8 Ways to Increase the Alexa Rank of YOUR Blog

The Alexa Rank is a method of evaluating a blog or site based on the traffic generated.

It would be an excellent method of calculation, but it involves only the users that have installed the Alexa toolbar in their browsers.

This peculiarity makes the evaluation not so accurate and rewards, for example, the technological blogs, which users and visitors are actually more inclined to install the Alexa Toolbar, in relation to readers of blogs not so tech, that in many cases ignore the existence of this tool.

You can share or not this point of view, but most of you are surely interested in increasing your Alexa Rank for a simple reason : Advertisers and Webmasters use it to help them determine (right or wrong, up to you decide) the worth of your site.

For example, Text-Link-Ads decide based on Alexa Rank both what you will pay for a link and what they will sell your links for.

Also “Review Me” or “Sponsored Reviews” are other sites that use this rank when they have to translate into payments traffic of a blog.

If you want to monetize your blog with these or some other services that use actually the Alexa Rank, then you have to increase it.

How to increase YOUR Alexa Rank

Increasing the traffic of your site will increase your Alexa Rank.

The more you get valued from Alexa, the lower will be your rank (as opposed to the PageRank).

Under 100.0000 measurement is more accurate and precise : of course, your goal is to get below this threshold and lower and lower!

Of course the first advice is to always, always write quality content and achieve a base of loyal readers. This is the Suggestion Number Zero.

Increasing Alexa Rank

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8 Tips to Follow

Here below you find a list of tips to follow in order to increase your rank.

1 . Download and install the Alexa Toolbar if you have not already done it and join the circuit of the Alexa sites.

2 . Install in your blog or website the Alexa widget :  this widget will communicate with Alexa and count will be loaded every time you visit.

3 . Encourage your readers to use the Alexa toolbar, remember that as many readers will visit with the Alexa Toolbar, the better your Alexa rank will improve.

4 . Write your own site reviews on the top 100 rated Alexa sites and include your URL.

5 . Submit the best links and articles of your site to StumbleUpon or Reddit : this will bring huge amount of traffic to your site and contributes in order to increase your Alexa rank.

6 . Write content related to webmasters : most of the webmasters use the Alexa toolbar. So if you want them to visit your site and increase your Alexa ranking, then you may write useful articles related to SEO, Internet Marketing or webmaster tools. Finally share your posts on webmaster forums and social networking sites.

7 . Comment on Blogs with Higher Rank : comments on higher ranked blogs should give you more traffic, plus you will build higher value links, improving your Alexa Rank accordingly.

8 . Increase your Blog Traffic : increasing blog traffic will automatically increase your Alexa rank. So if you produce quality content and promote your posts in the right way, then your Alexa rank will increase.

Do you have any other suggestions related to this topic? Thanks !

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  1. Among the different methods you mentioned, I have never tried using the alexa toolbar to increase traffic for my site. Thanks for this article, It helped me understand how I can make it work. I will give it a try.

  2. thanks for the advice about the alexa toolbar to increase traffic, id heard it was good but didnt understand how It works, fel more confident about it now

  3. really you are explained very nice tips to improve my alexa rank.keep sharing :)

  4. About the Alexa Toolbar there are those who say that it is relatively easy to manipulate the results of the statistics of web traffic. We understand how this, of course, is possible.

    The traffic statistics of websites are calculated by Alexa through the use by the users of its toolbar (over a period of 3 months). It receives data from the Alexa toolbar and in particular is in possession of information such as: number of times a user with the Alexa toolbar visit a certain website (calculation of the visit as one visit), number of page views by the same user, or how many web pages the browser, once accessed the site visit, excluding reload.

    Here, in this way, Alexa can be derived that can be used as a statistical sample thus allowing the creation of a statistical method and the results, as mentioned, is very close to the real ones.

    If, then use the Alexa toolbar is crucial in the estimation of site traffic, then it is logical that the handling of the intentionally wanted to use via a toolbar, can alter the normal results.

    Webmasters particularly well-informed or even hackers using systems not too difficult, could lead to a massive use of the Toolbar by visiting the systematic, continuous and massive of certain sites that you intend to manipulate the real statistical data to make them appear much more attractive than it really are.

    Indeed it is a real possibility and blogs on the net and elsewhere has often heard of actions completed by achieving these changes.

  5. Do you think alexa toolbar gives right stats?Should we trust on Google analytic or alexa toolbar?
    BTW you really explained very well as how to increase alexa rank.I hope your tips will helpful to all website owners.

    • Hello Bizixx,

      the evaluation of a site traffic with only the Alexa Rank , in my opinion, is not so accurate.

      You can count more surely on Google Analytics (and by the way, they are two different metrics).

      Thanks for your comment !

  6. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Most internet marketers are saying that Submitting articles to article directory sites is dead with regard to SEO. I’m wondering if this also applies in Alexa.

  7. These are great tips indeed. I always wanted my site to get higher rankings in Alexa. I will do this one ASAP.

  8. I’m a little bit skeptical with the Alexa Ranking algorithm. One of my blogs ranked number 1 on Google web results. It has 60k+ unique views a month. The statistics does not change for 8 months now. But still my blog’s Alexa rank is 800k+.

