11 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic, traffic, traffic : we always want more !

As blogger, you may accept any suggestion to receive more traffic to your site.

Blogging seems easy, but get a lot of visitors and readers is not so obvious.

There are several ways to bring traffic to your blog, and a lot of them do really work.

Here you find a list of eleven tips on how to get more visitors to your site.

1 . Write Quality Content

Write quality content is the most effective way to increase traffic to your site.

The quality content are just what people are looking for in your niche. And your readers will reward you with many return visits, sharing your content on the social networks they frequent.

In this sense, I recommend you to make your content easily shareable on the social networks used by your readers.

I use Shareaholic WordPress Plugin, that adds a list of social bookmarking icons in each of your posts, making easy to share your content around the web.

2 . Use SEO Techniques

It can be that you have a fantastic blog with great content, but if people do not find you on Google, what are your efforts for ?

Using the SEO techniques allows you to be visible on search engines and to have direct organic traffic to your blog.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective way to increase traffic to your blog and there are actually several advices that can be given about SEO.

A very practical tip is this : before you write a new post, choose your primary keyword to optimize in the content. Take care to choose a primary keyword which is highly sought among users in your niche! Use Google keyword tool to see how many queries are associated with a single keyword.

3 . Use Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus

Share your posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus is a really simple way to increase traffic to your blog.

Try to get more Facebook fans on your page, look forward to have more followers in your Twitter profile and be sure to increase the circles in your Google Plus account.

4 . Install Google Analytics

It is essential that you install Google Analytics on your blog.

With the observation of its details, you will understand what are the things that work on your blog ( and that you can replicate ) and what are the things that do not work ( and you need to correct).

5. Enter Graphics, Photos, Pictures in Your Posts

Another way to increase traffic to your blog is to insert graphics in your posts, like photos and images. If you optimize them carefully, they will be indexed well in Google Images and may represent an interesting source of web traffic.

Be sure to put your keywords in the description and in the alt text.

Also check the weight of the picture, as it must be as low as possible, without losing its quality. Your site must be as fast as possible to load, as Google like it this way.

Traffic Jam with a lot of cars in highway

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6. Comment in Influential Blogs of Your Niche

An authoritative comment in one of the posts written by popular bloggers of your niche is a great way to direct traffic to your blog.

I recommend that your comments should be relevant, intelligent and interesting. In this way you intrigue the readers, that may want to pay a visit to your blog.

7. Write Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on quality blogs related to your niche can get you a very authoritative online visibility.

In these popular blogs, your article is read by many people and if they liked your post, they surely want to visit your blog for more content.

This will increase definetely your traffic.

8 . Use Yahoo! Answers

Every day, many users are asking questions on Yahoo! Answers, hoping that someone would answer them.

Using this logic, you can leave answers for users in your niche who seek help, by including a link to a post of your blog where you talk about that topic.

First you should find the category that match your interest, then you can write and share your knowledge, including a link to your site.

Be sure to be the first to answer and of course you should try to give the best answer, in order to get “featured” and get your content put at the top of all the others.

This will surely help your blog to receive more traffic.

9 . Insert Your Link in Your Social Media Profiles

We all like social media and we all have personal pages on one or more social networks.

In order to increase visitors to your blog, you can do something very simple : add a link of your site in all your social profiles.

Even better, some social media networks will ensure a “DoFollow” link, like for example About.me, Google Plus or YouTube.

10 . Enter in Your Email Signature Your Blog Link

A very simple system : put in the signature of your e-mail the link to your blog.

More generally, post a link in any type of document that you publish on the web.

11. Do Not Give Up !

Increase traffic to your blog is always possible, but it takes patience and dedication.

So do not give up: you should work daily for this purpose. You will see that the internet will repay you for the efforts made!


Do you have any other suggestion on how to get more traffic?

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. Nice post as usual, Erik, but you’ve forgot a name of social network that is mentioned alot the recent days (even in this very blog): Pinterest.
    And I have a small question Erik, is everyone in my G+ circle will see when i post a new post or just the ones have me in their circle?

    • Hi Alex,
      how are you?

      Thanks for adding Pinterest, but actually there are so many social networks, and also a lot new ones.

      In my opinion, when you post new content, this is listed in the “stream” only to people who are following you, and you will see in your stream new posts of people that you are following in your circle.

  2. Guest post and commenting is a good way to increase traffic and make new relation in blog sphere…Guest posting is also a good way to generate backlinks and SEO….

    • Hi Sanjeev,

      one of the good things about the internet is to build interesting relationships with nice people, above all because you can learn a lot from them.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks for sharing a nice post of increasing traffic to your blog. I think getting backlink from forums,submissions sites also gets traffic with genuine ways. Adding videos and images makes users stay in site more time and helps in promotion of the site.

