How I Got My Alexa Ranking Under 100,000 (Ways to Get More Traffic Inside)

Last week I noticed that my blog went under 100k of Alexa ranking and still decreasing (this means the rank is improving).

Check here to see my Alexa Rank.

For those who still do not know what is, the Alexa Rank is a method of evaluating a site based on the traffic generated.

The only particular and important detail to mention is that this method of calculation involves only the users that have installed the Alexa toolbar in their browsers.

Now, visitors do not look at your stats, but at your content, so be sure to write always good articles for your readers.

But usually webmasters that visit your blog or even more important the advertisers always look at your stats, like PageRank, Alexa Rank and of course your traffic.

For istance, Text-Link-Ads decide based on these stats how much you should get paid for a link.

Like it or not, the Alexa rank is at the center of debate whether it is or not so important, but still remains a method (more or less valid) to evaluate your site.

How to Improve Your Alexa Rank

There are some tips that you can follow in order to improve your Alexa Rank, so be sure to read this article that explain you how.

But the main method that you should use is increasing the traffic of your site and the Alexa Rank will be improved accordingly.

There are a series of basic tips that you need to follow when you create a blog in order to get traffic.

There are also a lot of ways to market your blog online.

The basic and popular methods of get more traffic are :

- Article Marketing : in few words, write an unique and quality post and submit it to those directories that collect articles in different categories. You will receive a dofollow backlink from every submission when the link is accepted.

- Forum Marketing : look for forums related to your niche and then join one or more. Start building a good reputation, giving useful information about the topic you are expert about. Do not link to your blog within the posts, just place the URL within your signature.

Chart that increase with Alexa Rank

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Guest Posting : find blogs related to your topic and see if they accept guest posts. Then contact the webmaster and submit your article. You may ask to receive back a link to your site.

- Blog Commenting : look for dofollow blogs that accept comments. Better if they have CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled, as the links and benefits you will receive are double.

- Submitting the URL to Directories : look for blog directories and submit your URL. Be sure to fit the categories and insert the correct description of your site.

- Link Bait : it is defined any content written to gain the attention of the visitors and encourage the readers to link back to your site. It must be a good article, so be sure to write quality posts, that your readers want to share around the web.

Additional Tips to Increase Alexa Ranking

Of course some niche work better for Alexa rank, as technology, blogging or SEO, because webmasters are usually inclined to have the Alexa toolbar installed, so if they visit your site, this will be counted.

I think that your rank could be increased also asking for reviews of your website.

What about a review of my site on Alexa ?

Review on

I suggest you also to join online communities of bloggers (see, for istance), in order to share your favorites blogs (included yours) and talk about different topics : you may learn a lot in this way.

Note that this is not a way to exchange links, but to build online relationships and friendships, that are so important !

It seems that Alexa has lots of enthusiasts in Asia and I honestly do not know the reason. So a big part of them use the toolbar.

You may want to look for forums or websites about Asia and see if you can post your link commenting or participating to discussions. If you receive some visits from those links, then you will have a boost in your rank.

Writing your own post about “How to Increase the Alexa Rank” on your site, will definetely redirect visitors that are inclined to have the toolbar installed. More visits equal an increase of rank.

If you  have the budget, advertising on webmaster, blogging or SEO forums will also help you.


Do you have any other suggestions on how to improve the Alexa Rank?


About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. First, I would like to congratulate you for having a higher Alexa ranking. I hope that I can also do that.

  2. good work and congratulation you on that, Erik. But can you tell me how many unique visits you’ve got daily? I notice that there are some website that has the number of UV is much higher than the other, but the alexa rank is lower.

    • Hi Alex,
      thanks !
      You have a lot of nice “games niche” sites! :-)

      If you want to check out my stats, just visit,
      there is also a link in my “Advertise” Page (however the stats you see there are much lower than my worldwide visits anyway-I guess they count only U.S., Canada and U.K.).

