16 Websites to Make Money Online Giving Answers

Are you expert about something ?

You may give advices and share your knowledge about the subject you know best and earn some money.

Have you ever wonder why companies are interested in your advice and your knowledge ? It’s because these companies have forums with alot of questions asked by their members and waiting to be answer.

Since they are very busy and needed to response every questions as quickly as possible so they are willing to pay anyone who can give their requirements.

Another reasons why these companies pay you is because they want to build a good reputation for their company’s name by having expert in different arenas answering all the questions from potential customers.

Get paid to answer questions is the golden opportunity to make money for someone who have deep knowledge in a particular field.

The tips for earning more money in this job is to pick also an area that you enjoy : the amount of money that companies pay you will depend on many factors such as your field or subject that you are interested in, your knowledge potential etc.

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Here you find a useful and interesting list of sites (they are not affiliate links), where you can make money giving answers, using your valuable knowledge.

1 . Duno

Get paid to answer questions and be involved in discussions. The better discussions you create and participate in, the more you earns. Minimum to reach payout is $5.

2 . Justanswer

With over 20 million user base, this is a great place to get paid for what you know. Basically you answer questions that are priced from $5 to up to $25 or more and if the customer accepts your answer, then you will be paid for it. Minimum payout is $20 paid every 4th business day of the month via PayPal.

3. Studentquestions

After a student chooses your answer, you can be paid via PayPal. A small percentage of it will go to the site as commission.

4 . Helium

Where knowledge rules, the motto of this site. You get paid for writing good articles and sharing high quality content, different points of view and expert opinions. You can share your knowledge on many different topics such as business, creative writing, education, entertainment, politics, travel and many others.

5 . Keen

This is focused more on psychic reading and related topics. You set the price that you want to charge per minute, you get 62% of it and the rest goes to the site for connecting charges . When a customer that needs your expert advice on a subject call, it will be redirected to you. You can set the hours that you can be reached by phone calls.

6 . Chacha

This is based on mobile service and focused on customers who used mobile phones, so most of the questions will be like “How can I find a farmacy from here?”. You are paid becoming a ChaCha guide.

7 . LivePerson

Here you will get paid giving advices. A lot of people have questions that you can answer. You will be categorized and then paid, in relation to your expertise.

8 . Bitwine

This is chatting based, with instant massaging or video chat. You may also be called and make phone conversation, if you agree. Decide your settings and fix your price.

9 . Werlive

This is a video chat based site, where you give advises on what you know. You can create tutorials, in a way to give services even when you are offline and earn passive income for it. Plus you earn 60% of what the person who you refer, spends in your Chatroom. For every expert you refer you get $100. The pay is from $0.98 to $9.80 per minute. The better rating you get from your customer the more you can earn.

10 . Ether

If you are an expert in a subject, with this site you can earn money from your knowledge. You will receive a free phone number, like this 1-888-MY-ETHER. Place your settings, your rate, if per hour, per minute or per call, the time you want to receive phone calls and you are ready to go.

11 . Studentoffortune

Here you can help students who need help in many different topics and earn money sharing your expertise. You receive %80 commission and will be paid via Paypal.

12 . Smallbizadvice

Share your knowledge in any kind of  business and get paid. Here you can choose the questions you want to answer and bid on them. You can cash out every two weeks and get paid via Paypal.

13 . Knowbrainers

Here first you have to become an active member of the community by asking and answering to the free questions . Then you can ask to get approved as expert, that means you can start earn money giving answers.

14 . AnswerGem

There are questions, which can give you up to 45$, in case you know the right answer or the solution to the problem. After you sign up, you will be able to update your profile, that should reflect your level of expertise. Depending on this, you can get from 50% to 75% of the money generated by your answers. The payment is via Paypal.

15 . Askables

This is a revenue sharing website that gives you, as a member, a percentage depending on your contribution. You may include your Google Adsense account to maximize your earnings. You share your knowledge giving answers and writing articles : the more you contribute, the more money you make, as there is a points system for the earnings. Payment is via PayPal and there is no minimum payout.

16. WebAnswers

This is another revenue sharing website that gives you, as a member, a percentage depending on your contribution and you must include your Google Adsense account in order to earn. Every time the ads on the question is click and your answer is chosen, you make money.

I hope that this list may have helped you.

Share your knowledge !

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  1. Almost all of these websites on the list are new to me, but I’m willing to give it a try. This is a good opportunity for me, so I’m going to grab it. But before that, I need to research as to how it works.

    • Hello Michelle,

      check them out, so you can see how it works…

      However, some of them are really famous resources !

  2. Julie Hayes says:

    I think you need to be extra genius on a certain field before we can participate in this type of job, we cannot give answers if we don’t know the answers right? =)

  3. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Hi Erik I directories you have share is kind of new to me, I never tried this before maybe its a golden opportunity to use this, as read this post it will give me a chance to earn extra income by answering some question. but intelligence is a must am I right?

  4. Kate Brown Wilson says:

    Thanks Erik , I need to try some of these list for me to know if I am qualified to give answer to them. trial and error am I right?

  5. I actually tried helium before but its pretty difficult to work on this kind of site because a member must drive traffic to their site. If I’m not mistaken, some similar sites calculate their members’ earnings thru pageviews ratio to the earnings. Not really sure… However, these sites are definitely a good way of earning if member is a good writer.

    • Hello Greg,

      thanks for your comment.

      Well, I also think that it’s difficult to write and get paid for these sites … no one gives you anything for free!!

      • Absolutely right! That’s the reason why I had to stop being a part of any of these sites. But I do wonder how other writers earned lots of money from these sites? Do they solely write for these sites or they also have site that they personally own? Just wondering anyway…

        • I think you must be very expert in a particular field, in order to write interesting articles and be able to answer to specific questions …

          Probably those who make money with these sites, they also make on their own sites, writing about the topics of which they are expert …

  6. I would say forums are also great way to earning online and here you also have to give answer as well.

  7. healthy lifestyle says:

    This is such a great guidance on making money online. I am sure a lot of people can take advantage of it, especially in these hard economic times!
    Thanks for posting! Very useful info!

  8. Hi Erik,

    Thanks for sharing. This seems like a great way to make an extra money online. Are these sites also suitable to create backlinks? I’m just wondering.

    • Hello Gregg,

      honestly I have never checked if they are DoFollow sites
      and good for backlinking campaign.

      Need to verify !

  9. Some of these are really new to me! Has anyone tried them?

  10. Wow the websites are really amazing and i have tried 3-4 of them but they are quite nice..!!

  11. Enoch joy says:

    Thats a pretty big list , will have to give it a try at least once every site.
    will look into it.
    thanks btw :)

  12. This is the best way to make money online thanks for providing these websites to make money on internet

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