11 SEO Tips to Improve YOUR Blog

More and more people every day decide to start their own blog, but perhaps they are less the ones who engage it in a successfully way, in order to become popular and rank well in search engines.

With all the high competition between several blogs around, that are born each day, you have to work hard, but above all in the right way, if you want to not succumb to your rivals, and start having a good traffic and a good online reputation.

Here you find a list of SEO tips, that (may be) will help you in some ways to improve your blog.

1 . Choose a Good Theme

Reject the default template : a blog based on classical default WordPress themes, certainly does not start in pole position (I have seen few ones with default themes, but with terrific content : are you between these ones?).

If you want that your blog is appreciated by your readers you will need a professional and original theme, especially to stand out from the crowd.

If you have a lot of money to invest, you can hire a graphic development, that create a theme that characterizes and gives personality to your blog.

If you want to invest less money, you can choose a Premium Wootheme.

WooThemes are wonderfull if you want to have a professional looking blog or if you just want to differentiate from the most part of traditional available WordPress templates.

The blog theme I use is called Fresh News, and it’s from WooThemes. I highly recommend them and their themes are definitely worth investing in. You can check WooThemes site, because there are always new themes.

2 . Use Good Colors

I love blue, and you can see it in my Blog Theme. I think that you should decide the colours to use in relation to the topics on the site. For example, a blog that deals with nature, should use green and brown colors.

Also you should use some colors that do not discomfort or get your readers bored. And avoid any use of flash or too shiny banners.

I think that the experience of the visitor of your site should be relaxing, but interesting at the same time.

3 . Use RSS Feeds

It is important to have active RSS feeds : subscribe to mine here. The goal is to make clear to visitors that they are on a blog up and running, and to invite them not to abandon you and to keep follow.

Some themes have already the RSS Feeds button included, but for some others you can download your own image and include it in your site : you can use the FeedButton, which provides a variety of buttons which in themselves contain the subscription feed of the main online feed readers.

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4 . Allow Subscriptions by E-mail

You can call this also “E-mail Marketing”. For your readers that do not use the feeds, it is useful to give another opportunity to receive your content : a service that sends automatically e-mail of your last post.

If you want to start an online business or set a blog, that can generate money in the future, then you should start now building your e-mail list.

I use Aweber to manage my email subscribers. Aweber gives you a lot of flexibility. In addition to automatically emailing your subscribers when you have a new blog post, it lets you email them any time, for any reason.

This helps you build a deeper relationship with your community by sending special emails.

You can test it for 1$ dollar here : the account is just like a normal Aweber account and includes unlimited email campaigns, newsletter, broadcasts and follow ups. It is a wonderful way to test drive Aweber to see if it can be suitable for you.

The satisfaction is guaranteed and if you decide that email marketing is not for you, contact Aweber within 30 days and they will give you the $1 back.

5 . Correct Writing

Your authority, or web reputation, also pass trough an impeccable spelling, grammar and syntax in your articles.

Writing skills also means knowing how to involve your audience, through a personal and lively prose.

A misspellings post is never pleasant to read, and always give the idea of an unprofessional blog : since writing with keyboard is likely to commit some errors, it is always good, before publication, to review your articles with one of the many software of “spell cecker”, such for istance the one included in the Google Toolbar.

In essence, your authority on the web depends on the quality of your writing and your style of communication.

Try to make the reading your articles the simplest as possible, use a good font and remember to divide your text into paragraphs.

Keep writing and you will learn how to do it better.

6 . Have a Fast Site

Important aspect is the loading time of the pages on your blog. An high loading time may disturb your visitors.

A first suggestions, if you use WordPress, is to install a Cache Plugin, so it can cache pages and deliver them without accessing the database, making your site much faster. As you surely know, the loading speed is a factor that Google consider in search engine results.

And if you host your site, avoid hosting services that cause any delays. I use HostGator : it is very popular( now hosting over 7,000,000 domains!) and clients are very satisfied. They also offer an easy interface (CPanel), a lof or useful tools and free software or themes for your site. Customers generally report that Hostgator has the best customer support offered by a web hosting company. Each of  the Web Hosting plans includes 24/7/365 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

7 . Have Descriptive Titles

It is important is to give to your articles catchy titles.