    • Hello Krishna,

      it is proved that the images stand out and serve as the visitor’s first leap into a wall of text, which otherwise could be boring.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Thanks Erik!

    Number 11 is most important for me! That and be patient!

    • Hi Niall,
      how are you?

      Above all at beginning we need to be patients !
      Getting traffic and building backlinks are not an overnight mission.
      It takes time, but the rewards are pretty satisfactory.

      • Hi Erik.

        I’m well and yourself. Really busy at the moment and it’s gone really cold here!

        I agree. It’s taken me a while but I’m almost done with my site. I can see the rewards, both personally and financially but I’ll have to wait a bit longer still!

        • Everything is great for me, thanks !

          I understand that is getting cold over there, here we have the seasons reversed from you, the heat is coming. :-)

          And I’m glad things are going well also for you, Niall !

          It takes time to build a business that makes money and which is robust over time : you’re doing a great job!

          If I may help you in anyway, could you please let me know? :)

          • Hi Erik. Thanks. No help needed at the moment; I put a coming soon page on my site at the moment and am trying to code the main site. But with all the other work going on I don’t really have time to do it!

            I’m creating an e-commerce site for a client at the moment. Maybe I’ll look through some articles here but I don’t recall seeing much about marketing online stores.

            • I do not have much experience about e-commerce sites.

              But I can give you two tips:

              -Woothemes has just released a fantastic plugin, called “WooDojo”, you can download it here for FREE :


              There are many features inside this plugin, and one is “WooCommerce”, that is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.

              - take a look to “mywifequitherjob.com” and subscribe to the mailing list, you will receive a series of emails on how to set up a profitable e-commerce site.

              Hope this helps you.


              • Hi Erik

                Actually, I was a bit annoyed. I met them today to show them the mockup I did.

                They are one of the biggest wholesalers and distributors of supermarket products in this country. They fly around in a private jet to their other branches etc. They want to setup online ordering of their products. I quoted them around USD10,000 which is a fair price (should be around USD15,000) if you do a bit of research and doesn’t include the additional cost of them being a big company. They said it’s too much for them!

                Let me say this. In order to make money online, you have to spend money online. Name someone who didn’t? Take a look at these guys http://www.quidsi.com/ and their Inc500 figures will blow your mind: http://www.inc.com/inc5000/profile/quidsi and they spend and spent a lot of money to get where they are.


                • Niall,
                  I can understand how you feel. I worked a lot with different kind of customers.

                  You should have offered $15k, then reduced to $10k, so it might have seemed that you did a great discount and best price for them!

                  The fact that they use to travel with their private jet, does not mean they are willing to spend much for everything.

                  You did the best price, but they probably are not able to assess and consider the professional and excellent work you can do.
                  You have to make them understand!

                  Of course the ones that have established business (online or offline), have fixed monthly costs, which are clearly much lower than their earnings
                  (without counting the start-up costs).

                  Keep up the good work, Niall and do not give up!

  5. I’m a newby at getting traffic so your post was helpful for me. I guess I just have to realze it’s not going to happen everynight so I need to be patient.

    • Hi Candice,
      just apply the basic rules of SEO, internet marketing with the traffic system and you will see results soon !

  6. I like very first step.Writing quality content regularly is really a key factor to increase traffic.

    All pints are very well explained and I hope this blog post can help all webmaster to improve their website traffic.

    Many Thanks!

    • Writing high quality articles is always the first rule to follow.

      Be sure to produce content that is timeless and valuable to the readers and you will not have to worry about SEO anytime.

      Thanks for your comment.

  7. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    I agree with the tips ahead. I must first consider the first one which is writing quality content which is the most important thing to consider in driving more traffic to your blog.

  8. Good call putting content on top. Besides, the game’s always been like that: writing great content for the readers and for the search engines. Well, the latter’s a bonus, but you get my drift. You mentioned SEO techniques, right? That’s the part where the search engines would give credit to your site by increasing your rank and making you visible on the search results.

    • Gerald,
      we should focus on write high quality content, then we can read again the post, trying to optimize softly for our keywords.
      Two birds with one stone.

  9. Taking advantage of search engines massive traffic opportunity is a tremendous value to bloggers, who often find that much of the business side of blogging, from inquiries for advertising to guest posting opportunities to press and discovery by major media entities comes via search.

  10. Great ideas, Erik!

    I am not as experienced as you are, and I see no reason to think that I can add to or subtract from your 11 points. So I will share what I am doing as it relates to driving traffic to my blog.