    I can’t believe that. I thought just by having huge traffic, my Alexa Ranking will go to below 100k.

    • Hello Stephen,

      thanks for sharing your experience.

      Actually I think that the Alexa Rank depends a lot from
      the audience of your blog (if your readers do not have installed the Alexa toolbar).

      So you may have a lot of traffic , with low Alexa rank …

      Thanks for your comment .

  9. “The more you get valued from Alexa, the lower will be your rank (as opposed to the PageRank)”
    Interesting. I thought it vice versa, as with Google Page Rank.

  10. I just installed an Alexa widget on my blog. Thank you for the advice.

  11. John Robert says:

    If I will install the Alexa Toolbar and widget, by how many figures will my site’s rank on Alexa increase? I have read from other blogs claiming their site’s ranking have increased by 200k. That was pretty amazing.

    • Hello John Robert,

      I think it is not foreseeable : it is like asking what numbers will come out in the lottery …

      Surely installing the Alexa Toolbar and widget will help increase
      your Alexa Rank…

      My best wishes !

  12. Erik, I’ve seen the result. After installing the toolbar it went down by 13k. Not bad for a day. Who knows it will went down again the following days.

    • Hi John,

      I am glad that you are improving your Alexa rank,
      installing the toolbar will surely help also the following days…

      Thanks for sharing !

  13. Leaving comments on the higher ranking blogs can really help boost your online rep. When you place a link on their site that directs to your page, it’s going to be a good linkback for you. Don’t limit yourself to just the high ranking ones, though. You can also comment on other blogs, as long as you give good comments. You’ll never know if those will convert.

    • Leaving constructive comments is always the right path to follow.

      After this, you may receive some good visits and contacts from these comments that you left among the blogs and web.

      Thanks Man Ray.

  14. Enjoyed your article on 8 Ways to Increase the Alexa Rank of YOUR Blog. I am not into internet marketing; but, merely looking for ways to popularize my new site on anxiety attacks. You have provided me some very helpful tips. Thank you :)

  15. I use stumble quite a bit to promote my sites and to draw initial traffic in. other than that is is just good old site promotion to keep my sites moving toward a better alexa rank

  16. Samantha Carling says:

    I had no idea about the toolbar that if someone visits your blog with the toolbar installed, it will grow up better in the alexa rank ! Thanks a lot for that tip !

  17. Thank you so much for sharing those informations. I will give a try and see what will happen. Cheers…

  18. Great tips. Thanks! Helpful.

  19. vishalhost says:

    thanx for the great tips…….i will give a try ..and see my traffice rank……..

  20. And your rank is now under 90000! I guess another way would be to comply with Google’s updated algorithms too.

    • Hi Niall !

      do you have a great new site under construction? :-)

      I see that my Alexa ranking keeps improving…
      also the “7 days” and “1 month” numbers are going down pretty well.

      Let’s see how far it goes (I hope it keeps moving until around 50k – or even below! :-D ).

      P.S. I am still working on reforging old articles, to comply with Google last update rules. I am at the moment at 75% of the job. I guess within 2 weeks I will be able to finish it.

  21. Great post on “8 Ways to Increase the Alexa Rank of Your Blog.” I have seen my Alexa ranging drop little by little since I’ve added the Alexa tool bar a few months ago. I look forward to reaching the below 100.0000…almost there :)


  22. Reviewed the site on your Alexa page. Amazing that some of the commenters here read the article but failed to give you a review. i only saw one while I was there.

    Good luck!!

  23. Hey Erik, I definitely like the tip you mentioned about visiting the top 100 alexa ranked websites and giving a review with a comment back to your site. I never thought of this, I’m going to try it now ;) Thanks…

  24. Mohammed Abdullah Khan says:

    Hi Eric,

    This is the first time I’m visiting your website. Your written articles are based on your personal experience and indeed this makes me feel to follow you exactly as you mentioned.
    Improving Alexa and Page rank is very much important for a publisher to attract advertisers and new customers.

    I hope your tips will work perfectly on my blog.


    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Mohammed,
      I am glad you liked the tips in this article,
      and I hope they will be useful to improve your blog.
      Thanks for your visit! :-)

  25. great tips, but i did not understand how writing site reviews will help me increase my own ranking

  26. Hey a update to this blog post, now they have released plugin also for google chrome. We can use alexa extension to improve rank.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Thanks for the quick update, Sai.
      However, I have installed the Alexa extension in Chrome already since some time… ;-)

  27. I love Alexa ranking because that always brings more readers, trust and advertiser. Hence, reading such and informative post where you are mentioning how to gain Alexa, I’m in love with this blog. Thank you so much for sharing…

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      I am so glad you liked the article, Saqib! :-)
      You need to implement the tips mentioned in this post and improve your Alexa ranking.

  28. I never paid much attention to Alexa before. Thanks for sharing these practical tips.

  29. Great article! Thanks for writing! I had no idea about the Alexa Rank so it’s good to know how it works.

  30. Thanks for the post. I had no idea that installing Alexa toolbar will help me to go down.. Really thanks for the post… You and your blog both rocks…

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