7 Tips on How to Increase Your Pageviews and Decrease Bounce Rate

So you started a blog or you already have one, then you know that if you want to become a successful blogger and increase traffic to your blog, there are a lot of things that you should take care of : SEO and Internet Marketing, for example.

Increasing page views and decreasing bounce rate in your site is essential, above all if you decide to monetize your traffic through Google Adsense, Infolinks or other programs that rely on pay per click campaigns or pay per impression.

In other words, you want that your visitors stay on your site as much time as possible, and increase the number of pages that they will visit.

And talking about make money online, you know that more page views equals more clicks, more impressions or more sales.

Here below you find a list of tips, that you should consider in order to raise considerably the number of page views per visitor, thus increasing the impressions and, consequently, decrease the bounce rate of your site.

1 . Create a lot of Quality Content

This is always the best tip and the basic rule to follow : create high quality content.

Of course the more articles you produce, the more information can read your visitors and the more content the search engines will crawl.

But keep in mind, that you do not have to copy content just to produce more pages for your site.

Be sure to follow some basic rules : write something interesting to your audience, write correctly in your language, use properly text and images, integrate the content with social media and optimize in SEO terms.

If you are able to create quality content, visitors will be encouraged to prolong their visit in your site, with the benefit of growing your page views.

2 .  Create Internal links

Remember to insert internal links, when you produce new content. When you write about a topic, that can be related to an article that you already wrote and it is in your archive, be sure to make a link that send the user to that specific old post.

Of course use the right number of internal links for each post, do not abuse and link only if it is really related to that specific topic.

Internal linking, not also allows your visitors to read several of your articles on specific subjects, but this is also very useful in terms of SEO.

Google loves internal linking. So be sure to use this method when you write new posts.

Of course this practice will increase your page views.

3 . Insert Related Articles

At the end of each of your posts, you should let your readers know about related articles, that they should be interested about. In this way, the bounce rate of your blog will decrease.

I use “WordPress Related Posts” , that will generate a number of related posts (that you can set), below each of your article, with relation of the tags that you used.

First, the “Related Articles” method, serve to increase the page views, as your goal.

Second, it gives you advantages in the rankings on Google, because its algorithm rewards them.

Finally, this practice also serves to significantly improve the user experience, which may want to read other similar information to what he already consulted.

Increase Page Views

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4 . Use an Internal Search Engine

Often, your visitors may want to search in your site some old articles or find some specific information, with help of some keyword. Then the internal search function could help them.

It is important that you make available to your visitors a good service like this. Some WordPress Themes already include the internal search engine, some others not.

I use a blog theme called Fresh News, and it is from WooThemes. As you can see there is an internal search engine in the top right of the blog.

I highly recommend WooThemes and it is definitely worth investing in.

5 . Create Lists of Posts

In order to create a list of posts, for istance, you can insert in your pages a sidebar with a list of most viewed articles or most commented ones.

This sidebar will attract the curiosity of your visitors and they may want to click on those links. As a result, your page views will increase.

I useWordPress Popular Posts plugin, that let you put a widget in your sidebar, and it will show your most important posts, listed per views or comments.

6 . Create Fast Loading Pages

This is a practice that will give your visitors a better experience in your blog. Of course you do not want that your site is too slow : this may bore your reader and he can decide to leave your site.

If your pages are fast to load, visitors will have little difficulty moving between them. Conversely, if the pages load slowly, almost nobody is willing to navigate along your website or blog.

You should install a Cache Plugin, so it can cache pages and deliver them without accessing the database, making your site much faster. As you surely know, the loading speed is a factor that Google consider in search engine results.

I use “W3 Total Cache” : it is considered as the highest rated and most complete WordPress performance plugin.

7 . Divide a Complex Topic in Several Articles

You should apply this suggestion with moderation, but avoid forcing.

It is simply like this : when a topic is complex or too long to be explained, you can split it into several articles or posts.


If you apply all the above listed suggestions, you will surely increase your page views and decrease your bounce rate.

Do you have any other tips or considerations?

Thank you !

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. Ann B. Klapper says:

    Wow! These are gem information. Thanks for sharing this is what I need this month because my bounce rate is not going well.

    • Hi Ann,

      some of the above listed tips are easy to implement and you will surely increase your page views and decrease your bounce rate.

      Happy Blogging !

  2. you’ve done it yourself very well, Erik. Now most of my websites is about flash games so it’s hard to apply your tips, but when i come into making a blog, i will remember to use them. Thanks for the great tips, Erik!

  3. I really like the idea of Use an Internal Search Engine but make that it works. i see too many of those internal search engine non operational. really make the use experience aggravating.

    great read.