    I am doing most of those 11 items. But, in looking at your list, I see areas of weakness. I am looking at putting pictures in. I have noticed, as I am visiting and commenting on others’ blogs, how much pictures liven up the posts.

    I am soon ready to guest post. I haven’t used YahooAnswers as much lately as I used to…I have only so many hours.

    • David,

      pictures are the first thing that catches your eye by visiting a page, you should use them and they must be appropriate to the topic.

  11. Erik superb tips mate.
    I think now we should concern about Quality rather than SEO.

    • Glad you liked, Amit.

      I think that if we just focus on writing quality and original content,
      we can almost completely forget SEO.

  12. I truly believe that the key to bringing traffic to your blog or website is to crate unique, quality and interesting content sharable in social media and social bookmarking. And by this i in no way mean that your advice is not right. I agree with everything said in this post. But after the recent changes in google’s algorithm it is pretty clear that the way to go is social and google+ of course. And since you are going social you have to give your audience content that distinguishes you from the others.
    Unique content sharable in the social media is the way to go for me..

  13. Rob Fraser says:

    The name of the game is consistency! Great post and anyone can get traffic for any keyword combination or anything it is just a matter of constantly and consistently putting out that content day after day after day. No matter what all the SEO software and all that other kind of crap says, content is still king on the internet and always will be. Thanks for your insight!

    Rob Fraser =)

  14. Arthur van der Vant says:

    There are several ways to bring traffic to your blog, and a lot of them do really work.

  15. As a matter of fact if you manage to master all these tips you will have a boos of traffic. The problem is how to maintain the traffic on your website rather than procure it.

  16. Thanks for the tips Erik – I never seem to have any luck with Yahoo answers, even though I don’t link to my site unless it’s relevant, I always get reported for spamming! I think maybe because the niche is so competitive? I’ve tried to appeal a couple of times and then had more points deducted for appealing LOL

    • Hi Lisa,
      I think that as you said, the niche is very competitive.
      You should really write something “different”, in order to grab attention, but I know, it’s not easy at all!
      Thanks for the comment. :-)

  17. I love the last one, never give up, it’s the only one way to see the result after you did all 10 steps above :) Nice sharing, Erik

  18. Once again, it seems like content still reigns as king! Or at least number one! I am an advocate of writing great content. These are all great tips, to be sure, but writing great content is the best in my book.

  19. Hi Erik, I’ll be honest the ones you mentioned that provide the best value for me is commenting on niche related blogs and social media! I find you don’t even have to have the greatest article if you comment on other users blogs and add value they normally follow you back. Also send a mention out to them on twitter and make that connection. It’s hit and miss obviously but so far ti’s provided the largest ROI. Quality content helps too but it’s not always needed.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I see your marketing methods and I think they work just fine.
      Also adding the mention via Twitter is a nice idea.
      I have just replied to you! :-)

  20. Hello Erik
    First of all,thanks for sharing these useful ways.secondly,can you tell me some ways to get traffic from twitter??.I have heard from many people that it can bring huge traffic but It didn’t work for me.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Well, Ashish, you asked a Big Question!
      How to get traffic from Twitter?

      There are so many ways,
      a part of tweeting your own posts, you can retweet useful content in your niche from other blogs.
      Look for more followers, so you should follow people in your niche and follow back who is following you.

      I suggest you to check out these 2 cool sites :

      - JustRetweet.com : promote your posts and retweet other articles to gain credits;

      -Triberr.com : huge site to increase your audience. See :
      AllTriberr : a guide to getting started on Triberr
      in order to get started with Triberr.

      Let me know if you need any help! :-)

  21. Hi Eric,

    Great post. I do a lot of the things you mentioned and I made a couple of notes for things I have to install/do.

    I noted the Twitter section. I must be the only one in the universe who finds Twitter to be useless in terms of traffic. I have 7000 peeps and I use JustRetweet. All of which does nothing to drive traffic to my blog or sites. I’ve posted all types of content, not just links…so I would love to hear from other people exactly what are doing/posting that gets your peeps off their ass to click the link and see whats up.

    p.s. I click on Twitter links myself to get great tips so I kind of baffled here.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Are you tracking any traffic you may receive from Twitter?
      You can use one of these social media tools to measure your influence :
      10 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business

      Are you using Triberr?
      With this, it’s almost guaranteed you are going to receive huge traffic form Twitter.

      By the way,
      it’s really strange you are not having any benefits from Twitter.
      May be all the followers you have are not related to your niche?

      • Erik, how are you getting on with Triberr? I can see how to follow tribes ok, but how do you actually join one? the instructions don’t seem very clear!

