3 Free NEW Ways to get More Traffic ( Did YOU Know this ? )

The online presence is very difficult to build, and every blogger wants traffic, more traffic.

Moreover, traffic is the currency of every blogger.

Here you find three new good ideas (at least, new to Me), to receive more traffic to your blog, that I recommend you to consult even if you are an expert blogger ( as you know, you never stop learning ….).

1 . Answer questions on Yahoo Answers

YahooAnswers allows users to ask questions and give answers : the best answer is chosen by multiple votes.

The purpose here is to answer questions including a link to your sites to gain traffic from Yahoo Answer.

You should proceed in this way :

  1. first find a category : search for the one that is relevant to you ;
  2. share your knowledge : do your best answering to the question you have choosen;
  3. include a link : in the context of your answer, which should give some helpful information to the reader, you may add a link back to your site to let find more details for those who are interested;
  4. be the first to answer : try to be the first one, so others will be added to the bottom of what you have written ;
  5. give the best answer : all this work is finalized to be the best answer. After a certain time, all the answers will be set for voting. If your answer is choosen to be the best one, then your content will be put at the top of all the answers.

This will surely help your blog/website to receive more traffic.

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2 . Make and publish PDF Files

The PDF (Portable Document Format) was developed by Adobe Systems to create documents that retain the original formatting when printed or displayed on different platforms.

Today, PDF is used everywhere.

In addition, search engines can read PDF files perfectly :

thus, their content can be indexed and, if optimized with SEO techniques, they get high rankings in the SERPs for searches.

Here you find few advices to optimize your PDF files ( that may be similar to SEO tips applied to the normal content of your blog ):

  1. include your keywords in the PDF title : separate the words of the title with dashes, avoids leaving spaces between words. Consider that this will be the final part of the URL of the PDF ;
  2. do it light : Google and other search engines do not like PDF files too heavy and this may affects your positioning in the SERPs ;
  3. optimize the PDF text like any other web content. So, for example, enter the keyword in the first lines of the document and not repeat them too much, to avoid keyword spamming ;
  4. use heading styles for headings and subheadings : Google and other search engines recognize them as tags H1, H2, etc ;
  5. publish the PDF document directly in your blog/website instead of hiding in a folder below ;
  6. include in the PDF a link to your website. It is a rule of usability, but someone even said that the links of this kind count as backlinks for search engines (when you publish the PDF in other sites) ;
  7. optimize the links : even for PDF documents, you need to optimize the links, they must contain your keywords in the anchor text ;
  8. do not create PDF versions that are too old, because it may changes the text in pixels, which are not indexed by search engines.

You can use Free PDF converters like OpenOffice.

Finally (also in order to build backlinks) you can submit your PDF files to document sharing sites, with high PageRank like :

  • Scribd (PageRank Eight) ;
  • MegaUpload (PageRank 7) – (update 20-01-2012-site closed by FBI);
  • DocStoc (PageRank 6);
  • HotFile (PageRank 5);
  • PDFCast (PageRank 4).

3 . Turn your blog post into a Podcast

Use sites like Odiogo to turn your blog post into a podcast : this will allow your readers to listen your content, even on iTunes (also using iPods or iPhone).

These pod­cast files with your blog con­tent will be read by an arti­fi­cially gen­er­ated voice (this is called text-to-speech technology ) : the qual­ity may vary, depend­ing on your writ­ing style.

You have to start giving a valid RSS feed and after this you will be provided with a feed ID for your audio feed.

You can find also a widget, that will let add in your blog a “Listen to post button”.

With Odiogo you give your visitors a different way to consume your content.


Do you have any new ways to bring traffic that you want suggest ?

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  1. WOuld you recommend to turn the blog into a pdf file an then upload it to scrib?
    Or is google able to check the pdf file for duplicate content?

    Cheers, Dave

    • Hello Dave,

      you can turn the blog or some of your blog posts into PDF files and then upload it to Scribd, or any other sites…

      Of course Google will check and find the duplicate content,
      but you should do this process for traffic purpose, in my opinion …

  2. Being a guest blogger could also help. Guest blogging increase traffic by acquiring new readers from another person’s blog. Also, interacting with other blog users and readers also give the same effect. Being hands on with your blog through responding to your readers’ comments makes your readers feel valued, thus generating loyal and regular visitors every month.

    • Hello Mitch,

      thanks for your comment.

      Definetely the Guest Post is a great way to bring more traffic
      to your site, just be sure to focus on submit your guest post to
      popular blogs.

  3. Hi Erik,

    I’ve heard that creating PDF files will help you get more traffic and i’m wondering if it’s okay to reuse old articles and convert them into PDF. Will google penalize you due to duplicate content? If they do, is it okay to use spinner to avoid this penalty?

    • Hello Gregg,

      as we mentioned, since when Google implemented the duplicate content penalty, the articles that had the same content began to disappear from the index and the SEO backlink benefit is eliminated.

      So I think that you should submit PDF files for traffic purpose…

      Article spinning is a way to take one article and make hundreds of unique articles out of it. There is a syntax that is automatically generated by article spinning software.

      The problem with article spinning is that it creates pretty terrible content. You’re not going to get many natural links or much social media love from an automatically spun article.

  4. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Hi again Erik , I have tried this once, answering question in yahoo answer, it is quite fun,every time I visit yahoo answer I keep on answering question that talks about carpet cleaning. one part we can consider additional back links to one site. am I right?

