How to Write High Quality Content in 7 Steps

Create High Quality Content is one of the most important factor to consider when writing new blog posts.

May be the most important one, if we refer to recent changes on how Google categorize the web and relative SERP (search engine result page).

In essence, the content is of quality if it is relevant to the topics in your niche, whether it is original and if it is useful to your visitors.

When you start a blog and everytime you write a new post, you should ask yourself : “How can I create quality content?”

Here below some suggestions that you should follow.

1 . Write only if you are going to say something really useful

Especially on the web, write only if you have something valuable to offer to your readers, they must have an interest in what you write.

Otherwise, you run the risk of increasing the level of online information pollution .

2 . Be Original

Do not copy.

This is may be the most important suggestion to follow when you have to create content. You can take inspiration from other websites, but do not just copy. Be aware that duplicate content is strongly penalized by search engines.

In your opinion : “Is it better bad content, but original or good content, but copied?

I think the right answer is write good content, AND original.

3 . Write correctly in your language

Use a simple style, possibly short sentences and easy words to understand. No errors in spelling, grammar and syntax. The quality content can not afford it.

4. Balance text and images

Web pages of words alone are likely to create the effect of a text wall and in contrast, image-only pages have little meaning.

Therefore, scales text and images in your content. Use pictures to make the text clearer. Use text to add detail to your images.

Content is the Key

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5 . Integrate with Social Sharing Buttons

Your content should be shared on major social networks used by users in your niche (see a good list here).

Nowadays, it is essential that an online marketing campaign also includes the most important social networks.

I use “Shareaholic” Plugin, but you can choose between many others.

6 . Optimize the web page from the SEO side

Optimize the title tag, H1 tag, description tag, keywords tag and consider what other on-page SEO optimization are necessary because your content is quality even from that point of view.

7 . Before publish the post, read it again

When you have finished to write, read it again. Verify that there are no spelling mistakes.


Writing is like a workout, you can improve yourself with time.

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Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. loved this blog, have especially taken note of the two tips of inclusion of social sharing buttons and of course re-read it again for any mistakes, 2 things i hadn`t thought of…thanks for your help.

  2. It takes a lot of practice to be able to create a reputable blog. And as they always say, content is king. You have provided really helpful tips on creating high quality content. I agree that text and images must be balanced. It could be a bit boring when you read a blog that is all text while you may not be able to send your complete message across when it’s all pictures. That’s why balance in text image is really essential.

    • Hello Mitch,

      I think that at least one image per post is needed, if it is not so long, or may be two or three images, if the article is pretty long.

      I believe also that, even if you write about “serious” topics,
      you may insert some funny images, in order to first attract
      readers and second downplay the serious content…

      What do you think?

  3. Great tips Erik. Copying others content is really a BIG NO in blogging. This will hurt your site since big G will penalize you for duplicate content. Also, you have to take time to write an eye catching headline. This will help you with your SEO efforts.

    • Hello Gregg,

      the two things that you listed are very important, but I think write original content and NOT copied is the essential thing to focus on.

      Then a good catchy Title takes the reader …

      Have a nice day, Gregg !

  4. Michael Gibson says:

    Being knowledgeable in whatever niche you’ve chosen to write about helps as well. You’d be surprised how many blogs I’ve seen where you can clearly tell the writer has no clue what he or she is going on about and that the blog is only there to try and generate money.

    • I agree, Michael.

      Very interesting point.

      I must be honest, I have started for this purpose : just generate money.

      And the first few months I have not made even one single dollar.

      Then with time blogging became a passion, a hobby, something I enjoy doing … and now I do not care about make money online.

      And it was in this moment : my first online income arrived…

      Strange, is not it?

  5. Just Naira says:

    Thanks man for this great post, i love your advice.

  6. Sometimes is really hard to wire a meaningful comment, – you are tired or just pissed off. For me the best strategy is just to release your mind, read it thoroughly and just express your opinion. I even do not read what I have written:)

    • Hello Anna,

      I think being relaxed is a good advice to consider when you want to write…

      it will surely help your creativity…

      Thanks for the comment !