Try to include your keywords, both in the article title and inside the post : in headings, throughout the text, in images alt tags, etc.

Choose a title in a way that your reader will definitely want to visit your site and read the article.

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8 . Continuity in Writing Your Posts

The higher the frequency with which you will update your blog, the greater the number of requests you will receive from search engines, looking for updates to be indexed.

I have read around that Google much prefers the blog updated daily with respect to what has 2-3 posts a week.

I do not know if it is correct, but it is sure that you will have more opportunities with more pages indexed, to receive more Organic Traffic.

Popular Blogs like JohnChow publish one or two post every day !

But John also make a lot of money online blogging, so definetely he has also the time and opportunity to write a lot of posts.

This blog is not of course my first income, and I write in free time. Some periods I do not have a lot of free time, unfortunately (but I will work on this, in 2012).

Try to understand and decide the frequency of post publishing, that better match with you and with your activities, and then stick with it.

9 . Report the Sources

When you find a story or an interesting article on another blog, and you decide to talk about it in your own, it is always good to indicate the source from which you became aware of the fact, linking to the article.

As well as fairness, this procedure is also useful in terms of visibility : when you link to other blogs, it is easy to see that they will backlink to you.

It is also important in order to build online relationships, as if you want to make the “things seriously”, as online business, you should start to build a circle of friends among most famous blogs, and of course less popular.

10 . Buy a Domain Name

To begin to get started with blogs you can just use a free hosting service, but when things start to get a little more serious, it is recommended to buy a domain.

The free hosting services do not provide any guarantee with respect to the life cycle of the domain : in the event that you have a successful blog with address “name.blogspot”, for example and the owner Google decides to withdraw from the market, your domain would be lost forever !

So you should buy a domain for a fee, and gain several advantages in terms of visibility and ranking on search engines.

Normally the Dot Com is suggested, because it is the most popular one.

I use GoDaddy : it is the world’s largest domain registrar for domain names. You will find interesting offers and it is very fast to obtain your domain name.

11 . Make Emotional and Personal Connection

Make an emotional connection, as people react to emotions. They like to know they are not struggling alone, and that you cares : everyone like to feel special. Touch emotional part of your readers and they will return, with more possibilities they will share your posts with their friends.

You should also get personal. Of course if you do not want, you do not have to share all the details of your life, but your visitors want to check if there is a real person behind your content.

Talk about something personal and let your the reader know that you do normal stuff every day just like they do.


Do you have some other suggestions? Thanks !

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. There are a lot of factors, there are a lot of rules you must follow in order to achieve success with your website. SEO is never an easy things but in my opinion SEO is like a big puzzle, there are a lot of pieces that must fin into the puzzle, pieces like link building, onpage optimisation and many other. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Joshua,

      if you consider that BIG G continue to change the way to index the web,
      SEO Optimization is not so easy…

      Thanks for the comment and best wishes.

  2. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    I have to admit Erik this is a good information that internet marketers need, we all know that being an SEO is not an easy task, without this we can’t create an effective SEO jobs. Virtual assistant is also needed. am I right?

  3. Enjoyed your article on search engine optimization (SEO). I am not into internet marketing; but, merely looking for ways to popularize my new site on anxiety attacks. You have provided me some very helpful tips. Thank you :)


    • Hi Ellie,

      glad you liked it !

      Check out also in the Popular Articles,
      there are some posts about ways to get more traffic to your blog.

      Best wishes and thanks for the comment !

  4. And after all these interesting tips you need to set up goals. Once you achieved the milestone, select another. As human beings we need goals to feel victorious.

    • Thanks for adding this, Radu.

      I have set up some goals for me for 2012, and you?

      We definitely need some missions, to make our best.

      My best wishes !

  5. Hi Erik

    Some very good SEO tips, I think your tip on having descriptive titles is very important. Doing proper keyword research and then using the keywords in your post title and H1 headings is a major step that everyone should do who starts a new blog.

