10 Fresh Tips to Increase Traffic to YOUR Blog

The dream of every blogger is to bring many visitors to their blogs. And each blogger looks for new ways to make traffic .

Here’s a list on how to increase traffic to your blog in 10 tips.

1 . Write About What YOU Know Well

Actually, you should already have done it, when you have chosen the topic for your blog.

Write about things you have mastered : the sense is that the argument should coincide with one of your passions. Even better, if you find a topic that match with some particular niche, with low competition.

2 . Write Quality Content

This is always the best tip to follow : in addition to write about things you know, write posts really useful to visitors.

Be original: do not copy content from other blogs.

Be different : try to write about something new, if you can. Or try to be the first one.

Use internal links : when you write new posts, tey to include at least one internal link to your high quality old posts. 

3 . Follow the High Experts in YOUR Niche

Visit the blogs of famous and popular experts in your niche. Find out what topics are hot and which are obsolete. Leave constructive comments, with backlinks to your best posts.

Build friendships in your niche. Try to learn the best from them and try also to give something.

4 . Update YOUR Blog Often

Create new content often, or at least try to write on a scheduled basis, that match with your duties, work or your time possibilities.

Until now, this blog is not my first income (at least, I MADE some money online during the last months, but at the moment I just blog for passion…), so I try to post at least once every week, or twice if I found the time.

The visitors like the freshness of the contents of a blog. Also Google now, with the last update, like the Freshness ! So this will be a reward also in search engines terms with increase of your online traffic.

Write at least a couple of posts a week (or more if you can). But try just to be consistent.

Create post with lists : people like useful articles like “Top 10 tips for a Successful Blog” or “25 Tips to Increase Traffic to YOUR Blog.”

5 . Insert Images in YOUR Posts

Adding images in a post makes a more effective communication of your message.

I always include one or more pictures in my articles, depending on how long they are.

Remember to optimize images with SEO techniques : use your keywords in the description, and take care of the alt text or tags. Be sure that the pictures that you have choosen, can match the content.

In addition to your posts, the optimized images can position itself in searches for images and become indirect source of traffic (I have in fact some images at the top of search engines for some strange keywords : see for istance  “gym girl“!).

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6 . Choose a Simple Site Layout

Your blog should have a nice layout and usable for visitors. Therefore, no complex design or graphics confusing. Choose a layout simple and clear.

Here I list also three things that you should AVOID :

- any unnecessary or excessive use of coding on a page;

- any use of JavaScript’s in the content area;

- any use of flash objects on your site.

I have choosen WooThemes ( I like the color “Blue”, as you may see) : they are wonderfull if you want to have a professional looking blog or if you just want to differentiate from the most part of traditional available WordPress templates.

The blog theme I use is called Fresh News, and it’s from WooThemes. I highly recommend them and their themes are definitely worth investing in some dollars.

7 . Hold Down the Weight of the Pages

Watch the weight of your pages  : also Google judges the value of your site, counting upload time.

The loading time of your blog should be fast enough, in a way to not bore your visitors (you can try this Free tool, to check this out).

You can follow some easy tips, like resize the images before publishing them in your post and install the WordPress plugin WP Super Cache.

8 . Reply to Comments on YOUR Blog

Interact with visitors of your blog: respond to their comments. Interact with your readers, build an online community.

Use the ReplyMe WordPress Plugin : it sends an email to author automatically while someone reply to his comment.

You should then answer to all “smart comments”, in order to engage conversation. Even better, you may add sometimes a question to your readers : you should be suprised of the nice help you may receive !

 9 . Share YOUR Content with RSS feeds

The blog post must be shared via RSS feeds. Get my RSS Feeds here.

10 . Interview Bloggers in YOUR Niche

Organize an interview by e-mail or even audio recorded, could boost your traffic. Try to get the most experienced and well-known bloggers in your niche.


Any other tips to get MORE Traffic? (for Free).

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. Not only are 10 tips … gold nuggets!!!
    I agree on everything, especially when you talk about quality items … Spam from Google Panda, is no longer tolerated.
    Very often we forget this simple rule, but as important as the others.

