25 Basic Traffic Tips for New Blogs ( that YOU Should Check )

If you are reading this article probably you just created your first blog and you have to learn how to gain the first substantial traffic.

Or may be you want to check if in this list there are some suggestions and things that you have not done yet.

Let’s suppose that you have chosen WordPress as a platform and you have already installed it : well done, because it has a built-in search engine notification system for new posts (you may choose also a good customized theme like WooThemes that are SEO friendly).

To find out if Google has indexed your site, go to Google and enter in the following : “site:yourdomain.com” .

If Google has any results for you site already, congratulations, because you are on the good way to get visitors from Google.

If your blog is not indexed yet, do not worry, because Google regularly scans blogs and social networking sites for new content. To help the process, you can start here :

1 -go to Feedage and sign up for an account. Then, click “Submit Feed” ;

2 - go to Blogger and register for a free account. Create a new blog, that takes just a minute or two and write a quick post that includes a link to your site. Do not worry about the content of the post, or the anchor text or anything, just put something up with a link to your site. Since Google owns Blogger, this should new post should be picked up by them quickly.

3- go to a social network like StumbleUpon for example, and register for a free account. Then, submit a link to your site there.

Blog Traffic

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After doing these easy steps, your site should get indexed by Google within 72 hours or less.

Once you are indexed in Google, submit your site also to other search engines like

4 - Yahoo Site Explorer

5 - Bing.

Insert your blog in these directories :

6 - Freewebsitedirectory

7 - Pegasusdirectory

8 - Prolinkdirectory

9 - Premierdirectory

10 - Dmoz

11 Pledging for Change : a relatively new directory built for ethical businesses and ethical blogs on the web. The directory listings are very high quality and human edited containing deep linking into your site. Sign up here .

Now that your site is up, it is time to start attracting visitors to it and get traffic.

There are many different ways to generate traffic, including search, social media, article marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and more.

Search engines can send to your blog high volumes of relevant and sustainable traffic that you do not have to pay for.

You have to do a lot of work above all at beginning, but after this, traffic will keep coming from the search engines with little maintenance effort from your part.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of making URL rank well in search engine results.

Basically, there are things you can do on your blog to help your rankings like :

12 - Choose a keyword-relevant domain.

13 - Include your keywords in your title.

14 - Include your keywords in your content (in headings, throughout the text, in images alt tags, etc.).

15 - Include keywords in your meta description and meta keywords.

16 - Provide a sitemap and clear navigation structure.

17 - Make sure the content on your site is relevant to visitors (the search engines are placing more and more weight on relevance).

18 - The most important aspect of search engine optimization is getting links to your site. The main things that matter are the quality of the site where the link is coming from and the anchor text that will be used for the link.

Anchor text matters because it helps the search engines understand what the site being linked to is all about.

You have to be careful though, because Google does not like to be manipulated :  if Google sees that of dozens of links pointing to the same page are all using the exact same anchor text, it will suspect something unnatural is going on and will start to discount the value of those links.

This is why it is important that you vary a little the anchor text of the links you get.

Now you should :

19 - Ping the search engines. WordPress has Pingomatic built in. This tip is wonderful : use Pingfarm ! It is exactly like pingomatic with one huge difference : with Pingfarm you can add as many URL’s as you like at once and then you can hit “Submit. You will have for free your links pinged to all of the major services.

20 - Comment on some other blogs related to your market and it would be better related to the material of the post you just published. Check blogs that have Comment Luv enabled, in order to get a link back to the post you just wrote (see this wonderful Comment Luv lists of PR 2 until PR 6 blogs).

21 - Bookmark your own post as well as the posts of the other blogs you just commented on social media sites. Use Delicious, DiggReddit and others social network.

22 - In your own post, include at least one link out to a related blog (send trackbacks). Also, include one link in to one of your own internal posts (this will also help your blog structure).

23 - Share your new blog posts to your Twitter followers.

24 – Do not forget the power of Facebook : make a profile, build a page or a group, work and have fun getting fans and friends. You may share your posts and links.

25 - Try also article marketing. Sign up to EzineArticles and write a useful guide about something that you are expert about : it must be unique content and after you will get approved, you can point to your site,getting a link to an high value site.

In few words, you want to be everywhere in the web : everything you do on your blog should be as visible as possible all over the Internet.

Processing all these steps may takes time, but they will bring traffic to your site.

And when you have traffic, you can make money online, if you desire.

About Erik Emanuelli

Hi! I am Erik Emanuelli : entrepreneur, traveler and blogger. You can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or circle me on Google.


  1. Candice Michelle says:

    By the end of the year I will be making a new blog site, but I’m still not sure about the niche that I want to blog about. Anyway, I would like to know if what is the most ideal blogging platform for beginners. Is it Blogger or WordPress?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Blogger is a free service offered by Google : it is a simple and very intuitive platform to use and you will fast set up a blog.

      This is certainly more professional-looking than if you have a “name.blogspot.com” and this is an automatic choice for most business bloggers.

