How to Become a Successful Blogger in 10 Steps

Time ago may be you started your blog for fun, but now you would like to begin to get serious.

We know that anyone can become a blogger : today, it only takes five minutes to create a blog.

But very few bloggers arrive to involve a large public and even less are the ones who can live from their web activity.

So the question is : “How to Become a Successful Blogger” ?

I made this list of steps to follow, which in my opinion can help you figure out how to have success as a blogger.

1 . Passion

All the most famous bloggers have a great passion for what they do and they put this passion in what they write.

You will notice it when you read these successful blogs : you may feel the love of the writers in their work, understand that they find it exciting.

The passion is really the first quality of a good blogger.

Without that, you do not go far away. The internet is full of blogs with ten or twenty posts, with low quality post or even with content written from automatic software, just with the purpose to make few bucks with Google Adsense.

My suggestions before create a blog, when you have to choose your Topic, is just thing about what you would like to talk or write every single free moment of your day, and you will found out the topic of your blog.

2 . Niche

As a good blogger, you know how to choose your right niche. And you will discuss about this topic, resisting the temptation to broaden your comments and articles to other completely different topics.

You should stick to the content that you have choosen to write about. Choose a niche that will represent your audience, create useful articles only for those specific users.

In other words, as good blogger you should remain faithful to the editorial line that you have choosen.

3 . Constancy

As many other business not online, also in the case of blogging, you will see the fruits of your work over time.

I have read time ago an article written from a popular blogger, where she wrote that you will need 18 months, at least, in order to see the results of an online business.

Try to publish your posts with constance, and you will be rewarded by search engines, having traffic increase.

It is very important that you think about the timing to publish your posts. Think about your duties and commitments, and choose between post everyday, two or three a week or just one post a week. Then stick with this program.

This is very important, in order to respect your readers.

Think for example of a blogger that publishes a post every day for two weeks and then disappears for a month : this attitudes, rather than retain visitors, will let them run away from your blog.

Above all the RSS Feeds Subscribers, would like to read a scheduled content.

4 . Personality

As a good blogger, you should have personality and not be afraid to show it.

You should explain what YOU thinks, expose yourself, assume your responsibility for what you write.

We may even say that a good blogger is Brave.

You may learn from experienced people in your niche, see how you can prove your personality and transfer it in the content of your blog.

Sean Connery as James Dond

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5 . Dialogue

As a successful blogger, you should be able to establish a nice dialogue with the public of your site.

Involve your visitors in the content, push the comments, make questions to your visitors, you may even ask them some help !

So try to respond to all comments, even those critical to your position.

As a good blogger, you should share your knowledge with your readers. It is a fundamental thing.

You should give away, if you want later to receive comments, receive compliments, or even as last goal receive money from your readers, if your will is to create an online product.

Sometimes you should share your secrets, something that you have learned trough the years of your experience (or something that you have learned from other popular bloggers).

6 . Quality content

It is always the same suggestions, the first one, the most important one.

In few words, if you want to become a famous blogger, it is essential to know how to create quality content for your public.

We can say that the content is of quality when it solves a real problem to people in your niche.

Content is the king ! 

See for example the last modifications of search engines like the Big Google : they are trying to remove SPAM from the internet and encourage high quality content sites.

If you keep writing good content, also your visibility and popularity around the web will increase.

7 . SEO

As a good blogger, you should master the SEO techniques. You should know how to get high rankings on search engines. It is pointless to have a blog full of high quality content, that nobody reads.

So for example, insert your main keywords in the title tag of each post, in the H1 tag and in the URL of your posts.

The most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization is getting links to your site.

The more frequently your site appears on search engines the more visitors it will receive : this is called Organic Traffic.

Focus on acquiring backlinks from a websites that are similar to your niche and from sites that have high Google Page Rank.

And keep writing high quality content : you will invite people to link to your nice posts.

Do not forget to set up your site to be SEO friendly ! (See how to do it here).

8 . Correct Writing

Your authority, or web reputation, also pass trough an impeccable spelling, grammar and syntax in your articles.

Writing skills also means knowing how to involve your audience, through a personal and lively prose.

Keep writing and you will learn how to do it better.

In essence: your authority on the web depends on the quality of your writing and how your style of communication knows how to appreciate your content.

9 . Multimedia

You may think that a picture is worth thousand words.

Adding images in a post makes a more effective communication of your message.

Remember to optimize images with SEO techniques : use your keywords in the description, and take care of the alt text or tags. Be sure that the pictures that you have choosen, can match the content.

And remember to use not only images, but try also audio and video files to best enhance your posts.

10 . Graphics

The graphics are the dress of your blog : in other words, the Theme.

It is the responsibility as a good blogger to find an artwork that expresses your taste and which, at a glance, perceive the type of communication that you want to create between yourself and your audience.