      I am trying to understand better how Alexa works,
      as the blogs I visits sometimes have the same Alexa numbers, but different other stats.

  3. Those look like the off-page optimization techniques that I know and love. Well, I guess it’s all up to the quality of how you’re actually doing those. Chances are that people are more likely to click those with quality content associated with the links.

    • I am doing my best to surround links with nice content, creating some quality post that may help the visitors.
      Have a great week end Gerald! :-)

  4. Congrats. In addition engaging readers by replying to comments, emails etc. I think also helped; you’re likely to get more repeat visitors if they are made to feel welcome on your site.


    • Hi mate !
      I look forward to increase the rankings and traffic of this blog,
      I am making great efforts to write the best content I can.
      Have a wonderful week end Niall ! :-D

  5. Hi Mate thanks for sharing this tips.
    I want 10k Alexa within 6 Month.
    My site is 4 Month old and now my alexa is 23k. Hope i can able to get his.

    • Hi Amit,
      congratulations to you!
      And best wishes to reach 10k of Alexa.
      Do you have some tips you might want to share?

      • Thank you so much for best wishes.
        Its tough to achieve 10k Alexa ;) But i will try my best.
        If any one want to achieve good alexa then they should do commenting on various domain, and daily update with trending topics thats it.

  6. Another thing would be to write regularly, am talking from experience, I used to have an alexa rank that was lesser than 300000 but because of your link also checked mine for a blog I have left writing for sometime now and the alexa was more than 13 million…write regularly and build a community around your blog…

    • Hi Iroko,
      I think the most frequently we write, the more Google will crawl our sites and the more traffic we can drive to our blogs.
      Original and quality content !
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. hello ,
    thanks for your info ., and i need to ask about something hope you help me in it , what about back link , how can i got more back link for my blog ?

  8. Congratulations Erik! My goal is to join you under 100,000!

    I am about to submit a guest post to your site. I just completed a post on my site yesterday, and I work a lot on the social media. So, I read your article with special interest…what morsels will you offer to help me reduce my Alexa rankings? I was not disappointed. The Alexa banner is especially intriguing.

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Hi David,
      thanks !

      Well, what can I suggest you to increase your Alexa Rank?
      I have listed in the post above all the tips I know.
      But if you want the most important one, it is write useful and unique content, the more often you can, at least for the first months of the blog.

      I wait your Guest Post !


  9. That’s a very solid ranking, Erik…


    There are many views on how important Alexa ranking is, and whether it is a trustworthy maker for a sites success….
    What has led many people to not merit the Alexa ranking of many sites, is that the Alexa ranking of a site can be manipulated….

    People openly brag about how they can lift an Alexa ranking of a site, even up to a very decent ranking level….(top 100’00–50000—even 10000).
    And they are not talking about the standard methods for doing this…

    After watching many sites working quite hard and doing what is required, for a decent amount of time, they managed to genuinely lift there sites in Alexa to a certain level…
    Though, to get a quick lift up near the top (top 50000—or even better) in a short time( like a few months) means the person has manipulated their Alexa ranking……

    • Hi Daniel,
      thanks for your comment.

      I agree with you, but you should consider that since 2 years, Alexa no longer depends solely on its toolbar to calculate the website traffic stats. It uses several different sources to gather that information, including the Alexa toolbar.

  10. For me to improve alexa ranking sometimes can be very troublesome. I love the trick like this and I hope that I will improve my alexa ranking.

  11. Good spot Erik! I am actually doing already some of your tips but have never knew there are more. I will try to experiment with some of your other methods and witness it for myself.

  12. Congrats sir,
    I too need some tips very badly for my sites. Hope will hits the bulls eye one day with all the hard work I am putting in.
    Thanks. All the best for future.

  13. Nice article, thanks for sharing I definitely love the last trick of writing an article about how to increase Alexa ranking I must do it :)

  14. I plan to reach under 100k too in the next couple months. It seems a lot easier since my site is good for webmasters.

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