    • Hi Sean,

      I think it is important to check, at least, if the Internal Search Engine works !

      I can surely understand how frustrating is for a visitor approaching a site where a lot of things “doesn’t work” …

      In some WordPress Themes the function of Internal Search Engine is already included : like WooThemes, for example.

  4. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Great information Erik, before all I know bounce rate comes when one visits your site but doesn’t maintain or click any site, in your own site they lower your reputation in Google. it seems that bounce rate has great affect in one website.

  5. Number 1′s really how things are done ever since. When I read the header, I thought that someone was going to comment about content being the king, but I guess I’m the first one, so yeah. It’s going to stay that way for a long time. People like it when they get to see great content. The more they like it, the higher the chances that they’re going to stay and look around, thus reducing your bounce rate.

    • Well, you got perfectly the point, Gerald.

      Every popular blogger suggests that TIP n. 1 is always write
      high quality content.

  6. Deanne35 says:

    Thanks for this very useful tips! This is a great help to those who are struggling with regards to their page.

  7. some really good tips here. Internal linking is good for both search engines,, but it also makes your content harder to copy.

  8. After huge increase of traffic my website become very slow and bounce rate increased dramatically and of course pageviews declined as well, so had to look for some performance improvements and did install W3 Total Cache like you mentioned but I also added my site to Cloudflare. Really nice service to secure, speed up and reduce server load while it comes free if you are not looking for premium features.
    Thanks Erik for other great suggestions!

  9. Fast loading pages is the one for me, you have some good tips but also if I are stuck with a bad host then this problem can be one that you will not get over until you move so consider all options.

    If when I click on a site it takes more than a few seconds to give me feedback I am gone, if you click back and go straight back to google there is also a rumor that this is now been used as a ranking factor (spam score) so its more important than ever.

    While I have always surfed the web this way I never really applied the logic to my own sites until recently.

    • I agree, Poppie.

      I like a lot fast loading sites and very slow ones really bore me.

      I do not know about “spam score”, but I read for sure that one of the parameters that use Google to rank is the loading speed of the websites.

      Thanks for the comment !

  10. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    Great tips ahead. I agree with the tips number 1, creating more good quality content can help to boost traffic and of course to increase page views. Anyway, thanks a lot for this great tips and I learn something new again from your site.

    • Hi Danyelle,

      I think it is of basic importance share High Quality Information,
      as people are willing to come back for more or even to stay on site to search for more.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. What kept my bounce rate low is the way I write my contents. I always give free stuffs from my site. I also write some debatable posts. As to a related posts widget, the one with the thumbnails worked for me a lot. Creating a list of posts is something that has slipped through my strategy. Thanks Erik for the post. Might give it a try for some other time.

    • Hi Edward,

      Popular Post Widget is always useful for your visitors.

      At a glance you can check the juicier content of a site.

      Thanks for the comment.

  12. Wow, thanks for the tips. I can’t think of much more to add. Internal linking I’d say is the most effective as well as catchy anchor text to encourage people to follow those links.

    • Hi mate,

      I’m increasingly using the technique of inserting manually internal linking, but important is that they are well positioned in the content of my articles (and also a catchy anchor text, as you said).

      I am not very confident in plugins (you can lately delete them or they may have bad functionality in future).

      Have a nice day, Niall !

      • Thanks! I have been using some plugins but I deleted a lot of them as they messed up my site. Will check later which I’m using and post here.

  13. thanks for the great information.quality content is very important to increase pageviews on a site.create a maximum internal links and related articles in your site to reduce the bounce rate.

    • Hi John,

      be sure to use the right number of internal links in your article and do not abuse of this method.

      It also depends on the length of your post.

    • I agree. The design and especially readability also plays a big part. I visited a site the other day that may have had exactly what I was looking for but I gave up trying to read anything on it as the text spacing was too close on the headings and the content as well.

  14. Kelsey87 says:

    Providing us this kind of information is really a big! And i agree with you that creating more good quality content help increase traffic. And i will follow all the tips that you’ve with us here to increase my knowledge. Thanks for the post and i’m so excited to read more from you.

  15. As Gerald pointed out, content is king. But, content needs to be read. Titles need to be good. Visitors need to come to the site.

    Your article has started me investigating. Items 3 and 4 about the inserted articles and the internal search engine. Do I add them to my blog? Time to investigate and find out.

    • Hi David,

      I definetely suggest you to follow the suggestions of point 3 and 4.

      WordPress Related Posts” is very useful, and easy to implement. Your readers will be happy to check related posts below each of your article, with relation of the tags that you used.

      Also the Internal Search Engine is useful : your visitors may want to search in a fast way in your site some old articles or find some specific information.