My simple suggestion is to avoid to use any unnecessary or excessive use of coding on a page, any use of JavaScript’s in the content area or any use of flash objects on your site.

The blog theme I use is called Fresh News, and it’s from WooThemes. I highly recommend them and their themes are definitely worth investing in.


Do you have any other information to add or any other suggestion ?

Thanks !

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  1. I think passion and consistency are the big two. If you have those two things, many of the other things will fall into place. Passionate wriiting will attract an audience. Consistency will build up your presence, even if you don’t have the perfect seo technique, creating consistent content will get the attention of the search engines.

  2. Thats a nice clear list and its good to see thigs laid out so simply, however, if you dig a little deeper each one of those items in the list is an art for all of its own which could take months to get to grips with!

    • Hello Marian,

      of course it is simply explained, but it takes
      months or even years of hard work to accomplish the mission
      to become a successful blogger !

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. I think the main thing is SEO. Otherwise no one will find you. I find that quote about 18 months before seeing results with an online business interesting. This must be an average since some people hit it big quickly and others struggle for a while.

    You do definately need to pick the right niche for youself otherwise you’ll be running out of material and won’t be able to write consistent enough.

    • Hello Darren,

      SEO is definetely very important…
      You can have high quality content in your site,
      you can write thousands of good posts,
      but without SEO basics and good SERPs,
      you will just have readers from the word of mouth…

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. Becoming a successful blogger is kind of hard. There are a few steps, but every step represents a huge mission. If you want to become successful, good in your niche, it just needs: talent (yes, pure talent) and/or a lot of work. In some cases, you need both. Thanks for sharing! Congratulations for the article, really useful content!

    • Hi joshua,

      I think that you can improve yourself and your art of blogging,
      with work and practice…of course, if you have “pure talent”,
      this process would be easier…

      Best wishes !

  5. Effective SEO together with fresh and interesting topic and quality content will make you a great blogger. Research and passion are great factor at success in writing industry.

  6. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    I totally agree with your Erik these are easy steps to follow before we can be called successful blogger. patience and practice is really needed here.and motivation of course.

  7. Ann B. Klapper says:

    Great post! I totally agree with you. Passion is one of the things that I need. I hope next year I can have a better passion :)

  8. Simone Clark says:

    Great post, I think personality is the most important one out of all those. If you can’t put your “touch” on the blog, you can’t keep readers coming back !

    • Hi Simone,

      it is a nice suggestion to always try to put
      in the posts something personal, it adds value to the article
      and increase the interactivity with the readers.

      Thanks for sharing !

  9. You make it look easy! Thanks for sharing!

  10. There are a lot of articles on how to be a successful blogger. And passion is important in everything that we do, may it be blogging, accounting, singing, dancing. Our passion is what inspires us to be better and keeps us going. When you love what you do, you do it beautifully effortlessly.

  11. free stuff says:

    Nice tips I follow from Today

  12. Scott- love you comment about people blogging whatever their passion is. So few people would actually include accounting in that!

    About you point on niche- I actually make a point of encouraging clients to blog outside of their niche regularly.

    The reason for this is two fold:
    1. Keeps you blog from becoming a (well thought out) one trick pony

    2. You might expose into another, powerful, niche to write about.

  13. Hi Erik, I think the one key note I got from this article is that it requires all around technique and style to be a great blogger. You can’t just be great at one thing it’s important to remind ourselves blogging has many elements we need to follow to have a chance at being an online success.

    • True Brian.

      I often see bloggers who are excellent in writing, but maybe they are not so good in marketing or bloggers who are great in SEO, but they are lacking in content.

      In order to become a great successful blogger, you need many gifts and qualities all together.

      Thanks for your comment!

  14. Passion is the key, because if you love what you’re doing it will show.

    Your content will be better…
    Your networking will be better…
    and you will be motivated to stay consistent!

    • Yes, Jamie!
      The most important point is keep doing what we love!

      If you do not like what you do, sooner or later you will quit.
      Passion and consistence are necessary, in order to have success!

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. Consistency in posting is by far the most important. If you are not posting a lot you are not going to get the recognition and people who do subscribe will unsubscribe very quickly!

    P.S. Found you through blog engage!

    • Yes, Kevin,
      I have noticed that consistency is really important in blogging.
      Theoretically the more posts the better, although this is not always true.
      Keep up the quality of content, though!

      I am glad you found my blog trough Blog Engage! :-)

  16. Great article, thanks for posting -

    i’ve just started blogging – i gotta keep consistent, that’s my only challenge, i’ve been doing webinars and posting the replay’s + also
    adding infographics there.

    i’m interested in Guest Blogging for your blog Eric
    for topics covering Website Traffic Generation


  17. Gotta love the graphics part….That’s one simple way to impress any reader

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      You’re right, Saqib.
      Design and graphics is definetely a part to be aware of,
      in order to attract visitors and let them remain attached to your blog! ;-)

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