How to Get MORE Traffic and MORE Comments to YOUR Blog

Traffic is the lifeblood of blogs and comments of visitors make them alive.

If you have some basics of SEO, then you should know that NoFollow blogs are absolutely useless for backlinking campaign, while DoFollow brings almost instant results.

In other words, the “Do Follow” makes sure that the search engine is going to crawl your blog/site linked in that page, while “No Follow” attribute restricts search engine from crawling the link.

So my first suggestion in order to get more traffic, more readers and more comments is to transform your blog from standard NoFollow to a fantastic DoFollow : this can be done installing a plugin that remove the NoFollow tag.

Get more traffic with DoFollow

I use “SMu Manual DoFollow” plugin : you can choose between all Commenters, in order to give their link “NoFollow” or “DoFollow” status.

I have chosen that my Blog will give regular Commenters DoFollow Status.

Once you installed this plugin, you should let blogosphere know that your blog now is DoFollow.

Check out some Directories and submit your link, like for example :

- YouDoFollow : a great DoFollow Directory.

Another one is : FollowList.

Now you should find some good DoFollow Blogs, related to your niche and leave some smart comments.

Even better, you should also look for DoFollow Blogs with CommentLuv enabled and if available, also Keyword Luv plugin, so you can receive a reward both having your last post backlinked in your comment and your keywords, after your name .

Do not abuse of this opportunity, do not spam with inappropriate comments. Be constructive and carry on your backlinking campaign in a way that seems natural.

Be consistent and in my opinion you should not buy backlinks, because ten or twenty links per week may seem natural, but a shot of 500 or a thousand links in a day, will let Google go in alert!!!

Huge Number of People Together

How to Get MORE Traffic and MORE Comments to YOUR Blog – Click to Tweet 

Ana Hoffman, the woman behind the popular blog TrafficGenerationCafe, created and published this awesome post : CommentLuv Enabled Blog List (my blog is also featured in the above mentioned online resources).

The article written from Ana started with the purpose of listing the blogs with the Plugin “CommentLuv” enabled, but you find also indications of a lot of Internet Marketing niche “DoFollow” blogs.

Get more comments with these plugins

You know that having a high quality blog, with interesting content is fine, but you must have comments below your posts in order to build an online community around the blog, even more engaging conversation with your readers.

My suggestion in order to get more comments is to install these free plugins (I have installed them on my blog) :

- CommentLuv : it rewards your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. Encourage a community and discover new posts (CommentLuv is free, but the Premium version is even more juicy, because it helps you with SEO and social media);

- Top Commentators Widget : it adds a sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WordPress site. You can see it in my homepage.

- ReplyMe : it sends an email to author automatically while someone reply to his comment.

And of course a plugin that turn your blog into “DoFollow”. There are many available, I use “SMu Manual DoFollow”.

I think these Plugins will definetely help you to get more comments on your blog.

I answer to all the constructive comments that I receive. I tell you more, I generally do not accept vague sentences targeted only to gain a DoFollow link.

You should then answer to all “smart comments”, in order to engage conversation. Even better, you may add sometimes a question to your readers : you should be suprised of the nice help you may receive !

Last thing : if you comment and visit other blogs (related to your niche), they may want to exchange the favour.


What do you think? Do you have any other suggestion in order to build more traffic or having more comments?

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. Some good tips on getting traffic through comments Eric! I really like CommentLuv, but since I’m always testing new ideas I’ve been seeing how Facebook comments stacks up on a few of my sites. So far, my comments have literally cut in half, however my Facebook traffic has doubled and their hasn’t been one spam comment yet. I’m going to test CommentLuv on a few of my other sites. Thanks!

    • Hello Tory,

      thanks for sharing your experience.

      Depending on the characteristics and objectives of your blog or online business, it may be more suitable the Facebook Comments or the CommentLuv plugin.

      Can you make some test and report to us?

      Thanks for any other feedback !

  2. Leaving comment on do follow blog boost your traffic amount. Do follow helps to bring loyal reader on your site. So always leave comments on do follow blogs because do follow blog are instantly aspect by google search engine. But you should comment very intelligently and wisely because these comments are taken some time for approval.

    • Hello,

      I think that comments should always be constructive, also because the other visitors get a sense of the quality of the site both reading the contents and checking the comments …

  3. I have no idea why so many bloggers think that they need to be nofollow to “preserve their pagerank juice”, Erik.

    Will pagerank make you any money? No, your readers will. So make it dofollow to attract more readers.

    Really appreciate the mention!

