexed by Google but article is still not indexed.I can see on GWT Sitemap section that 6 links are submitted and out 6 only 3 are indexed rest 3 are my article links which is not indexed yet. What would be the problem?
    Your suggestion please. Thanks.

  8. Whenever I see an article like yours, I ask myself, “what is my weakness?” SEO is a precise science, and you either beat your opponent or you do not. The area I need to improve on is social bookmarking.

    When you are competing against 100s, you need to have every possible advantage or you will lose–become invisible to the search engine.

    • David,
      I think that we should focus more on good content and less on backlinking campaign.
      For the first time in this blog, I am receiving natural links without asking for them.
      I guess it is a matter of time and hard work.
      Just be patient. ;-)

  9. I agree… and don’t agree with Google. Content is the king if you want comments, if you want customers, if you want clients, but lately, Google is promoting sites with no content and without a lot of your tips.

    I agree absolutely with this tips: quality and good content, but after Penguin, just with links, I’ve seen horrible websites without content at the top (also it was very instructive one of your posts talking about Google and Viagra…)

    Let’s see if they continue these policies…

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