11 Mistakes that a Good Blogger Should Avoid

Become a good blogger is the dream of anyone who decides to create a blog.

There are some steps and suggestions that you can follow that will help you reach the success as blogger.

Of course during the life of your blog the experience will teach you a lot, but there are also things that you must avoid and some mistakes that you need to prevent.

But how can we recognize these errors ?

I propose you a list of eleven points, be sure to read it with attention : eleven mistakes that you should avoid.

1 . Copy Other Bloggers

During your career as a writer, above all at beginning, take inspiration from other bloggers is inevitable.

After all, it is just checking how popular bloggers are and how you may desire to become one of them.

However, your blog should soon make its own personality, that is yours.

You must be original and spontaneous.

As you will invest passion and efforts in your blog and its content, you may want to know how to protect your content from copies and plagiarisms.

Of course you know that Google, above all in the last year, penalize badly who just copy and paste other content in their sites. So just do not do it.

2 . Do Not Create Quality Content

Your visitors want one thing from your blog : high quality content. They are there just for that.

So if you want to become a good blogger, you have to give them what they want.

Of course, write interesting posts is tiring, and not easy, but they will repay largely your efforts in the very next future of your blog.

If you want to write high quality articles, be sure to follow these basic rules : create something original, write correctly in your language, balance text and images, optimize the content in SEO terms, and remember, before publish the post, read it again.

3 . Go Off-Topic

A blog is an online journal that talks about a specific topic. Just one, or some others related to that one.

See for example, “make money” niche, and related marketing methods, or “blogging”, and related SEO and Wordpress guides.

Of course you should insert in your articles some of your personal experience (and this helps a lot in building trust to your readers), but do not go too much out of topic, stay focused and related to what you are writing about.

If you disobey this rule and begins to talk about anything, you risk confusing your users.

And remember, your RSS and E-mail Subscribers want to receive updates about the topic of your blog, not anything else.

A blogger should never go off-topic with the posts. After all, a blog targets a very specific niche, popular with users who want to hear only those specific issues.

4 . Give Random Titles to Posts

Your post titles should always be relevant to the subject they treat.

In addition, each title must be catchy : you have to convince your visitor to read your articles.

The same can be said for the opening sentence of each of your post.

Then keep in mind that the post title is in H1. And the H1 tag is a very important factor for placement in Google SERPs.

Therefore, optimizes well your titles and learn some SEO tips to improve your blog.

5 . Put Advertising Everywhere

Make money with a blog is legitimate, if you are passionate about your topic and if you write quality content.

However, avoid filling your blog with too many advertising. The visitors are in your site for your content, not just for your advertising.

In addition, with the last Panda updates of January 2012, Google penalize heavily blogs built only to make money with banner ads and text ads.

Specifically Big G suggest NOT to put advertising “above the fold”. All the efforts made from Google with the updates on how to rank the web, are in order to enhance the visitor experience with internet.

The reason is simple : Google does not want to suggest a URL at the top of the SERPs to an user (after he make a research), which may be, after visiting that site, remain not satisfied and may want to change the Search Engine in order to find better solutions.

So do not be greedy and make careful not to overload your site with banners and ads.

Hand correct Mistake word written bad

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6 . Do Not Know Anything About SEO

Any blogger should know some basics of SEO. Because without it, the search engine positioning of your site will be left to chance.

You should know, for istance, about article marketing, or forum marketing, or many others tips for Search Engine Optimization of your URL.

What you should do for SEO? For example, decide in advance what will be your keywords, optimize your content, the tiles, the text, the images.

Of course there is so much to know about SEO, but understand the basics is important to start ranking well in SERPs.

7 . Be Discontinuous in Your Publication

For a blogger, consistency is very important. If you have decided to post twice a week, you have to respect the days in which you will publish your new posts.

You do not want to be one of those who, for some reason, write and publish 10 articles in very short time and then nothing for a couple of weeks. Then again 5 posts, then silence for 3 weeks.

You need to think about your time and your weekly activities, then decide your scheduled publishing time and stick with it.

The lack of consistency is a serious mistake :

- first, because who is not constant, fails to retain the readers ;

- second, because the number of visits you may receive is directly proportional to the number of posts you have written.

8 . Ignore Spelling, Grammar and Syntax

Your online authority depends on what you write, but also how you write it.

Making mistakes in spelling or grammar may destroy the confidence of your readers. Therefore, Google pay attention to how your content is written.

So be sure to use a simple style and easy words to understand.

Pay attention to not make errors in spelling, grammar and syntax. The quality of your content can not afford it.

A logic tip is to read again and again your article, before publishing it.

9 . Create a Page “About Me”  Not Clear

It seems strange, but many bloggers create a page “About me” or “About”, where you do not understand what they do in life or because they opened their blog.

The page of your presentation is very important : write and explain clearly who you are and what you do.

Including a picture of yourself is also important : your readers want to see how you look like. You may also want to make a video with your presentation.

I use the “Comment Redirect by Yoast” plugin : it redirect the commenters who just made their first comment to a page of your choice.

I have choosen to redirect to my “About” page.

On this page, you could ask the commenters to subscribe via RSS Feeds or via E-mail, follow you on Social Media Networks and a lot more!