    • Hello Kate,

      that’s right, it can be considered as part of your backlinks
      campaign building.

      I found Yahoo Answers very funny !


  5. Got to admit, i really didn’t know you can get backlinks from pdfs you submit, i’ll try doing that.

  6. Nice post Erik, I already know the first and the second, but for the third, I think I miss this one.


  7. Very nice post Erik!

    Traffic is the life blood of any online business. Without it, there will be no business at all. I’m solely using SEO as my traffic driving technique. But there is always room for other methods as well. And what you’ve shared above is among the best :)


    • Hi Duy,

      I am glad to have you helped in any way,

      thanks for your comment !

      Check out also the last posts, there are some other nice suggestions
      about traffic driving techniques…

  8. Hey Erik,
    I really admire and appreciate your this informative share,i have used that yahoo answer feature before also but that PDF file method and Podcast method is something new for me.I think this is a treasure key like strategies,i am going to use it from now onwards for sure.Thank you for sharing such a great,valuable and informative content with us.

    Good Luck and God Bless!!

    With Regards!
    Samuel Joshua

    • Hello Samuel,

      I am really glad to have you helped.

      Check the last posts also, there are some nice
      suggestions about how to gain more traffic…

      may be there are something that you still do not know…

      My best wishes to you !

  9. Good tips for getting free traffic. Be careful with Yahoo answers though because they have a pretty strict spam policy. Also, you can’t post an active link until you you are a level 2 member. so you want to build up your reputation for a bit before you start including your links. Once you are able to do so, if your answer is selected as the best answer, it propogates throughout the yahoo ecosystem, so it’s really awesome for getting a lot of links back to your site.

    • Hi Richard,

      really useful explanation …

      It takes some work, but then it’s worth it, if your answer is selected as best and if it propagates throughout the Yahoo network .

      Thanks to point!

  10. Good tips for the traffic but I am so confused right now. I have read so many posts about that but I wanna ask you – tell me in your opinion which one of all these is the way to boost it?

    • Hello Anna,

      I think there is not a system better than another, you should try and see which one works best for you, according to your interests and skills …

      Thanks for the comment and good luck !

  11. I’m familiar with the pdf method of getting backlinks but not with podcasts or yahoo answers – I can see I’m going to have to get creative about suggesting solutions to people’s problems if I try the latter. My stock solution to my own problems is to not take myself too seriously and try to see the funny side of things. Laughter truly is the best medicine (even when backlinking becomes frustratingly difficult!).

    Thanks for the suggestions Erik and keep on posting.

    • Hi Helen,

      I find interesting the way you deal with things and your life philosophy, finding the comic in very serious situations is a way to be positive …

      Thanks for the comment !

      My best wishes.

  12. These are such wonderful ideas on how generate more traffic on my site. I guess should start creating PDF files on my site. Turning my blog posts into podcast is the next thing I will try. Thanks for sharing this information.

  13. Honestly speaking I don’t know about the PDF files optimization technique. It is new to me. I think it is quite a good way to optimize a site. Thanks for the info.

    • Hello Dia,

      thanks for the visit.

      I see you are a Social Media Expert :

      do you have some driving traffic suggestions that you may want to share?

  14. Wonderful post. You really came up with some creative ways to gain more traffic.

  15. SEO Services UK says:

    I’m already doing the Yahoo answer. The second and third options are new to me need to try out.

  16. The only thing which is desired by webmasters from all over the world is that Yahoo Answers must be made DoFollow!

    • Hello,

      yes, you have reason.

      Yahoo Answers is NoFollow, but it has high PR and Indexing, so it will bring good traffic for you.

  17. business tax debt relief ? says:

    podcast which will allow readers to listen content with help of odiogo,we might try last one

  18. Crystal Mendoza says:

    Honestly speaking I don’t know about the PDF files optimization technique. There is a syntax that is automatically generated by article spinning software. But there is always room for other methods as well. Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Crystal,

      I do not like automatic software, Internet is already full of trash, that we do not have to add more…

      “Real posts” are better !


  19. Wow! These new ways are simply amazing. Answering questions in yahoo answer is no doubt very effective, but of course, it is a must that you should provide quality answers to any questions asked. Podcasting and publishing pdf files are also fantastic ways to get more traffic to your website. You can try these 3 for more satisfying results. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  20. The first way is easiest to me, I’ll use it. Thanks for sharing your great ideas, Erik, very helpful.

  21. Nwosu Desmond says:

    Am glad someone has such ideas, i have practiced answering questions on Yahoo answers but have never thought of the other two, glad i stumbled upon this post, i will immediately swing into actions on the others thanks.

  22. Another way to drive free traffic is to convert the PDF into a video. Content leveraging is a great way to increase efficiency. Time is one thing that seems to be on short supply.

  23. hi there eric.. wow..thanks for the new tips.. however, i would like to give some advice about using yahoo answers. be careful not to overdo it though since the last time i overdo it, yahoo community suspended my account.. even though my answers are relevant and i do not spam.. maximum is thrice a week but not everyday.. this will keep you hidden under the radar of yahoo community..

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      thanks for pointing that.
      Actually I think there is an automatic system to determine that,
      it is impossible to look through all answers and check what is useful and what not.
      In fact, there is also the feedback system from users.
      Thanks for your comment. :-)

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