    • I have read about the “control of the flow of link juice”, Ana :

      “Link juice partakes to the effectiveness of web content in passing through the information of a web page to other through links.
      For example website A has an outbound link to website B. In this case website A has lost its link juice to website B.”

      I noticed that many popular bloggers around the web went from being DoFollow to NoFollow again…

      But I agree with you, Ana : it is better a lot of traffic and a nice online community around your blog, than no traffic at all and an high Pagerank…

      I am glad you appreciated the mention, your content is really useful.

      Have a nice day !

      • It certainly seems to me that some bloggers are more worried about SEO and giving away their link juice freely. I get it. By the numbers, it makes sense to protect SEO currency as it were. But at the same time, not building an open online community can be equally as damaging. Dare I say, some folks might be getting too big for their britches, or is that just me being judgmental?

        What I really want to know, is simply what’s the balance here? There has to be one, right? Can you protect some link juice while still creating healthy traffic on your blog?

        • Erik Emanuelli says:

          Hi Ally,
          great points here.
          I think the truth is in the middle.

          Give away link juice only to the commenters which deserve this.
          Link to other blogs and resources if they are useful for your readers.
          And make a blog “DoFollow”, to build a community around your site!

          What do you think? :-)

    • You are right Anna. there is no need to turn your blog into nofollow. No-follow means you don’t love your readers. if readers read your blog post then you must need to give something back in the form a do-follow link. This is called mutual love. So turn your blogs to do-follow. nice post

    • μικρες ανεμογεννητριες says:

      I totally agree with you Anna!!!

  4. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing plugins. It sounds like SMu Manual DoFollow is a great way to emphasize your gratitude to your loyal followers. Also, it seems like it would encourage readers to follow your blog which would then increase your site traffic. Thank you once again and I’ll definitely install this plugin.

  5. Not to mention that the author must also be active on his blog, answering questions and inquiries. Blog commenting makes the blog post alive, only you must choose which comment are going to approve or else your blog will be plagued by auto bot commenters. You know what I mean, blog commenting automated tools can destroy your blog image and online presence.

    • Hello Walter,

      it is important to check all the comments and above all to answer them.

      The problem came may be when you have a huge amount of comments to check and answer…but this may be a nice problem to solve…;-)

      I use a combination of “Akismet” and “G.A.S.P.” plugins,
      to filter comments. They work fine.

      Thanks for the comment !

  6. Hi Erik,

    yes I agree with you, It’s so sad to see that blogs are being plague by bots. For content base links is the most effective linkbuilding strategy after the panda strikes the web. That’s one reason I hate automated tools and I have never used one ever.

    best luck,

  7. Thanks for sharing this amazing plugins. It sounds like SMu Manual DoFollow is a great way to emphasize your gratitude to your loyal followers. Also, it seems like it would encourage readers to follow your blog which would then increase your site traffic. Thank you once again and I’ll definitely install this plugin.

  8. I have made my Blogger blogs in blogger do follow and submitted them to some do follow blog directories. My traffic went up to a certain number but still it doesn’t convert to sales. I got a lot of comments though and I am moderating them.

    • Hello Stephen,

      I think that having traffic and more comments, do not mean necessarily making more money, converting in more sales.

      Of course, if you have a good product and everything is set up, more traffic may be bring more money.

      I think it depends a lot also of the kind of product that you sell,
      don’t you think so?

  9. Erik, you have mentioned that we should build only 10 to 20 links per week, don’t you think that it should be around 10 to 20 daily?

    I want to know your views on this as we also have to face our competitors….if we are targeting any high searches keyword.

    • Hello Mary,

      I mentioned 10 or 20 links per week just to say a number…

      If you create content only for linking, you will fail and get penalized.

      You should create useful content and a real user friendly environment on your site.

      Don’t you think so?

  10. Thank you for recommending another useful information.Plugins really helps.Keep it up!

  11. I know that nofollow blogs don’t give you any direct search engine juice. However, I do think it’s worth writing good comments on them anyway. This is because the owners of nofollow blogs might have a look at yours and link to your posts some time down the track. Then you would be getting SEO benefit.

    • Hello Matt,

      I mention the reply to Ana comment,

      I have read about the “control of the flow of link juice”, Ana :

      “Link juice partakes to the effectiveness of web content in passing through the information of a web page to other through links.
      For example website A has an outbound link to website B. In this case website A has lost its link juice to website B.”