    Additionally, like you said page load times are important now that Google factors in the time it takes to load a page from your site into its ranking algorithm. I have also used Hostgator on some sites and have never had a problem with them, they’re a reliable cost effective hosting solution for the newbie or experienced webmaster.

    • Hello Beth,

      there is a “particular way” to make titles in Popular Blog :
      they are attractive and compelling to read
      (and of course the content must be of quality)…

      The loading time of your pages are very important, not also for Google, but above all for your readers, as an heavy slow page can annoy your visitors…

      Thanks for your comment !

  6. I use Woo Themes on one of my websites. I think I’m using Bueno theme. I’d recommend getting their pro themes which cost money because the theme I have was free and there is no support at all. I have no idea how to tweak it to do what I’d like. Now I’m afraid of changing themes because I don’t want anything to affect my rankings in Google and I have some very highly rated posts. I’m afraid of doing anything to change that.

  7. I wouldn’t think it would affect Google rankings. But then again, on July 26, 2010 Google de-indexed almost my entire content for a website which had many amazon links on it. I had some products showing up in front of the manufacturers websites of said products. My Amazon income was doubling each month. I was happy. Then all of a sudden, the website wss dead. One and a half years later, I still don’t understand. I just know that I don’t trust Google.

    But you’re probably right, there shouldn’t be a loss in rankings.

    • Hi Brian,

      there are somethings that we could never understand, about Google algorithmes and consider that they keep changing and improving the way they index the web.

      But as you said, I do not think that changing only the Blog Theme will affect your ranking in any way.

      Perhaps the only thing is that your readers may like it or not …

      My best wishes to you and thanks for the comment !

  8. Writing about something using past data from other bloggers is a good idea of being visible in search results. It’s also a good way of building relationships with those handling the same niche as you. If you’re going to inform that that you used some of their data and linked to them so that your readers would know, there’s a big chance that you will be linked to, given that you write amazing content.

    • Hi Gerald,

      I agree with you : one of my future posts will be about an
      interview with popular bloggers.

      It is a nice way to build relationships online and a good method
      to build more traffic, above all if you look for popular bloggers
      of your niche.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. Hi Erik,

    You’ve made a few great points here, in particular one that most people don’t pick up on. Site design and colour does play a part in SEO (although granted the CRO side of things) if a site isn’t visually appealing, your bounce rate will skyrocket and if you believe Google looks into data like that (which I do) then not paying attention to something as simple as colour can have an effect on your overall organic visibility.

  10. Building relationships and content outreach. Accepting guest posts is a great way to build relationships as well as adding high quality content to your website. I see you are already taking part in this particular strategy , how’s it working out for you?

    • Thanks for the fast reply, Sebastian.

      Actually the particular strategy you mentioned is really working, since I started to write “decent” quality content (in my opinion).

      Since then, I saw the number of requests of Guest Post increasing.

      With some readers you can establish a good relationship (and it has happened so far), but with others not, as they are just interested in backlinks.

      But your suggestion is definitely great : trying to build friendships online is important, also because personally you never stop learning.

      Is it the same for you?

      • Exactly, I’m finding that link building is becoming less of a manual chore and more of a social engineering exercise. It’s definitely more fun I’ll say that much haha.

        • You know better than me how the internet is constantly evolving,
          I am happy too that now this is more social and less technical and boring.


  11. Content is the king. So you need to be consistent to have or write articles which copyscape and readable for your blogs. Google love it then send massive traffic to your blog! And you can choose niche or topic that you love.

  12. These really are useful tips. Some I have known and carried out but some tips still be a problem of my site. I will try to fix it soon. :)

  13. Some great tips here, sometimes SEO isn’t about the formula of how to choose keywords, creative titles, etc…but it also involves being personal, being consistent, blogging regularly.

    Learning how to do effective SEO however, is a great skill to have and should definitely be part of your marketing arsenal.

    To Your Success,

    Beth :)

  14. Truong Thien says:

    i use Marketing delight 2 theme. so i think theme is a important factor to attract you blog

  15. with all of this tips i still saying the content is the king!

  16. Thanks for sharing some of the best and worthy tips to get success in SEO its really helpful i also agree more we go natural and stay on white hat better the results are

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