        • Erik Emanuelli says:

          Hi Lisa,
          actually to join a tribe you must be invited by the Tribe Chief.
          I am Chief of “Power Sharers”,
          a tribe with more than 4 million of reach, but I can not invite anymore (there is a limit of invites for the standard tribes):
          I need to upgrade to PrimeTribe to make it bigger.

          I strongly suggest you to contact :
          -Justice Mitchell to ask to be invited to his tribe “Atomic Justice Tribunal”(4,400,000 reach);
          -Berrie Pelser in order to join his tribe “Atomic Social Media SEO” (2,400,000 reach).

          I am member of these tribes.
          There are many other huge tribes you can join, you should ask for an invite.

          You can also post a request to be invited within the “Bonfires”.
          It’s like a wall, some kind of discussions.

          I love Triberr, I receive an average of 500-600 clicks for each of my posts, and around 200 shares.
          I am member of 27 tribes,
          I have 1,730 tribemates,
          and 31,769,917 of reach, at the moment.
          This means each of my post can virtually reach almost 32 million people.
          Pretty cool numbers. :-)

          Got it?
          Let me know if you need more help. :-D

          • I’m feeling terribly dense here! I found those people but how do you contact them to ask for an invite?
            Why isn’t there a big green “ask for invite” button!? LOL

            • Erik Emanuelli says:

              there are not direct messages within Triberr users.

              But if you check, for istance, Justice Mitchell’s profile in Triberr :
              you can see that you may contact him via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or visit his website and send him an email. :-)

              Which way are you going to use? ;-)

              • none LOL I followed his tribes and then found I was a member of one – I guess he invited me without having to ask?

                off to the next one – I feel a bit cheeky begging for invites from random people, but need’s must and all that ;)

                • Erik Emanuelli says:

                  Well, there is no need to feel bad asking for invites, Lisa!

                  You will give your contribution to the tribe you are going to be member of, both with your content and above all for sharing the posts you find most interesting.

                  I find adding people to tribes in Triberr a profitable way to increase your audience.
                  You will also build new connections via social media accounts and via your blog.

                  So no need to be afraid to ask for an invite, Lisa! ;-)

      • Hi Eric,
        I haven’t tried Triberr. I see Lisa posted a question about how to actually join one, so I will wait til I see your answer to her. I find a lot of stuff like Blogengage and others do not give easy to follow directions. Don’t they know that people who are blogging, doing the make money at home thing have a gazillion things clogging up their minds:)

        As for the twitter followers, I started manually adding follower and then switched to a highly recommended software that you can add keywords. I stopped using it awhile ago because it doesn’t seem to matte how many followers I add, only a handful are willing to engage. I find LinkedIn to be the same way. I have 16oo first level connections, which is pretty big but I think the only way to get a reaction out of these people is to say, “I’m going to ____ a cat if you don’t comment.” Joking of course.


        • Erik Emanuelli says:

          I have posted a reply to Lisa above your comment,
          can you check it?
          I think you should give a try to Triberr,
          it’s definetely worth it.

          I do not use any automatic software for Twitter,
          I follow or unfollow users manually.
          I have more than 14,000 followers, all people related to my niche.
          Like any other things, if you want to do it well,
          you need time.

  22. Wow, Great to see the comments from the people for this specific post. Most of the bloggers are good in writing, but they don’t know how to promote their blogs to get genuine traffic. Thanks for sharing the nice n simple tips. Am a newbie blogger, gonna try these ways to produce awesome traffic to my blogs. Keep writing for newbies..

  23. Without content, you can’t do anything in blogging. If you want to make your blog popular, then you need to produce quality content every time you publish the post.

  24. Hello there,
    Well Said.. if you want to be successful in this business then you need to produce more and more quality contents. Also, you need to know the techniques on how promote your blog because no matter how good your contents is if you don’t know how to promote it, it will just put to waste.

    Thanks for your article.. it will be a great help for me.

  25. Awesome tips and thanks for posting these.. Sure will love to follow them all!!

  26. Hey Erik Very Informatve post and I like the way you have put together all the important points to bring in traffic to your blog.My blog is getting around 300-400 visitors daily and I wonder if Guest posting will improve it further.Need your advice.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Joel,
      if you can write all the content in your website by yourself, believe me, it’s much better!
      In any case, you can have some contributors, just be sure to invite writers within your niche, who can produce quality content, otherwise your site will lose credibility and visibility.

  27. I would like to add something more with no.8. Not only Yahoo answers, all the other popular question and answers sites can be great sources of traffic. It is possible to bring targeted traffic from those sites by answering relevant questions.

  28. Well written. I think I can make use of some of the tips mentioned here.

    We are in the business of learning everyday.

    Thanks for sharing

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