  7. sandraw2580 says:

    Really love the tips and advice.. I agree that the secret to creating a successful site is to have passion in what you’re doing.

  8. Good tips. Every blogger (especially those who just start blogging) should follow them.

  9. Hi Erik,

    its so true and i agree with you in all Points!!!!!
    Quality in Content it`s very important.

    Thank you for this Site and this interesting Post.

    Best Wishes and much Success with your Projects.

  10. Nice blog you have created here..found your site on Nick’s site. I realise content is important for a website but I never know what to write about. Do you have any recommendations or what do you do to get all your ideas about content writing?

    • Hello,
      thanks, I appreciate your comment.

      My suggestion on how to create new content is to read resources about your topic, I mean, if you write about “Spray tanning in L.A.”, I think also that you should be some expert about, and you should be able to write new articles…

      But if you need some ideas, try to visit some other blogs, sites or resources about your niche…

      Best wishes !

  11. I like to add that whenever possible, try to include a personal story into your writing. It just helps so much to add that personal touch.

    • Hello Richard,

      thanks for the suggestion !

      I should test it, and I may begin to write articles,
      with “personal references”…

  12. I struggle with writing good content but having a good outline will help me. The social media links is a good idea. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Hi,It is a very nice and informative post.Thanks for sharing the ways to write quality content in 7 steps.This post is helpful for many readers.

  14. this is great! i usually ind that pictures keep the reader engaged.

  15. I think there is very few writing a high quality content, any one is looking forward about the presentation and Google ad-sense…

    • Hello Avinuity,

      I think this is the most important reason why Google “Panda” new algorithm gives so much weight and importance to the quality of the sites that they crawl.

      High Quality Content is always the best factor to consider when you write new posts.

  16. Hi Erik,
    Let me try to implement that 7 steps of yours when I am going to make a new posts or an article. Cause i think it could help me allot not just for a good and quality blog content, but also for lessening the time usage just by following your steps in sequence. :D

  17. These Suggestion are very use full for blogger, specially the copy one most of blogger copied the other topics and type as it is. These 7 points are very useful for online business.

  18. financial success says:

    Wonderful suggestions! Especially, I like the one about writing useful content.
    I am going to print out your suggestions and use as a guidance every time I write a new post. Thanks a lot for sharing! It’s greatly appreciated!

    • Hello Elena,

      write useful content is really important, in this way
      your readers will come back to your blog for new articles and
      may be they would like to share your content.

      I am glad you liked it !

      Thanks for the comment.

  19. This was an informative article. I recently read one regarding WikiHow and embedding content, but if you want to make money online, then writing your own high quality content is key.

  20. Great and interesting post! Thanks for the great post!

  21. I think the #1 point should be added one more thing, that’s the things we are going to write must be our experience :)

  22. Gagan Jaiswal says:

    Sir ,
    last year i had a blog have 20+ post but i didn’t able to maintain that blog as a result i lost that domain.but i have a back up of that blog and now i want to republish that posys on my new blog .
    kindly tell me is that safe to republish as they were for the reputation of my blog?

  23. a helpful and valuable content attract readers .Valuable content become the demand of visitors and they must grab that type of content and get stick to your blog to know about next useful article.
    Nice article thanks for sharing it .

  24. Those steps will be very useful in writing contents. Also try not to be a perfectionist as you write. If you misspell or make a mistake along the creative process, don’t stop writing to fix. Let your thoughts and ideas and dialog flow onto the page and make the points you wish to make. You can always go back for edits later.

  25. Hi Erik!
    Definitely a very useful list here! The problem I always run into is graphics. Every day I’m hearing new horror stories from fellow bloggers in my author circles of someone we know being served with a take-down notice, even when they had set up everything properly. What’s some advice for finding pics/graphics for very specific theme posts? There are tons out there for SEO/traffic gen blogs, etc., but mine is focused more toward authors, writing techniques, and the romance genre. Sometimes I get stuck!

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