    • Hi Max,

      I think that Google has done the right thing with the update of spam, it is not a good thing that there are duplicate content at the top of the SERPs.

      Thanks for the comment !

    • Was acrually thinking along your line,this post is a real goldmine and not just a tip,at first when i saw the title,i thought it was going to be the regular story…thanks to you the author

  2. Great tips Erik. Another way to increase site traffic is making a podcast. Many people prefer to listen rather than read. You can record yourself reading explaining about your best post or new content.

    • Hi Gregg,

      I have never tried to make a podcast.

      But I know that you can use sites like Odiogo to turn your blog post into a podcast : this will allow your readers to listen your content, even on iTunes (also using iPods or iPhone).

      I will check it out.

      Thanks for the comment !

  3. Hmm, I never thought about reaching out to experts in my niche before, that’s a good idea. Maybe they would link to the interview and could get some of their audience to come on over too then.

    • Hello Lauren,

      I think a good article with interview, or even better a video or podcast, will increase a lot traffic and popularity between your audience…

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. This is something that is easier said than done. If you will dig them deeper one by one, you will find it difficult to do. Even uploading images to your post, if you will do it for SEO, you’ll have to place alt tags blah blah blah..

    • Hello Harbie,

      of course nothing is easy,
      you will need time and effort, if you want to make things, well done.

      Hard work = nice results !


  5. Thanks for the tips, My ideas were getting old and I am in need of new ones. Glad I found this blog.

  6. Those high experts that you’ve mentioned can really help a lot, especially if you’ve made a good relationship with them in the community that you participate in. They might be able to give you new ideas that you can post about.

  7. Great tips! Also, the most important thing to do after you read these tips is to apply them! A lot of people read articles, tons of tips, and then they go back to their old habits (bad habits – like blackhat seo, or other similar things). Thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks these are very useful for SEO, I think people have to observe general things around them, than at the time of writing you have unique idea which no body observe and know. Use pictures and videos in your blog also increase the traffic of blog.

  9. Weight page is new to me :) I use a lot of images so I guess this is crucial… Thanks Erik!

  10. Nice read, images in the post works so well for breaking up content. You might get away with a few pages of text but if someone is having a serious read of your content then it needs something to break it up and as you illuded to it can carry heavy seo benifits.

    Also, I think images work better for breaking up a post than a video as people read quicker and often dont want to sit through a video.

    • Hi Marian,

      I agree that adding images, you can break up the heavy reading walls of text …

      I also think that sometimes you may add some video or podcast, just
      to propose new ways to communicate to the audience that perhaps like more the videos, than reading the text…

      Thanks for the comment !

  11. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Hi Erik, I really appreciate this 10 tips you have shared for online business. the last time I visited your blog I am new to online business, but now I work at home because of the help you have given and shared with us. I really want to thank you.

  12. Thanks for the great advice!

  13. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Thanks to you Erik without your help I don’t know where will I end up, because of the useful topic you shared I feel like my success will continue.

  14. Nice tutorial Erik!

    Traffic is essential to not only blogs but also other web properties as well. And what you’ve detailed here are very solid to attract and keep the traffic engaged :D

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. I agree to you. Except for the quality content, being involved in the community and having conversation with your readers are good ways to build your presence online and thus help you generate more sources of traffic.

  16. Some great tips here Erik. I find keeping the quality content flowing consistently is the hardest part about blogging. Trying to think of quality content that works with your SEO is another story. Great post.

    • Hi Darren,

      I agree with you : may be at beginning it is easier to keep up
      the high quality content, after this, you just have to be consistent !

  17. writing article is the on of the best way to get more traffic your site.write the good article.choose the relevant keywords to write your article.use the simple language to write your article.don’t write the lengthy article,if you write the lengthy then your reader should get bored.
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    social bookmarking and directory submission are the two another way to get more traffic on your site.

  18. What’s up, its good piece of writing regarding media print, we all be familiar with media is a impressive source of facts.