      Unfortunately you do not have a lot of control on your blog and you will find soon the limits of Blogger.

      Also WordPress offers a free hosting service (WordPress.com), but if you want a permanent solution for your blog, you should choose to host the blog on your own server or in one of the company that offers web hosting and create your blog with the free software that you can download from WordPress.org .

      At beginning it can be a bit complicated if you do not have the appropriate skills, but there are a lot of guides, forums and also videos tutorials that can help you step by step from zero to your first post on your WordPress blog self hosted.

      Good luck !

  2. Candice Michelle says:

    Hi Erik,

    I appreciate your effort for all the help you’ve given me. As of now, I’m still unsure whether I should pursue becoming a blogger or not. By the way, I would like to know how did you start your life as blogger.

    • Michelle,

      my main activity is import/export business.
      I work mainly with that, for now.

      In the free time I opened this blog, at beginning the first platform I used was blogger with a “Blogpost name”, then, always with Blogger, but with registered domain and finally I installed WordPress.

      I use HostGator that is a leading provider of web hosting and I use also Aweber.

      Check my FREE eBook here, you can download it and read information and suggestions on how you can start a blogger, from the market research at beginning until the internet marketing and first traffic you need to build.

      The first main suggestion is to pick a topic that you like to write about every single moment of your day and you will be already on your road to success.

      Let me know and enjoy !

  3. Julie Hayes says:

    I’ve tried all the tips that you’ve given above. I hope that I can see results In 3 days. Is it also useful to create a Facebook fanpage to promote my blog site?

    • Hello Julie,

      I’m afraid that it takes more than three days to see the results of the recommendations listed above …

      Of course you should create a Facebook fan page to promote your blog,
      check some suggestions here.

      Let me know and good luck !

      • Julie Hayes says:

        Thanks for the reply Erik! I maybe rushing things quite a bit. =)I’ve checked the link that you’ve given and it gave me a lot more new ideas. Thanks again.

        • Julie,

          thanks to you for your reply !

          If you wish, you can check my FREE eBook here, you can download it and read information and suggestions on how you can start a blogger, from the market research at beginning until the internet marketing and first traffic you need to build.

          You will find also a little bit of social media marketing, as you are interested in Facebook, you should check also Twitter tactics.

          Let me know and good luck !

  4. Keyword-relevant domains are so important and under-utilized!

  5. Very nicely summed up. You make it seem so easy but it isn’t. After years I am still trying to figure out how to get steady traffic.

    • Hello Darren,

      actually it is not easy, as you mentioned.

      But I find that following these rules and tips (and certainly others) can come to have great results in future …

      I find that the primary factor is always the quality of content, but of course finding the first substantial traffic is the key!

  6. Awesome, comprehensive tips.

    My critical tip is to not rush when building backlinks and promote your pages / site over time. It looks natural and this is what Google likes.

    You’re not gonna get ranked over night. It can take weeks, months or even years depending on your industry. Just keep plugging away and build links consistently

    • Hello Sandip,

      I agree with you.

      Surely you should not purchase links or accept link exchanges.

      In your opinion, what is the right number of backlinks to build daily or weekly?

      In a way that looks natural, as you mentioned …

      • I’ve tried various link building techniques over the years and the one that works best is to build around 5-10 quality links a week.

        Things start going wrong when someone gets hundreds of low quality links in a day or so (after buying them) and then nothing for several months

        Quality is most definitely better than quantity

  7. Very good tips, especally pingfarm looks awesome and the idea behind it is superb.

    Good blog for beginners and soon to be master practitioner :)

    Take care and Cheers, DaveM

  8. Interesting post, I have tried to get a few of my sites listed in dmoz but never had any luck. I didnt know any other directories were worth a look but I will check out the ones you shared above.


    • Hi Lessa,

      it seems very difficult to get listed in Dmoz.

      Here a few tips :

      1. Submit once to the correct category.

      2. Write your description carefully. Read the guidelines, with objective descriptions. With relation to your category, read a description to a similar site than yours and copy the style of description writing. The easier you make it for the editor, the quicker you will get in.

      3. You need a lot of time to get reviewed (over 6 months?).

  9. These tips really does work. I’ve been integrating this techniques in my link building campaign and it does give me tons of traffic.

    • Hello Gregg,

      may be these are basic tips, but may be you can find something useful that you have not implemented in your site yet !

  10. There’s something wrong with yahoo site explorer for me, like i’ve been losing a lot of links from there and on somedays i’ll be gaining some. Is this normal? Are there any other sites that check links better than yahoo site explorerer?

  11. Well written 25 useful tips that i’ll definitely keep in mind.

  12. I make progress on my site. That`s wonderful!

    Thanks alot!


    • Hello Dave,

      I am happy that you are seeing some good results in your site !

      Comments are coming?

      • On zarosa.de comments are not really coming. But on my other site I get a lot of comments by different people. That`s awesome!

        Thanks for that :)

        Cheers, Dave

  13. We have been trying to get on dmoz for 4 months does anyone have any tips to get accepted? We have heard it gets great traffic for new clients.