      I noticed that many popular bloggers around the web went from being DoFollow to NoFollow again…

      But I agree with you, Ana : it is better a lot of traffic and a nice online community around your blog, than no traffic at all and an high Pagerank…

  12. DoFollow site is sharing what you have on your followers. It is just being a generous..

    • Thanks for the comment, Joseph,

      I think so too : DoFollow blogs owners, but even more, high quality and high PageRank DoFollow Blogs Owners are really generous !!!


  13. I wonder why they make site as nofollow, when you create a site, you’re supposed to be sharing with your followers and fans. And a dofollow site is a wy of sharing as well..

    • Well, Isabella, as “default” the blogs are NoFollow,

      this is why there are such nice plugins to turn your site into

      “DoFollow”… ;-)

      In a “perfect online world” without SPAM or SCAM, all sites should be DoFollow…an utopia .

      Thanks for your comment !

  14. Hey,
    It cost me few days in searching for an article that gives utmost tips and guides about getting your traffic go high and also letting the comments to to it’s highest. And this is the one I am searching for. Gonna sneak for your future posts. :D

  15. To increase the chance of traffic, we can also submit our blog to do follow blog directories. There are a lot out there and I’ve found two directories that sent me traffic. We also want to brag that our blog is do follow. So sharing it to social networking sites or groups can attract commentators attention.

    • Hello James,

      “” is a great DoFollow Directory,

      another one is “”.

      Do you know some others?

      I agree with you, if you decide to turn your blog “DoFollow”,
      then you should let it know to as more people as you can…

      Thanks for the comment !

  16. While there are no direct SEO benifits to commentluv that I know of it really does encourage interaction (commenting and coming back!)

    • Hello Lassa,

      actually what you said is not completely correct,
      because the Blog Owner with CommentLuv Plugin enabled may decide
      “Whose links should be dofollow”, if :

      - Only Registered Members Links ;
      - Everybody gets dofollow links;
      - Nobody gets dofollow links.

      I have choosen to give to every comment the DoFollow link,
      in the CommentLuv options : so this count as SEO Benefit.

      Did you know this?


      • Thanks for replying! I do know what you mean but I think my comment was not clear – I was meaning that as a person who installed commentluv on their blog there is no direct SEO benifit to that blog owner (am I right?)

  17. interior design tips says:

    Link building is one of best SEO techniques that we can apply to increase the popularity of websites or blog on the search engine. Although there are many SEO techniques besides link building, link building but it is still a major activity in the SEO. Thank you for this, your post is very helpful.

  18. SEO is important in increasing site traffic, seo techniques of the most famous is the backlink. However the algorithm pandas at the moment, many people assume that the backlink is not important. Indeed we can not deny that the giant search engine crawler algorithm starts increasing the ability to not pegged in the backlinks. But according to my backlinks is still something very important in improving the quality of the site. I am very grateful for your post, because this is very useful.

  19. DoFollow is an effective way to generate traffic to your blog. It’s a good way of giving back the love to the people who takes time to comment and read your blog. I believe that these comments should still be constructive and relevant and people shouldn’t just post comments for the sake of posting comments or generating traffic to their sites.

    • Hello Mitch,

      I completely agree with you.

      I think that it is very important that comments should be relevant,
      in order to build a conversation and not just for have a “DoFollow” BackLink !

  20. Suzanne J. Armstead says:

    Hi Eric,

    Wonderful post. Many website owner really wants traffic in their site. I love commentluv but this the web owner and the visitors can benefit from the site. I have heard about livefyre but I still don’t have idea how to use it. do you have any info about it?

    • Hello Suzanne,

      I personally never used “Livefyre” : I know about it, but at the moment
      I am fine with the system I am using …

      There are so many options and plugins around, that each of us have the embarrassing wealth of options !!!

      Thanks for your comment.

  21. NoFollows aren’t really that useless. It can show that you’re actively participating in blogs, whether they’re nofollow, or dofollow. It can also show that you have an online presence and that you’re not picky with the places where you leave comments. Well, minus the link farms, of course.

    • Hi Man Ray,

      I think that a DoFollow blog is a good start if you want to
      begin having good traffic.

      I see a lot of high PR Blogs or with huge traffic, that are
      actually NoFollow.

      I think it is a choice…

      A part of link farming, a good comment on a NoFollow blog can bring you a nice amount of visitors from that link.

      Thanks for the comment !

  22. Victoria Moore says:

    Thank you once again and I’ll definitely install this plugin. Have a nice day ! another one is “”. Do follow helps to bring loyal reader on your site.

  23. do follow blogs get a pretty good amount of traffic to their site, but sometimes it could attract the spammers as well.