10 . Not Reply to Comments

It is a mistake not to respond to the comments of your posts. This is true both in case of appreciation that in case of negative criticism.

Try to build a community : answer to comments, but also ask for more. And do not be afraid to make questions to your commenters, as you can receive some good information from them.

I use the “ReplyMe” plugin : it sends an email to author automatically while someone reply to its comments.

11 . Do Not Monitor the Statistics of Your Blog

If you do not closely monitor the statistics of your blog, how do you figure out what works and what does not?

A blogger makes careful use of all the statistical analysis tool available, such as Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools.


Any other mistake that you experienced and you want to share?

Please let me know, thanks !

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  1. Erik –

    Interesting Read. There are some very easily fixable mistakes that you bring up. First spelling and grammar can almost always be corrected by software. And of course don’t copy some one else’s content thats just rude!


    • Hi Sean,

      we can use also the traditional “Word” Microsoft software, it does check spelling and grammar of any language.

      And with Panda Update copying from other site is strongly penalized.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Yes of course Word or any other spell checking software. Just make sure that the content is check. I am glad that Panda is penalizing some of the spam sites.

        Thanks for your response,


  2. Hey Erik, what should i say now?! Another awesome article?! Nope, think i’ve told you that too much, and i wont say it again :D
    There’s only one thing i want to comment about, that is: IMHO, I think you should combine all the 3 first ideas into one, for anyone who care about what they write, who want to creat “quality content”, would never copy others’ post and go off-topic. But all are great, you must have showed us from your own experience, thank you very much!

    • Hi Alex,
      thanks for the kind words.

      It is true, I could bring together the first three points, but the list would be too short …
      Just joking … :-D

      Have a great day, Alex !

  3. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    Thanks for the tips ahead. I am not a good blogger but I think it helps me a lot.

  4. Hi Erik,

    It’s hard for me not to agree with your statement here. Butmy biggest problem actually will be number 8. It’s little bit hard since english is not my first language. But having a professional proof read is out of my plan, :) I have tight budget for my blogging career. :)

    I do blog because I want my spare time more precious than I do nothing. I feel enjoy blogging.

    • Hi Okto,

      I can understand you, because it is the same for me : english is not my first language.

      But I am sure that with practice and experience we can improve a lot.

      If you need some help, just ask me, ok?

      Happy blogging !


  5. I would add “not making list posts”. This type of posts are very useful and users and bloggers (including you :) like this!

  6. Those are very basic and common mistakes bloggers do. With that, I don’t think their site will live for long. It’s nearly impossible.

  7. Well, you can go off-topic for a bit. I suggest adding a disclaimer message before you can go off-topic. Add it like it’s some sort of a “break” from the serious stuff in case you’re writing about something serious.

  8. Thanks for these points it gives me more information about a good blog and surely help others also.

  9. SEO is king. Sometimes when people create links for SEO purposes, they forget that their blog needs to be solid before those links have any value.

    Your blog needs to have value!!! The mistakes you mention will take value from your blog! I would be, and I know other bloggers who would be panicked if anyone hacked and destroyed my/their blog. So, it is only natural that we should take steps to keep our quality high. The FIRST thing is–take care of your blog!

    If you are optimizing for valuable keywords, you will be up against thousands of blogs. If it is vital and on the list and they do it, and you don’t; they win. SEO is that simple.

  10. Titles are one of the most important elements of a blog post. They tell readers a great deal about the content, and often can be used to set expectations. All too often though, titles are too creative and vague rather than descriptive and enticing.

  11. Hi Edward,

    I agree : titles must be catchy, they must grab the reader attention !


  12. Hi,

    Thank you very much for the tips! Some of them I already have them cleared. But some were a big help.

  13. #6 is highly important IMO. Even though search engines keep on changing their algo, it is highly crucial that every bloggers knows the basics!

    • Hi Jane,
      my pleasure to see you here! :-)

      I agree with you, SEO is really important while blogging.
      However, it is changing so fast, that you really need to keep yourself updated, in order to get your site ranked well.
      Social Signals (Facebook likes, Tweets, and recommendation of G+) are becoming more important than ever.
      Don’t you think, so, Jane?

      Thanks a lot for your visit, it’s really appreciated.

  14. Glad to read another interesting article. First mistake is so popular among bloggers-sad thing. I can say about me that i pass this “mistake test” successfuly.

  15. Very sensible and informative post , we must avoid copy content and respond to comments because they are able to create relationship with other bloggers .Thanks for the great post.

  16. I’ve only been blogging a little over a year.

    #11 is so imortant. What works and doesn’t work? I have found that those posts which are much more personal are the ones that get me the most visits. This is somewhat difficult as I tend to be more on the private side. I am working on this though.

  17. Placing advertisements on a blog is such a fine line to walk, Erik and you’re so right about how going overboard could have horrible results for anyone’s blog.

    Some people feel that there should be NO ads on their blogs – which I think is silly – and others feel that, as soon as they start getting traffic, they should slap ads in any spot not filled with content.

    Getting the balance right takes some testing but I always say that when it comes to advertising, especially on personal blogs, ‘less is more’ is always a great mantra to live by.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      That’s right, Darcy.
      When it comes to ads, you should definetely have a right equilibrium,
      which is however, subjective.

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