  19. Pst Bless says:

    Thanks for coming to oracleblogger.com, i appreciate you.

  20. Hi Erik, , when I first stated blogging I followed your rule about only writing what you know about. It made my blog pretty popular but then I started Blog Engage and well my blog didn’t get any new articles I had to invest all my time on Blog Engage. Another thing I want to start getting better at is commenting on blogs and replying back to people who comment on my blog.

    • Hi Brian,
      I think blog commenting is a powerful way to engage conversation with bloggers and build relationships. Do not forget also that you have SEO benefits.
      Well, I guess that BlogEngage is pretty much popular than your own blog. You should be satisfied of it ! :-)

      • Yes perhaps, but someday I will be excited to once again start my own personal blog. Something about having your own blog that just inspires you.

        • I think that with Blog Engage you need to follow and satisfy the needs of your customers, a part of your friends bloggers.
          With your own blog you can just say and write what you think, without worrying about to please anyone.
          Don’t you think, that, Brian?

          • Yes I agree I am always trying to do my best for the customers. Another major area you may not think of but tons of people are blogging on blog engage. It’ great and that’s the point but when I post I feel it gets sent back fast for our guest blog contests. So one positive of a personal blog is having more literature real estate lol.

            • Most of the people do not say exactly their opinion, because doing that has the risk of going against the tide.
              It’s easier to agree and feel part of a group.

              In your blog you should always say your opinion, showing your personalty : your blog is your house.
              The others are guests.
              Right Brian?

  21. Hi Erik,

    Yes – I do agree with your previous comment. The Benefits (from an SEO perspective) from commenting and engaging with user online and in social communities can be phenomenal for your website and authority in Search Engines. And when it comes to using Blog Engage – I think it all depends on the targeted reach you ant to achieve. Sometimes there are local networks that can reach a better targeted audience – demographic wise – than some of the international networks.

    • For experience, I see that just blogging is not enough.
      You need to build realtionships and connect with other bloggers of your niche, share and engage in social media. Blog Engage really helps.
      And commenting is just a part of that process… :-)

  22. Love this article Erik, number 10 is top of my list now – hope you’re ready for your interview LOL

  23. There’s an old rule that says, in order to make money, you have to spend money and that’s true, even when it comes to blogging. If you take some money and put it aside for purchasing advertising, such as Bing, Facebook or Yahoo ads, then your website will receive that much more traffic and exposure.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Making money online through advertising or ppc ads is really hard,
      but if you have your own product, then you can earn some passive income.
      In this case you can purchase advertising, sending traffic to your landing page.

  24. Erik,

    You might consider adding forum posting to your tips list. The traffic coming from forums are generally more valuable as those visitors are likely to revisit blog later.

  25. Erik,

    I use omgili.com to find related forums in my niche. Then, I respond to the help requests in those forums. The traffic coming to my website goes up over time as I also put my website address in my forum signature.

  26. Really these are the fresh n genuine tips toe get traffic to blog. Yes, it is good to write about the well known categories. I used to write about beauty n health. Nice information to get visitors, keep sharing.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Nirmala.
      I am glad you enjoyed the article and the tips about getting more traffic. :-)

  27. Nice tips you gathered here. My favourite ways to improve traffic on my blogs are constant quality article writing, guest posting and I am still working on my networking skills and I want to make my pages a bit more interactive- maybe finish some articles with some sort of poles or challenges.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Social Media is important and building relationships with your audience and with other bloggers in your niche.
      This will help you to increase your online visibility.
      Thanks for the visit, Dragos.

  28. 10 great advice for bloggers. some of which I have often done. but this is a way to be a serious blogger. thank you.

  29. Very nice tips given they will surely help me boost my traffic thanks for sharing

  30. Thanks for sharing those awesome tips! I agree writing good content is the best way to get traffic because people will share it and keep coming back for more!

  31. Simple, but to the point tips to get more traffic :)

  32. I am following all the above mentioned tactics to increase the popularity of my blog Dream Techie. Lets see “where would i be in coming time?”

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