      Let me know if you need help.


  16. Navin Kunwar says:

    great points, i am having over 70% bounce rate and has done lots of thing but still im its victim.

    • A lot of “big and popular blogs” have high bouncing rate, I think it also depends from the level of traffic you have and your sources of traffic.

      However, you can still improve some things in your blog in order to try reduce the bounce rate.

      Keep up the good work, Navin !

  17. aman kashyap says:

    I completely agree with this. This is the way to increase our page views and decrease our bounce rate.

  18. Jasmin says:

    Of course every one totally agree with this post. Visitors bounce back from the due to various reasons as correctly mentioned above. So this things are correctly needed to perform well to keep the visitors intact to the site.

  19. Great post.. Very useful tips! For me, the most important is the first one. If you want your blog to be successful you should write about something you really know.. People don’t follow blogs that are misleading or not informative at all..And if your blog has traffic it can make you money.At least that’s what i do.. I treat my blog like my child.. it needs constant attention and “feeding”..

    • Great mention, Danai !

      I love the way you “treat your blog like your child”. :-D

      The constant work will pay off for sure!

  20. Some very straightforward and useful tips, Erik…

    Most of these tips are quite basic, yet, very powerful when applied appropriately…
    There is so much advice out on the web, on increasing page views, and it can be a little overwhelming for those just starting out online….

    The use of a related Post widget, can really help to increase page views and lower bounce rate at the same time…
    Though, the widget must be functioning properly, to get the best results(As they can be a bit buggy)…..

    • Hi Daniel,
      I am glad you liked the article.

      I think that insert internal linking to old good posts,
      when you write new article in your blog is very important.
      It helps a lot to decrease bounce rate.

      Thanks for your comment!

  21. Fast loading sites play vital role in decreasing the bounce rate. One more better idea to get more pv’s is: display your popular posts in the sidebar, the chances of reading them by the visitors will be more.

    • You’re right, Rahul.
      This is one of the reason why I switched from WooThemes to Generate Child Theme.
      I think Genesis Framework is much faster and it has cleaner code.
      Also it is more personalizable, as you know.

      For the sidebar I use “Posts by Tag” plugin (it looks just like WordPress Popular Posts Plugin) : I added the tag “featured” to the posts I like more, so you will see displayed these articles in my sidebar, as right now.

  22. I could do nothing else but tweet this article. Excellent value for time! :)

  23. James Brown says:

    Nice Tips.. I gonna follow these 7 tips. for me the most important is Fast loading site and the quality of the content of the site. your Right the more content you Have the more visibility on search engines.

  24. Marius Florin says:

    Very useful and interesting tips.
    Especially the one with”quality content”.
    If you want a good bounce rate you’d better have interesting and unique article on your blog that will really help your page views to increase.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Glad you liked the article, Marius!
      Quality content will always be the kind!
      Then there are some tricks to help you increase pageviews, decrease bounce rate and let stick your visitors a little more on your site… ;-)

  25. A related posts area – especially in the sidebar or at the conclusion of the post in question – is a fantastic idea, Erik. If the reader has enjoyed the post, it is really unlikely that they’ll leave without at least checking out the other, related pages. I haven’t used a plugin to do this for me in the past but didn’t think of its applications re: bounce rate so now, I’ll certainly be looking into it.

  26. It might sound like a noob question, Erik, but is it true that some niches just have higher bounce rates than others?

    I know a guy who employed some tactics (including some you’ve listed here,) to reduce bounce rate on one of his sites and it worked almost instantly. He used the same tactics on another site – which is in the gaming niche – and his rate hasn’t hardly changed.

    Is it true that some industries/niches are just higher than others in terms of bounce rate or is that a myth/excuse?

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I confirm it, Jack.
      And it is also truth that it depends from the size of your website.
      Bigger blogs have greater bounce rates.

  27. very nice tips i found the very helpful thanks for sharing !

  28. Thanks for the great tips! My bounce rate is pretty high…over 50% so hopefully this will help me lower is significantly!

  29. Kurt Borkowski says:

    Thanks for some very useful information.This will help me get my blog running instead of crawling.

  30. A few months back the bounce rate for my blog had touched the roof…I tried some tweaks and added some useful links to other blog posts as well as other sites in my posts..After a month or so there was a dramatic drop in the bounce rate..People who visit the links actually return to the original post to read the remaining portion..I guess the secret is to give them options and let them decide the value of your article.

  31. really nice article Eric.. Thanx for that.. these things are surely gonna help me out to reduce my bounce rates….

  32. nice and informative article,best key points thanks for sharing wonderful best article,well written great article really very appreciated work.

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