    • Hello Don,

      it seems very hard to get listed in Dmoz…
      I have been trying also to insert my site…

      Here you find some tips I wrote in the previous comments :

      1. Submit once to the correct category.

      2. Write your description carefully. Read the guidelines, with objective descriptions. With relation to your category, read a description to a similar site than yours and copy the style of description writing. The easier you make it for the editor, the quicker you will get in.

      3. You need a lot of time to get reviewed (over 6 months?).

      Good luck !

  14. Lydia Melendez says:

    By the end of the year I will be making a new blog site, but I’m still not sure about the niche that I want to blog about. In your opinion, what is the right number of backlinks to build daily or weekly? actually it is not easy, as you mentioned.

    • Hi Lydia,

      First, think about what you should write every single free moment of your day, and you found out what will be the topic of your new Blog.

      Second, I can not suggest you a number of backlinks that is suitable for you : but I can tell you that it should be a number that seems “natural” link building to Google’s eyes…

  15. PuanMaura says:

    thank you for this information.. because i’m a new blogger :)

    • Glad to have you helped, PuanMaura.
      Check also other articles in archive, if you enjoyed this one.
      And subscribe, if you like the blog! ;-)

  16. Charley Chris says:

    Social networking sites can help a lot in driving traffic to your web properties, but you must have an established social presence first. For example, someone with only 10 facebook fans cannot share his latest post’s link on the platforms and expect any reasonable traffic.

  17. Hello Erik
    I’ll guide the new bloggers after setting up their blogs to this post.
    Count my comments here from now on ;)

  18. I have seemed to have trouble getting my site listed with DMOZ … any more suggestions? Thanks!


    • Well, Scott, if you have some suggestions for me on how to get listed on DMOZ I would be grateful!
      Having a site listed in DMOZ seems to be almost impossible nowadays…

      • I do know what you mean!!! It seems that it should not be that hard for an authority site. :)

        • Erik,

          How do you get the added box below to get for someone to subscribe to your blog with a checkbox? I use Optin Skin, but that is awesome how you have it. I have Comment Luv Premium too…does it come with that and I am just missing something?


          • I do not believe that an authority site get listed so easy lately.
            I have spent days reading the Google Webmaster Forums (on how to get my site listed) and it seems that DMOZ is not so much a free directory … the Mafia exists everywhere! ;-)

          • It is “Aweber Web Forms” plugin,
            but you need to be Aweber customer.
            Are you? :-)

  19. Especially now with penguin update varying your keyword anchor text is integral! I try and using a ton of different keyword variations and LSI luckily I did this before penguin anyways but people I know who have not done this before penguin have suffered immensely!

    Ps. Added you on blog engage

    • You are definetely right, Kevin!

      It’s vital to change the anchor text in our backlinking campaign,
      above all after Penguin and Panda.
      I am glad you are already prepared in your site.

      Nice to connect with you on Blog Engage! :-)

  20. nice posts. My blog is 4 days old only :) just gone through the half of the post. Bookmarking the page will return back

  21. Naveen Bansal says:

    I have bookmarked your post. I was in a need for such kind a post. That would help me. I think this would be a great help to me!

  22. This post is very timely as i’ve been trying to get enough traffic to my blog. I will implement all that you have stated in this post and hope to get serious result. Thank you so much for all you are sharing on your blog.

  23. thank you for the tipps! Isn’t the yahoo site explorer now integrated into bing webmaster tools?

  24. Hi Erik, I would agree with these aggregation processes and I myself have tried similar processes as yours, so I strongly agree it can really magnetize huge amounts of traffic.

  25. Al Johnson says:

    I’ve tried to download your eBook “How To Build your Online Business” from a couple of different links. They take me here: http://www.freemakemoneyadvice.com/get-free-ebook/
    but there is no form to fill in. Is the eBook still available?

  26. very nice article thanks fo sharing these tips are great for getting free traffic

  27. Hey eric, I’ll be honest, I came here to gain a link to my website…. now I’m taking away a professionals knowledge and a list of directories to submit to along with a list of high PR blogs to comment on!! This is one of the best posts i’ve come across that will help me get to where I need to be!! Thank you :)

  28. hi there. haven’t tried pingfarm and ezinearticles at all. perhaps i will give it a try.
    and thanks for giving us a comprehensive list of traffic tips. found your post in blogengage.

    • Erik Emanuelli says:

      Hi Marilyn,
      so glad you found the article interesting.
      I hope these tips will help you in any way. :-)

  29. Ruby Binns-Cagney says:

    Erik, some fantastic tips and ideas here, keep it coming, especially with the millions of new internet marketers coming online daily.

  30. Hi Erik,

    This is really a great list of the basic and essential tips for new blogs to start with before even publishing a post, I would also recommend using Blog Engage and Doplash as those will help the new blog owner gets in touch with other skilled bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I like lists like this. This information is going to help me get a plan together for my site. Thanks for putting all of this together.

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    This could be a issue with my browser because
    I’ve had this happen previously. Many thanks

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