    • Hello Ana,

      most part of the spammers can be avoided using plugins like “G.A.S.P.” and “Akismet” (I use both).

      Then of course some comments are focused to just have a backlink from a “DoFollow” site…just accept the constructive comments.

  24. AnnaDamaris says:

    My blog is a do follow one i believe, but just learned how to get more commentators and i will add a top commentators widget. Thanks for the information.

  25. Hi. Thanks for the article.

    I’m assuming, based on this article, that installing Disqus 5 minutes maybe shouldn’t have been the best idea?


    • My bad, I meant 5 minutes ago lol ;-)

      • Well, depends on the point of view, perhaps the social work more, what do you say?

        (Disqus network consists of millions of communities, over 60 million community profiles, and billions of conversations)…

        • I’m happy with Disqus for the moment. I am following links on my site manually as you suggested in an article somewhere else on your site but it would be great to combine Disqus and CommentLuv together.

          • I think that CommentLuv will help you a lot, if you want more commenters/readers/visitors…

            Try it and you will see !

            • Hi Erik

              I’m still writing articles and building more backlinks at the moment. If you think it’ll help I will definitely give it a try. I prefer the style of Disqus but I could also restyle CommentLuv using CSS anyway I guess.

              Thanks for the advice. Really helps a lot!

              • Well, Niall, you can always test which one will fit better with your blog style and readers…

                You can check the results and then you may always come back to the system that you like more or that gives you better results !

                Let me know…


  26. Commentluv and keywordluv are both very helpful plugins to generate huge traffic on blogs.The only we need to take care from spammers when we use these plugins on our website.But,now a days there are lot of spam filters are available which can help us to protect our blogs from spanners.So we should use these plugins on our blogs and also encourage other people to use it.


    • Hi Amit,

      I love CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs, actually I really
      look for them when I make comments, in order to build backlinks.

      Regarding the SPAM, I use a combination of Akismet and G.A.S.P. plugins,
      they really help me a lot to prevent many unwanted comments.

      Thanks for your visit !

  27. And what about KeywordLuv? I see it less and less on blogs.

    • Hi Lily Rose,

      I wish that more blogs should use KeywordLuv and CommentLuv plugins, together with the DoFollow tag in their comments.

      This should be possible in a “perfect blogosphere”, but unfortunately
      we all know about all the SPAM around…

  28. By doing some advertisement of your blog, you will get a good traffic and if your blog is having a good content then definitely you will get comments also.

  29. Fantastic tips – we’re always looking for new ways to increase traffic to our website and to engage with our readers more. Keep up the good work.

  30. There are some people talking about PR here, and they shouldn’t forget that like we earn money because of our visitors, others earn money selling links ;)

  31. My blog now is a dofollow blog and I hope I will get more traffic as well as comments. Nice post, Erik.

    • I have noticed, Trung.
      It will surely help you in the beginning, to create a community around your blog, rewarding your visitors and commenters.

      • I’m waiting for the result, I think I have to do some things else such as getting high page rank for my blog. Do you think so, Erik?

        • Well, Trung, I think that higher PageRank will attract more visitors and commenters, but also a lot of spammers, which look only for backlinks.
          Just write high quality content and engage conversation with your readers.
          You will soon see the results.

  32. The number of comments you receive is at least somewhat dependent on how much traffic you’re getting, so if you want more comments, get more traffic.

    • Well, it’s not always the same rule on comment=traffic, but we could say that it’s something like that.
      You must encourage commenters, answer them, write huge and useful content, and of course a “DoFollow” blog will help! ;-)

  33. Obviously you are using and loving Comment luv plugin.

    I’m loving it too, but I’m still checking out it’s effectivity after the Penguin updates.

  34. All bloggers are looking for ways to increase the traffic on their sites. As an avid blogger, I understand the significant role played by Plugins when it comes to increasing traffic. CommentLuv Plugin in particular, can be really useful.

  35. I recently add commentluv on my website and a dofollow plugin and it seems that helps. I’ve got more visitors and popularity, so you’re right. Nice article about tarffic here.

  36. Nice tip for getting comment and traffic. I was suffering from comment problem but now I think, it will be solved now.. Thanx for the post again…
    visit my blog to get tips on traffic generation and guest blogging!!

  37. Great, this will be very useful to me. Thank you.

  38. to get more comments simply make your blog auto approve and this tactic will also increase your traffic too.

  39. Auto approve will sure give your blog not just a lot of comments but a lot of spams.

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